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The Mission event is coming to a close very shortly. Only a few more days! We'll be closing the mission board up to sort through them and really take a deep look at every single one of them. Keep a watch out for them in Fix-Chat on Discord! As well, we welcome 2 new MITs! Moody and Saphire! We look forward to having them here. Now for the actual Beach Event! For those who signed up in time, please follow the bottom link for BEACH EVENT: BEACH VOLLEYBALL. As well, we have another side event going on that everyone is welcomed to~ Random Beach themed threads! Follow the link for THE JULY BEACH EVENT for full details to that as well as the July Magazine!
Beach Event: Beach Volleyball
The July Beach Event!
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Untamed Important NPCs

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Untamed Important NPCs

Post by Game Master on Thu Oct 05, 2017 8:56 pm

Avery Soori

Ex Military, along with everyone in this group's founding members, Avery Soori is one woman you do not want to mess with. She and Biran have a fling that is simply "We'll have sex whenever we feel like it". It's the most casual thing, though they are not romantically involved. Soori stands as Biran's right hand man....woman. She would follow this man from hell and back again just to make sure he was alright. If you want an audience with Biran, you're going to have to get through her first.

Westly Fairfax

Westly Fairfax is Biran's best friend. Though most everyone rags on Fairfax, he's honestly the sweetest person out there. Though, not by looking at him, he is one of the few great grand kids of Travis Valentine. While he loves his Fafa to pieces, he feels as if he has over stepped his bounds in a way. That, or he's helping out a friend. It's a conflict within himself and he just is not sure how he feels one way or another. Though, one thing is for sure. This man cannot drive to save his life. Currently, he stands at 200 Humvee and 1 go-kart crashes.

Jesse Frader

Jesse Frader is the nicest man you will ever find. Then again, Frader is half angel half human. So that might just be a family trait. This mans serves the main groups medic. While he was trained in on the field patch up jobs while serving his country, he applies that while he works his day job in the hospital and while he is out and about with Untamed. Just like the other three, he has a special bond of friendship with Biran and the gang. You ask him to do something, he'll do it.
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