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Package Tracking (Level 11)

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Package Tracking (Level 11)

Post by Siresh Brozus on Thu Jun 14, 2018 5:11 pm

The Mission: Package Tracking
Level: 11
Employment: Valentine, TCPD
The Details: The Rossi's think they're clever, using that technique of switching a high profile briefcase around between multiple individuals in order to confuse any onlookers. Our guy has been tracking the briefcase for days now and he just needs a break. Can you go relieve him? We aren't quite sure what this package is or where it's going, or whose hands it will end up in. But soon it will be headed to its final destination, we know that much. We need you to figure out what you can, keep an eye on the prize, and take care of any dirty work that should arise from this.
Required Items: At least a Tier 1 Vehicle, and at least a Tier 2 Weapon  
Required Talents: Sight or similar Awareness Talents
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