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The Sweet Sip Café. (Now with free Wi-fi!)

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The Sweet Sip Café. (Now with free Wi-fi!)

Post by Silky Everflame on Sat Jun 23, 2018 4:27 am

~Welcome to 'The Sweet Sip Café,' a place to come in, sit down, and relax.~

Inside this quaint little Café are plenty of tables, and comfy lounge style chairs to come and relax in while sipping your favorite brewed drink. Come surf the internet with the free Wi-fi, or even read a good book. Everyone is welcomed here as long as you pay for a drink or perhaps a sweet treat to munch on.

Walking by the front of this shop you are immediately greeted by the very gentle scent of fresh brewed coffee, and sweet smell of baked goods. Two windows in the front let in light from the street outside down onto a few sets of tables complete with beige lounge chairs. The windows are kept crystal clean, in the corners of them were very delicately engraved abstract line patterns. Above the doorway, poking out above the sidewalk was a wooden sign. Cursive writing on both sides filled with black paint reads, "The Sweet Sip Café." If this peeks your interest, or perhaps you're in the mood for something brewed, you make your way to the door you place your hand on the cool metal door handle pulling it open (As the sign reads) without any struggle.

Opening the refurbished redwood and glass door and stepping inside your eyes quickly adjust to the gentle palate of colors around you. A voice (or two) would greet you with a welcoming, 'Welcome to Sweet sip Café!' Around you no one seems to look up, busy relaxing with a fresh beverage (Or 'munchie'), a book, or perhaps a mechanical device.
Before you approach the counter set in the back of the room you take a moment to glance around. The walls were painted a soft gray, decorated in framed mild hand painted art (Donated by customers).

Medium sized beautiful dark wood tables are spread out around the café, some in corners, some in the middle of the room, some in front of the windows. Around them varying numbers of movable beige plush lounge chairs, sturdy and meant to be fully leaned back in, or even those who were slightly more flexible could pull their feet or legs up into.
On the right side of the Café, in a nook, were several book shelves filled with books that could be barrowed, in case you found yourself without reason to sit longer. Immediately the natural aura like nature of this café would take hold of you, inhaling deeply then slowly letting it out you could feel your mind be metaphorically freed.

Approaching the counter where the cash register sat, you could see a few of the baristas chatting amongst themselves quietly as they worked on crafting whatever it was that was ordered. Not having to wait long, you would be approached respectively by a (NPC description). They would be all to happy to take your order, confirming it, and taking your payment. Once you ordered your drink, and perhaps your 'munchie' they would smile at you one last time, taking in what you looked like and your name they instructed you to sit wherever it was you felt comfortable. They would bring you your order once it was finished.

As you exhaled again, you would go find what seat best fit your taste. Over head soft classical music would gently comfort you as you found your seat into one of the soft plush chairs.

~Welcome to the Sweet Sip Café.~
Silky Everflame
Silky Everflame

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Re: The Sweet Sip Café. (Now with free Wi-fi!)

Post by Jasmine Ward on Sat Jun 23, 2018 9:05 pm

Jasmine had heard of this new and exciting cafe that had just opened downtown. It was another chance for her to escape from her business partner and forced roommate and get some peace and quiet. She had left the apartment without tell him where she was going. She dressed in her typical guy attire: Loos fitting shirt, men's blue jeans, sneakers, and a hat to hide her face and messy blonde hair. Her girly clothes were next to non existent, but that was only due to her persona of being Daniel Olsen. It was easier to simply buy men clothing than girl clothing. And cheaper to boot.

After slipping out from the apartment and making sure Siresh didn't simply follow her, the half angel walked into he new cafe and was already pleasantly surprised by the aroma there. The music and smells were already calming her nerves. This was going to be an enjoyable stay here. And maybe, just maybe, a good place to simply relax and get away from all the craziness that was her life. Strange how that happened. Get out of the oven and land yourself in the fires.

Walking up, Jasmine ordered her tall dark roast coffee, black with a buttery croissant   and gave the barista a smile. The name given, as always, was Daniel, and she sat her happy little but down in a booth that faced the window. In nearly no time at all, the barista came over and handed her her items, she gave them a warm smile before getting into her items.

It always amazed her how Americans ate breakfast. Loaded with sugary items like a heavy muffin or fatty bacon. Not to mention all the fast food they ordered. Back in the homeland of Norway, you'd enjoy a light meal. Eating rye toast with a wonderful cheese called brunost with juniper berry jam. It was her all time favorite easy to make meal. Besides just snagging a banana and calling it a morning. But here in the city? It was a bit harder to get items such as that. Not that it was impossible.....but just harder. There was a large Norwegian sway in the Valentine Family. Often times whatever they didn't buy, it was given to be sold everywhere else. And, sadly, there were a good chunk of people liked the caramel like cheese.

With a sigh, the blonde girl took a sip of her coffee. Ah...this was truly blissful.
Jasmine Ward
Jasmine Ward

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