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Annabel the Witch

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Annabel the Witch

Post by Annabel Queen on Tue Aug 07, 2018 11:59 am


Character Name: Annabel Queen
Alias/Nickname: Witch of the Woods
Gender: Female.
Race: Human, but magic infused.
Age: 98.
Faction: Free Agent.
Level: 0

Eye color: Heterochromia: Right eye is light blue, left is green.
Hair color: Firey Orange, she’s a natural ‘redhead.’
Appearance: Annabel looks like she’s in her mid 20’s. Her build is athletic, slim. Her breasts and hips are smoothed out with the rest of her body. Being more curved in at her waist. Her breasts are about apple size. Annabel’s skin is pale, with a few freckles dotted under her eyes on her cheeks and across her shoulders. She is a redhead, her hair being messy and wild with random braids and sometimes beads or feathers in it. Sometimes she keeps it up in a messy bun. Annabel has the heterochromia gene, which means she has two different colored eyes. Her right a lighter blue, while the left is green. On a regular day, Annabel usually wears a black or white tank top, and blue jeans.

Racial Detail:
Annabel is a talented witch in the making, with training in magics including; Druidism, and traditional White and Black magic (Ceremonial Magic or Ritual Magic, Spiritcraft, Bone/Rune reading, Astrology, Dream walking. These are for RP purposes.). Although she has some practice in these she hasn’t mastered all of them. Her family line also ages extremely slow compared to other humans.

Personality: Annabel has a very strong, unshakable personality. She has no problem staring into the eyes of a bloodthirsty monster, fear is a hard thing for her to come by. She can be sassy, and hard headed. Determined and patient.  

Annabel is a somewhat powerful witch in the making. With her grandmother as her mentor Annabel works hard learning to take after their family’s legacy. Between learning how to become a strong witch, Annabel takes odd jobs helping people and creatures in need. While also helping tend to Nana’s home, and garden. Her list of chores is never empty.

Now with modern day medicine and science, witchcraft is starting to become a lost art. Not a lot of people come to them for magic healing anymore. So with that, Annabel must start adventuring into Twin City in order to continue making a living for her and Nana.



Weapon: Spirit bow

Job Items: black leather Gloves, thin silver chain (wears it around her waist), small pouch with witch essentials, wallet, cellphone

Money: 25$



Athleticism: Climbing
Skill: Sturdy footed/Balanced
Endurance: Strong mind.
Charisma: Persuasion
Knowledge: Monsterpedia, Witchcraft
Awareness: Observant
Combat: Silent Ranged(Spirit Bow/crossbow)
Exta: Witchcraft



Your Alias: Moody
First Account: Silky Everflame
Second Account: Arden Ealdwode
Third Account: Annabel Queen

Annabel Queen

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Re: Annabel the Witch

Post by Luna on Tue Aug 07, 2018 12:33 pm

Welcome to Twin City, Annabel. Enjoy your stay

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