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A Bomb-tastic Day(Level 9) [CC][TvR]

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A Bomb-tastic Day(Level 9) [CC][TvR]

Post by Jasmine Ward on Thu Jun 14, 2018 7:52 pm

The Mission: A Bomb-tastic Day TCPD vs. Rossis
Level: 9
Employment: TCPD, Rossi
The Details:
This is a Counter Cooperative job, the most successful takes all. By that, the level up and the rewards belong to the winner but that doesn't mean the loser won't walk away with a little something-something.

Rossis: Today we're playing a game. A very special game~ We've sent out five different bomb threats to the local police here to see just how smart they are. We wager they aren't too smart but we never know. And be we, I mean you. Yes you. This is to get you some points and let you in on a few secrets. You've earned it...if you can pass that is~ Anyways, we told them that we're going to blow up Town Hall, The Docks, Downtown Train Station, The Valentine Casino, and a local busy restaurant. We're having you actually go to the Train Station for this mission. We're not actually looking to destroy this place..just to test how well our cops act on this information. We need you to plant this stink bomb and our calling card and get out without getting caught. Do that, and you will be sitting pretty here with the mob. Fail?Well it was nice knowing you. Enjoy jail, sucker~

We have five, count them, five bomb threats to five very different locations. We have very good reason to believe that the Rossis will strike at any of these locations...but also have an inside man saying that they are planning to only blow up one of them. We need your help to figure out what that one is. Lives are at stake here. Many lives. Any one of these locations could cost the city hundreds if not a few thousands of people.

Required Items: N/A
Required Talents: N/A
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Re: A Bomb-tastic Day(Level 9) [CC][TvR]

Post by Luna on Thu Aug 09, 2018 12:33 pm


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