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Important Civilian NPCs

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Important Civilian NPCs

Post by Game Master on Thu Oct 05, 2017 9:45 pm

Mayor Strider

Funny enough, everyone has forgotten his real name since he has been the mayor of Twin City for as long as anyone can remember. Sometimes it pays to be an elf. The grandfather of Chandler Valentine, he is also best friends with Travis Valentine. And yes, he has no idea he runs a whole mob group nor does he really understand that it is Travis who makes sure that he stays in office for the rest of however long he can run. Though, to be fair most everyone loves the man and he has helped the city along for the better. A little unknown known secret is The Mayor is a beautiful cross dresser. Every Friday night, he dresses up like a woman to cope with is human wife passing away many years ago. The entire office knows it, though everyone just rolls with it as if this is no big deal.

Luke Rossi

The second child of the Rossi family. He has zero will to do anything his mother says. He has seen the way she had warped his older sister and he has vowed to do anything and everything in his power to stop her. So he turned to politics. Luke works along side The Mayor and acts as his right hand man. Which includes making sure all his dressed get dry cleaned and help the poor man put on his blonde wig.

Clifford Hourson

Clifford Hourson is the biggest name out there when it comes to Civilian money makers. His company, The Hourson Company, had started from dirt nothing and ended up being the city's leading company for clothing, home goods, and shipping. He is a firm believer in working your way up in the world and has given jobs to thousands of supernatural beings. If only he was not known for something else entirely. Clifford Hourson, a Wolf Animalian, is father to currently 91 children. Each of those kids are named after dogs breeds. This happens to be the first thing when someone mentions Hoursons or The Hourson Company. But do not be discouraged ladies! He is still looking for lucky ladies 92-101. His biggest dream in life is to have 101 children and have the last child named Dalmatian after his beloved Disney movie 101 Dalmatians. Step into his office and have a chat, eh?

Mako The Fishermen

Mako, the owner of the fishing ship Tsunami, is a very loud and obnoxious fishermen down at the harbors. Some of the best fish has come from this guy...if you can stand the yelling. He's not a bad guy. Not really. Sure he's loud and annoying, but he doesn't stand for how some salty sailors deal with women. Women are not simply to be looked at. They are people too. He does not get along well with Clifford Hourson and makes it well known. The two used to work with one another. Both can't stand one another and will start a big dick contest.

Sadao Kida

Sadao Kida is your average day kid. He's worked in a few different places, but many people can confirm he is the best demon fast food manager there ever was. While Sadao has the ability to then make a better life for himself, he choses to stay as the manager at Whooper King. He has a friend that works there that relies on him too much. Plus, he enjoys helping others find a good deal. They say find a job you like and you'll never work a day in your life? Well he finds peace working there. The kid is too happy at this job.

Gorgon Ramsey

He is just like his human counterpart...just more terrifying. Each of his snakes are ready to strike out and give as much of a lashing as his tongue. If he finds out your food sucks, you are turned to stone. A few have been brave enough to take his offer in helping out in his city famous restaurant: Abyssal Kitchen. He swears that this look alike in every way simply saw his own success and made it his own. Some say that they are actually twin brothers and their mother has a good sense of humor and handed off her monster like child to his father to be raised away from his twin. There is only one way to find out: Ask him. If you dare
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