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Basic Equipment

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Basic Equipment

Post by Game Master on Fri Jun 02, 2017 11:09 pm

You're probably wondering how to spend that hard earned cash of yours? Look no further!
Before you begin your urban adventures, you should take a look at this quick and easy explanation and list of all the Basic items that will give you the upperhand and the street cred you deserve in this fair city.

For Levels -Tier -Damage -Critical Damage -Price
-Requests for weapons can be made for any kind of weapon. The stats on this table reflect your weapon regardless of what it is. There is no special stats for different kinds of weapons.
-You can add modifications to these weapons at any Tier!

For Levels -Tier -Armor Points -Price
-Armor can come in the form of many things! Bullet proof vests, tactical gear, a special leather jacket, a cardboard box! What it looks like is up to you, just know that these are the base stats regardless of what you're wearing.
-Armor Points are extra points that are tacked onto your health at the start of every Job. You take damage to your armor first before you start losing health. You can not heal back Armor Points. Armor that has been depleted of all armor points will be deemed broken for the remainder of the mission unless repaired on site with a kit or talent at game mod's discretion. Armor points, whether broken fully or partially, can be replenished after the end of the job and before the start of your next one with kits or a full thread rest, just how people recover from hitting 0 HP in a job.
-Modifications can be added for additional effects at any Tier!

Tier -Car Type -# of Mission Uses -Price
1Public Transit*N/AFREE!
3Used  5$2,000
5Dream CarUnlimited$20,000
*You really think you're going to pull off that drive by with the train? Tempting, but no. Public Transit vehicles do not count as ownership of a car for mission prerequisites, but can be referenced as a mode of transport besides walking/running!
-Cars get run down the more you take it out do do cool stunts with, just so ya know. Your car can only handle so much abuse before its beat into the ground, which is why you can only take it out for missions so many times. Once you purchase a car though, you may feel free to use it in as many standard threads as you like!
-Once uses are depleted, talk to a friendly mod or admin. We can hook you up with a mechanic who'll fix up your ride for about half the cost of buying another one! Also, run it by us because if we feel you can do the work yourself, you can spend a full thread rest to fix the car at a minimal fee of just the cost of parts and you'll be your own labor!
-Dream cars are permanent, yes. But if you wreck em in a mission, there will be a hefty price to get it up and running again!
-All other cars are susceptible to becoming totaled or sustaining damages that equate to expending more than one mission usage when going on a mission.
-You can only add modifications to Dream Cars.

Tier -Type -Garage/Parking for Cars -Price
1*Parent's House*NoneFREE!
2Lower Class 1 (+)$500 +
3Middle Class 1$2,000
4Upper Class 2$7,000
5The 1% 5$20,000
*Does not have to be your character's parents, just a joke. But you live with enough roommates/friends/family in a tight enough space in a populated enough area where you find it impossible to park a car. Walking and buses for you, pal.
+Lower Class citizens can find a spot for one vehicle, but will have to pay the parking meter in front of their home. The fee is $100, so if you expect to park a car in this home, $600 gets you the humble abode and one parking spot.
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