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Siresh K. Brozus

Post by Siresh Brozus on Sun Oct 15, 2017 8:21 pm



Character Name: Siresh Katarina Brozus
Alias/Nickname: Bronze
Race: Animalian, Siberian-Caspian Tiger
Gender Male
Age: 29
Faction: Free Agent
Level: 0

Eye color: Gold
Hair color: Dark Brown
Appearance: Bronze is a physically fit male that stands at six feet two inches, weighing a solid two hundred pounds with his reconstructed limbs. For the parts of his body that are of his original flesh, his skin is tanned and occasionally graced with the off colored reminder of past wounds, primarily on the left side that survived the test of time. His eyes are a rich golden brown color naturally but can be confused for that of the standard brown in poor lighting circumstances. Because his right eye is no longer real however, it can change at will to any color desired, as well as display images and data as if he were looking on a computer screen and the reflection was gleaming in it. Among his stranger features are his bionic arm and leg, which both exhibit a gunmetal grey metallic finish and are both seamlessly incorporated onto his body. One would never know the difference if his clothing completely covered him. Among his more notable features is his grooming habit of keeping a double cat goatee trimmed on his face at most times.

He does indeed run around naked every day. Fuck clothing.
Typically wears suit vests with button down shirts and matching ties, keeping his bionic bits typically covered. He's had a habit all his life of wrapping his tail subtly around his waist or leg so typically his tail is never visible unless wearing his "lack of give a fuck" clothing that consists of pajama pants and maybe a shirt.

Racial Details: Being a full blooded tiger Animalian, Siresh can take on the form of a tiger. A rather handsome one too~

Personality: Bronze is an interesting man to say the least. His quirky nature has lead him through his life without many friends and very few people he can trust indefinitely. With that, he isn't quick to make friends or put stake in others that he can't afford to. Even in his current situation of rather poor family standing, there is no one he respects and regards more highly than those that are a part of his family. Growing up in a family with all patriotic meat-head brothers under the roof of a widowed mother, it taught Bronze important core values and the importance of family early on. His mother had just enough money to keep the roof over their head and anything beyond that he had to work for himself. It humbled him throughout his middle and high school career, where he saw that others had more than him and could also have less than him. Growing up the way he did rooted him with a strong sense of pride and dignity that still stands, even as he seemingly regards honor as a useless ideal.

Anyone who first meets Bronze would describe him as unpredictable and maybe even unstable. His blatant honesty can sometimes come across as aggression or even seem out of place for the conversation. For better or for worse, Bronze has no filter and doesn't fear how his words effect others. Because of this honesty and willingness to speak his mind, he seems to make inappropriate comments at weird times or will make them in the company of strangers who can often misinterpret or be easily offended by what he has to say. More times than not, he doesn't really care about anyone's retaliation or what anyone thinks. To many, this can be off putting and can be as a superiority complex or belief that Bronze doesn't smell his own shit. In reality, Bronze can pick a part a lot of people and call it as he sees it, whether he's right or wrong. What others don't see is his ability to do it to himself. Bronze can be very self critical and often judges himself faster than others can. Though, his ability to speak usually beats out his ability to think more times than not.

His blatant and inappropriately timed honesty, disregard for a strangers emotions, lone wolf attitude, high intelligence, extreme interest in his field of expertise, and poor understanding of social cues has forced his self-critical nature to make himself believe he has Asperger Syndrome; a form of high functioning autism. Though to this day unproven, it is one example of how he tends to evaluate and justify his own behavior. In truth, a disorder he does possess is attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). An ironic disorder for someone that is so into computers to be ailed with. When people are talking to him he appears to tune them out, drifting into his own world sometimes. More times than not, he can pay attention and retain information even though he seems incapable of doing so, but every so often his daydreams do succeed in taking him away from a conversation. The hyperactivity shows when he has been seated too long, where he'll begin to tap his fingers or a desk or his keyboard, bounce his leg, or even burst up out of his seat to begin moving in extreme cases. Bronze refuses to take medication for any of these symptoms, despite recommendations in the past. He's gotten better with age and maturity, but still struggles a lot to keep himself on task when staring at information for too long.

Though he may as well have no family after his betrayals over the years, his loyalty lies greatly with his family. The same goes for any close friends and even innocent strangers. Though indirectly, he seeks to protect them all from government corruption, lies, and deadly secrets. His work is highly dedicated to exposing the truth to all those who deserve to know it. Often times it is exposed to people who can not handle the truth, which throws the world into further chaos during these harsh times. His alias is SirBrozus: The Knight of the Internet, a misunderstood vigilante for the people that has been spun into an infamous terrorist by his enemies. Bronze has been just the man to accept it, embracing his role and playing it so very well. His unrelenting dedication to the blind and suffering people of the world keeps him going, he's become fueled by their hatred. His ability to sleep at night is dictated by how many are cursing his name or trying to cover up the truth's with more fabricated lies. He has a following of folks who believe in him, and that slow trickle of faith is what rises him again for the mornings, to do it all over again.

History: Siresh was born the last out of five sons born to a Arab-American father and Russian-American mother. He grew up as the runt shadow of four older brothers, all of them under the roof of a lonely widowed mother. Their father died in the military shortly before Siresh's birth, killed in action while in the service of the United States Army. It was never a wasted sacrifice to the Brozus family, in fact their father's story was an example. Siresh's four brothers were large and overbearing ruffians that were all military bound straight out of high school. Siresh never felt that need, to out do anybody or make his late father proud. Siresh wasn't one for the constant 'big dick' competitions going on in the house either. He was just fine going to school and took an interest in reading and computers (whenever he could get his hands on one, never having one of his own in his childhood). He was the black sheep of the family for sure, always roughed around with and called a 'nerd' before the offenders would go outside to continue to play with their balls outside, or whatever they did. Siresh didn't care for sports much. He'd watch them with his brothers, simply because it was what the only tv in the house was always displaying. He learned to enjoy it to a degree. The physical aspects were uninteresting, even bland to him. But the strategy and teamwork involved in most sports kept him enticed. Watching from the one window in the living room of their home, Siresh would spectate his brothers' games from a distance, ridiculing them and simply disgusted with their lack of actual intelligent execution. In a way, it helped him feel better about himself and made him feel as if there wasn't anything wrong with him after all. He had something his brothers didn't, just like they possessed something he didn't. Growing up, Siresh began to realize that and appreciate this kind of 'balance' between himself and his brothers.

Siresh would come to a life changing conclusion as he reached his freshman year of high school. It would come early in the year, after his oldest brother, Marcus, had been serving the military for roughly a year and some change. The entire family would not see him again until his body, or what was left of it, came back home in a casket. His epiphany would suddenly come to him and his family as he spoke to an entire audience at his brother's funeral service. This family has acted separately for as long as he could remember, while this family was intended to perform as a team, just like any family. He would come back into reality and leave center stage to lock himself away in his thoughts. For so long he isolated himself like this from his family and for the longest time Siresh would end up blaming himself for not showing enough compassion before his brother was lost. For the first time he wasn't numb and his entire body came crumbling down in a moment of emotion and weakness. He would come out of his room a week later to finally go back to school. He did not say a word to his mother or brothers upon getting ready and walking out of the house. His day at school would go about as it normally would, his usual school boy interest and love for computers finally coming back to him. Slowly he started feeling more like himself and he regretted taking off from school to begin with. He'd see his four other brothers in the halls occasionally (All of them were a year apart, there was a child for each grade) and they would also take note of him. Instead of ignoring him or even picking fun of him, his older brother in Senior year, Nathaniel, would smack his butt and refer to him as "Brozus", as if he were a part of his football team or something. Siresh would make a double take toward him to make sure he grabbed the right brothers ass. Nathaniel Brozus would just smirk and nod to him before turning back to whatever hot chick he was making out with prior. Siresh continued on his way. Ron and Jesus Brozus also acted strangely, literally pulling him into conversations in the hall between class bells.

By the end of the day Siresh would begin his lonely walk home, or at least that's how it usually was. All three of his brothers would end up sneaking up on him, lifting him up, and all but dragging him down to the locker rooms of the school. They told him he was trying out for football this year whether he liked it or not. Every Brozus was a part of the high school football team. Siresh was confused and hardly had a clue in the world as to why they would invite a nerd like him onto their team. But then he said it out loud and his brothers grew silent as they looked at him blankly. Nathaniel Brozus spoke then, "You said it yourself. This family is a team, right?" Siresh was kind of taken aback at that, almost on the verge of tears until his oldest brother exploited the weakness and forced him into gear. His brothers would literally carry him onto the field and coached him, drilling every little how to into the freshman's head. It was a few weeks until tryouts and his brothers were making sure Siresh got on that team, dead or alive. By the time the it was said and done, Siresh at least knew what he was doing in terms of physical performance. He understood the game far more than they did in terms of strategy and thinking, and in that way he was a valuable and obvious choice to the football coach. Siresh would be a rare freshman example that would be admitted onto the Varsity, just like the rest of his brothers. And being on a team alongside the three of them would be probably one of the biggest highlights of his life. It took a long time to adapt, but Siresh would grow stronger and his brothers would see from a more tactical perspective as the 'nerd' brother did.

While keeping up with a great high school football career, Siresh still participated in what he enjoyed the most. He joined the school computer club during off season and became very interested in computer programming and artificial intelligence. His skills never went beyond creating the most basic of computer applications, however he knew right away that he loved this more than anything. Years would pass and his high school days would continue prosperously. All three of his brothers had gone off to serve in the military now and he was a senior himself, alone in the house with his hardworking and hardly resting mother. His mother talked to Siresh about what he would do after high school. Siresh didn't have an honest answer for her, thinking she wanted to hear that he was going off to war as well. Siresh admitted his interest in computer science and programming, and suggested that he might go into a more intelligent branch of focus within the military that works with computers and artificial intelligence. She didn't seem happy with that answer, but he assumed it was because he wasn't interested in throwing his life away needlessly like his brothers were doing, like his father and oldest brother did. His mother would never say anything again on the issue and just let her son do what made him happy. Though, she was quite perplexed when he decided to go to college instead. Truth was, he would of joined the military if there was someone around to take care of her. But he'd never let her know that. Siresh studied Computer Science at Harvard University, always coming home via train for long weekends and breaks. He was never far from home if he decided he wanted to come home.

As he was earning his degree, he happened to score himself his first real girlfriend. He had known the girl for years prior, Alyse Sinclair, a fiery haired young woman. She was his age and they had known each other since elementary school. She admitted to always having the biggest crush on him, but he was always to dense to see it. The only reason they were dating now was because of a combined effort between going to prom together and her finally getting close enough to realize she had to be upfront to get what she wanted with him. Siresh never had anyone he could be so close and intimate with until now so he kept himself pretty distanced from her, not keen on whatever these feelings were. It helped because she stayed at a school close to home so for the most part, their relationship was long distance besides the times he'd come home. Alyse had the patience of a saint though, and respected his boundaries. He was a great boyfriend to her undoubtedly, but his inexperience with girls was painfully obvious. Being so engrossed in his studies was hard, but when he came home to be with her it sort of all felt normal. Her presence made him feel calm and he learned a lot more about himself, how to cope with stress, be kind to others, and simply breathe a little more. For the longest time Siresh was plagued with anxiety and he was able to overcome it because of her. So he would never say anything bad about the woman, even when they broke it off and she got with his brother years later.

He broke her poor heart, but as he was ending his college career he decided it would be best for her. Siresh was working with military recruiters for an officer commissioning that would pay off his student loans and land him in his field of interest. It would be a facility with a lot of top secret and sensitive data, which puts a large strain on families and relationships. He imagined coming home and not being able to tell her about his day. That she didn't have to worry about it when the shit he could see can even scare him. He was too blunt and honest for that, and wasn't going to put either of them and the nation's secrets at risk like that. It was best not to deal with it. He went home, one semester away from graduating now and thus only a half away from his commitment to military service. His brother Jesus was home from a conflict overseas, injured. After discovering what happened to his brother, and learning he wouldn't be allowed back into service Siresh was thankful for the choice he made. Not to shove it in his face or anything, he told his older brother about what he was going to do and that he was the first one he's told about it. Jesus was proud of him and promised his little brother that he had the watch from here. He'll take care of mom now and whatever else mattered to him. Siresh answered honestly then, that he was breaking up with Alyse to serve his commitment. Jesus, the playboy of the brothers, would crack a sly smirk, "Yeah, I get you. I'll take care of her too, no worries." Siresh didn't quite ever think from that statement that his brother and his ex would end up married happily with six kids and counting. In fact, Jesus probably didn't mean for that to happen either, it just sort of worked out that way. And it was fine, Jesus was the homebody now that could give Alyse the life she deserved. Siresh was thankful for that.

His scores proved he earned his placement into the program he would strive for but he had to undergo combat training regardless, just like everyone else. Because of his Varsity football days he was able to pass all of his physical tests with flying colors. He still had a lot to learn, for he had never fired a gun or trained to kill anyone with his bare fists up until this moment. Hand to hand combat and obstacle courses would end up being his favorite challenges of the day, aside from the morning jog. All of this came almost naturally to him, almost as much as understanding computers did. In time, he would graduate from this stage and finally become a commissioned officer of the United States military, the first of his entire family, as all of them had simply enlisted before him. All of his brothers, his mother, and even Alyse made it to his graduation and they all couldn't have been more proud. After the celebrations, it was back to business and Siresh would be shipped off to an intelligence facility where he would work with computers and a lot of various data. Within time he would be promoted and invited into a top secret military program dealing with the production of artificial intelligence, usually hardwired into computers or in the form of disks, either of which can project themselves in the form of holograms. A very basic idea at the time, but still very important and pivotal to programs of today. In his field the lessons he took from his physical training would seldom be put to use, but any free time he had would be spent keeping his free running and hand to hand combat abilities sharp, even his shooting. He actually enjoyed physical exertion now, it was a kind of release to him after a hard day of wracking his brain over countless lines of code. It replaced the fact that he was now as alone as he had ever been in his entire life.

Four years into his career, at the age of 25, there would be a breach in security. Seemingly a physical disturbance paired with an infiltration coming from the outside, a hacker. They seemed to be trying to download sensitive files of experiments held within the last few months, real breakthrough sort of stuff that implanted the AI into the human mind which combined turned the slow moving human brain into a super computer. This was his work and like hell he'd give it up to an enemy. He fought a code war with the unknown hacker to try and help buy time. It was working and it was obvious the opposition didn't expect such a challenging fight. They had one more ace up their sleeve though, beginning downloading processes all over the server. It would be impossible to slow or stop all every breach so options were dwindling. Siresh would radio in to a higher ranking officer for further orders. With distaste, the officer gave Siresh codes to perform a self destruct sequence from the lab he was in. The officer had to give the command for the evacuation, but would bestow Siresh with blessings of safety and final words describing his faithful service of honor and valor. Siresh knew then that he wouldn't be making it through this as he was left alone there to set up the destruction of the facility. A five minute countdown was set, as ordered. At this point it became more clear that he wasn't the only man who wouldn't make it. It was a large facility and whatever the active shooter couldn't get to, there were personnel sheltered in place that were nestled deeper in this place than even he was. At no point in his life did he ever feel as low as this moment, feeling so betrayed and worthless. They were trying to kill him for what he knew and saw here. He imagined his father and his brother Marcus, both dying in the same horrible and cruel fate. Making the ultimate 'sacrifice' when really they were as fucked into a corner as he was now. He had to leave now and make it out of this alive someway, defy the odds and try to keep on after all this is said and done. He successfully escaped the facility but was still caught in the blast.

Siresh wasn't sure how the rest happened, but when he awoke in another land his body was restored. Well, his right leg and arm were reconstructed rather. He was offered a chance at a new life, to join a rogue faction and be reprieved of his former duties. He didn't know what kind of offer that was or who had been tempted with it before. All he recalls from that conversation is spitting in the person's face and telling them to screw off, that he didn't need a new life. He was fine living his life, living with his past and his shadows and dealing with old demons as they come. He didn't need a fresh slate and he would adapt to any situation that came his way. Feeling well enough later on, he simply left and walked on out. Maybe he should have taken it though. As he attempted to travel back home, it became more and more clear that he no longer existed. He was pronounced dead, KIA, on the day of the incident at his facility. His family thought he was dead. They were lied to. Left to his own thoughts, he started to believe his father and Marcus were both still alive, that they were both forced to take on different names and start new lives. That they were backed into the same horrific corner, beginning this whole tangled web of lies. Conspiracy became the only thing the male believed and he so he ran into hiding. He would pull all of his earnings to support himself and his new cause, bringing every sacrifice, every murder, every wrong doing, to the attention of the public. Siresh would go back to his solitary ways and slowly but surely become an foreign enemy to his own country. He was a threat that had to be neutralized, and there was something he liked about that. But when being public enemy #1 of the US wasn't challenging enough, he started to delve into more worldly crisis'. There sure was a lot of secrets and dirty laundry to hang on everyone's end.

His oldest living brother, Nathaniel, was the leader of a special forces team that was tasked to put the cyber terrorist down during the early years. A hunt for an international terrorist soon became almost a sibling rivalry game of cat and mouse. The mouse would win, always. Siresh would always get the upper hand in learning of ambushes before they would even occur, his temporary defense set up, hacking ability, and his new found artificial athleticism assisted greatly. The youngest brother wasn't sure if this was angering his Nathaniel or secretly what he wanted all along. He dodged so many attempts of capture for an entire two years. One day the two would come face to face though. Siresh and Nathaniel battled it out like men after a rainy chase around town, ending up within a secluded dead end street. Their combat skills were matched well. The fight was so intense, in the heat of the moment Nathaniel fired his gun at Siresh as some distance finally came between them. The bullet blinded him in the right eye. Nathaniel was sort of shocked at the result himself. With the hesitation, in that moment rage and adrenaline, Siresh would grab hold of his own holstered pistol and shoot him in the leg with it, sending his older brother to the ground in pain. His brother would look up hopelessly toward the madman that was his little brother. Despite the situation, dripping from rain and sweat, the male would smirk, as if they were kids in the hallway again. Nathaniel then said he was proud of him, even if he did always come in "4th Place", a common joke between the four brothers in high school together. He then said it was Siresh's time to move his way into third, once he was gone. Gone to wear? He wasn't mad enough to kill his brother. It was the question that distracted him long enough for Nathaniel to grab his brother's hand very suddenly and roughly, causing Siresh to shoot him right in the head where he was aiming. His brother fell to the ground, dead. For this moment the chase was over but Siresh himself wasn't sure whether to laugh or cry. He felt like a murderer, no better than the government his family served. Regardless of his guilt, Siresh would carry on with his brother's dogtags, swearing his sacrifice would not be in vain like everyone else's was.

Siresh would run into hiding again. In a strange way he was comforted by his brother's death after awhile. The attempts on his capture became less frequent, his foes likely weighing the danger. If this mad man was insane enough to kill his own flesh and blood, they didn't want to know what would befall upon others' shoulders. But Nathaniel said he was proud of him, even though he spent all these years trying to clean up little brother's mess. Was Nathaniel not satisfied with going against him? Did the big oaf know deep down the terrorist was right? Siresh couldn't speak for his older brother, but he just had to keep on living and attempt to keep his remaining two brothers safe. At this point, it was his goal to keep the entire world safe. Even if he was responsible for Nathaniel's death, Siresh took comfort in his final words, that he was in 'third place now'. He had no interest taking anyone else's spot in the family, for this reason. It meant they would be dead. To honor Nathaniel's grim last wishes, Siresh would begin calling himself and introducing himself as 'Bronze'. It would be a reminder now more than ever, that no harm should come to his brothers now under the names 'Gold' and 'Silver', respectively served by age. Siresh could never take their place, and even if he tried from this point on, they'd only be working against each other just like himself and Nathaniel. Hopefully the radio silence from his brothers was also a subtle heeding of Nathaniel's warning.

The matter of his eye was trivial at this point, it was gone. Not much to save so he had someone patch him up to the best of their ability, given a glass eye for the time being. The point was mute, so he really just kept that shit under the cover of an eye patch. In later years he would create himself a new artificial eye that would replace the stone age piece of junk. The eye, Project Nathaniel, named after the man who took his original, was developed to work as a personal heads up display, running wirelessly off of Siresh's cellular device, laptop, tablet, or whatever device with wireless connectivity, provided he could easily access or hack into it. Utilizing a hands free device, he could pull up any information from a connected computing system with a mere press to the ear and the sound of his voice. For the future he had aspirations to update and make the device more powerful, connecting it to his nervous system to be able to pull up information at whim, with the power of brain waves and signals. That was for another day still to come, as would other improvements. Until then, the power of his body was more than enough to suffice and tackle most challenges that stood in his way.

In time since, Siresh ended up taking shelter in a remote part of Norway, not terribly far from a careless US military base that allows him access due to his seemingly active duty status. If the idiots would just scan his ID, they'd find out it belongs to a dead man in the system and catch him that way. Again, very relaxed careless and remote so Bronze stuck around there mainly to restock on supplies or fire the occasion firearm at the range. It was supposed to be a place to retire, quite frankly. He would fall off the face of the earth and keep his brothers on his monitors to deter any evil from befalling them. But a woman caught his eyes, one with her own secrets and ambitions. The weary veteran and retired terrorist were both tossed aside to give into the temptations of curiosity. He found that the two were both supernatural in a world that was growing more and more resentment for such creatures. For better or for worse they partnered up and both left for a place that was more accepting of their kind. It would be just a little bit easier to conduct business in such a place, where plenty of their kind and others flourished and caused trouble. The only problem from here was that it was harder to keep tabs on the rest of the world from Twin City. Currently it is Siresh's goal to gain access and control of different forms of media from outside of Twin City. His goals compromise the city's very code and promise for the security of all supernatural beings within it. In turn, this makes Siresh Brozus a terrorist all over again.




Job Items: Personal cellphone, burner phone, his laptop or field tablet, United States Military ID, Harvard University Student ID, Project Nathaniel (Right Eye), computer tool kit, soldering kit, various virus software, CDs, flash drives, SD cards, floppy disks, camcorder usb pen, chalk, optic cable, batteries, laser pointer, MP3 player, fit watch, a lighter, and zip ties.

Money: $25



Athleticism: Parkour
Skill: Hacking
Endurance: Tenacity
Charisma: Leadership
Knowledge: Computer Science
Awareness: Investigation
Combat: Hand to Hand
Magic/Extra: Combat: Small Arms



Your Alias: Trever
First Account: TxValz
Second Account: Siresh Brozus
Third Account: N/A
Siresh Brozus
Siresh Brozus

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Re: Siresh K. Brozus

Post by Luna on Sun Oct 15, 2017 8:51 pm

Welcome aboard, Siresh. Enjoy your time here at Twin City

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