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Carzeah The Warden

Post by Carzeah on Wed Aug 08, 2018 1:26 am


Character Name: Carzeah The Warden
Alias/Nickname: Carz, Car, Carl, Carbuncle (Whatever the fuck the imbecils want to call him on any given day)
“The Warden” on the streets. Few outside the Rossi family know his name.
Gender: Male
Race: Hellkin
Age: Literally Dirt (~3389 yrs old)
Faction: Rossi
Level: 0

Eye color: Yellow
Hair color: Red
Appearance: 6 feet 4 inches tall and sporting a lean build. He’s a blank canvas as far as tattoos and odd piercings, unlike many of his Rossi brethren. The one exception is a small helix piercing in his left ear, which a silver loop remains and is never taken out. His yellow eyes can quickly shift to red when his racial potential is tapped into. He can most times be seen in his black jacket despite the weather and also sunglasses despite the time of day.

Racial Detail: Carzeah is a member of a rare yet fast growing species that keeps their kind remote and exclusive to underground mountain or desert regions, where people are less likely to find them. Hellkin are among the few “Unknown” races to human kind and without his exile and having no choice but to come to Twin City, his race could have completely flown under the radar to even this fine city that zoo keeps every damn race known in existence.

As a Hellkin, Carzeah has the ability to turn his body to stone, Obsidian to be precise. Hellkin are also known to possess a wide variety of elemental and psionic abilities depending on their job within their colony. Being crowned the strongest Hellkin of Rolland, his homeland, has made Carzeah proficient in a wide variety of abilities and magic. Among his favorites are his innate abilities of telepathy, mind control, fire magic, dark magic, and deploying his stone skin as armor or turning his appendages into weapons. He's even mastered his own technique that combines Fire and Dark elemental magic together, Pyrebokinesis, the ability to cast hot to the touch flames that appear as dark red smoke and can move and act like creeping shadows or burning flames.

Personality: Carzeah is very neutral and remains level headed in most situations, but has an ill tempered side that is known to become reckless and savage. In his recent years little has bothered him to the point of killing someone, as he believes these meager urban problems are meaningless in comparison to the endeavors his life had thrown at him. With that, Carzeah has been looked to in the Rossi community as an ambassador, watchful eye, and a calm head to send on missions that are for the less impatient types, which are few and far between. Carzeah has very little to call his own in this city, but for what it is worth, any companions he deems worthy of his time can come to him for help and advice and can even count on him to lend a hand. He may not look it, but Carzeah is rather wise and loyal for someone associated with the Rossi Mafia.

- 1371 BCE, Lemnos Greece -
Unlike most Hellkin, Carzeah was born above the surface, within a nomad tribe of exiles that were cast out of the subsurface city of Rolland for different and varying misdeeds to the nation. His father and mother were honest people of the tribe but eventually he understood that their crimes in Rolland were military desertion and insubordination respectively, both telling stories of circumstances that seemed unfair. Carzeah didn't understand the sometimes backwards ways of the Hellkin underrealms, but his parents told him not to mind it. Rolland kept to themselves and his tribe would too, and they all lived happy that way, keeping out of plain sight to mortal eyes.

-1355 BCE, Lemnos Greece -
Carzeah quickly grew into a man and performed his rights of passage with a female companion by the name of Alessandra. As a part of the culture due to their very biology, regardless of sanctuary or outland backgrounds, their immortality is only gifted only upon successfully creating offspring. Love was hardly involved in the matchmaking and courtship, but in creating life they would become guardians and guides to their gift giving offspring until maturity, just as real parents.

That's where outcasts and Rolland Hellkin were different, as Hellkin children born merely of immortality gain were children that were often cast out to perform slave labor or to literally be consumed. Needless to say, Carzeah's mother's own insubordination that had her exiled was due to her not relinquishing her child to the ordained master of the Rolland Sanctum upon being ordered to do so. Being raised into the fairer of the two Hellkin societies grounded Carzeah into a strong sense of family and moral code, which typical sanctuary Hellkin's do not typically come to learn or appreciate.

- 1350 BCE, Lemnos Greece -
With a average gestation period of 5 years, Carzeah and Alessandra become rather close and a good match for one another. By the end of her term, the two happily welcome a baby girl into the world and name her Alesseah.

- 1336 BCE, Lemnos Greece -
Alessandra perishes suddenly to unknown violent causes. Carzeah by this point knows that a Hellkin's only option for death upon receiving immortality is to be shattered to pieces in stone form and scattered. Her body is retrieved by himself and tribesmen over time. Whoever did this, they knew her weakness and what they were doing. No mortal could have done this and it had to be one of their own kind. Alesseah, a young woman now, so grievously effected by the loss that she ultimately turned down a match in the works between herself and another young male in the tribe. Carzeah remorsefully stands by her decision, even with both of them knowing it will be harder for her to pair as she becomes older and may die as early as age 20 if she does not gain her immortality.

- 1332 BCE, Lemnos Greece and The Sanctuary of Rolland -
By this time, Alessandra pieces are mostly found save for a couple of fragments. Alesseah decides to try and pair again so Carzeah makes the arrangements. With her age however, most suitor's parents realize she may not survive to term and believe she is not worth investing their time in, as their sons would not gain immortality if she was to not make it. Carzeah could not blame them, it was just what guardians and parents alike should do to assure success for their young. However, Alesseah's own guardian was not going to give up either. He would drop his personal search in finding the remaining pieces to complete Alessandra in order to take his gift giver to Rolland. Both of them born to outcasts and not exiles themselves, they were both "clean" and able to request passage into Rolland, as it was their birthright regardless of the trespasses of those that came before them.

It was the first time he called Alesseah his daughter, as he didn't know if the gatekeepers of Rolland would accept her as an individual if he had said she was merely his first born. Alesseah didn't get the hint and called Carzeah her guardian rather than her father. But given her adult age, it didn't make a difference either which way, but Carzeah got a bit of name calling through the door for being soft and just not eating her, as they would have. It was not their place to decide or further investigate it anyway, and a right to citizenship of Rolland was given to both of them by the gatekeepers.

Upon entering the Sanctum to be allowed into Rolland in the light of the organized religion, they were both given two different titles and jobs that came with them. The Sanctum's clergymen named Carzeah as The Shield, and made him a lawbringer of Rolland. Carzeah spoke up in Alesseah's defense, that she could not work as she was not mature yet and needed to find a suitor. The Sanctum claimed her as Alesseah The Waiting and sent her on her way. It was up to her now to assure her own survival since he could no longer watch over her.

- 1330 BCE, Rolland -
Carzeah and Alesseah were not in contact with one another as he had a long and intense training regimen to fulfill with many tests and battles ahead of him in order prove himself. He didn't even know if she was still alive or reduced to nothing but dust at this point, as mature adults without breeding become. Such is the short lifespan of the Hellkin. But it didn't stop him from feeling worry for her and remorse for leaving home. He had to grin and bear many things that were not right to him and merely stand aside as injustice happened right before him everywhere.

Higher command saw his hesitation to follow very simple orders and requested Carzeah to be placed in a different title. A Shield’s job in Rolland was to be a protector of the law and order put in place by The Darkness, the leader of the Sanctuary of Rolland. Sanctum did not agree with removing Carzeah. Though the higher Shields had now the authority to break him by any means necessary. And so, training would continue.

- 1327 BCE, Rolland -
Despite the odds and challenges against him, Carzeah was now a full fledged Shield of Rolland. By this time, Carzeah was very good at obeying the law or otherwise very good at finding subtle solutions. Of course, he had a soft spot for the orphaned children that were not yet eaten or enslaved and often purposely warned them or let them slip away.

- 1325 BCE, Rolland -
Carzeah and two fellow Shields were given orders to react to a troubling situation. A woman had given birth to a first born and refused to relinquish it to a clergyman, as was typical policy. No husband, the male was not even anywhere to be found, which was also typical and even Carzeah could not find a loophole in the situation to give this woman any exceptions. At least if the two partners were in a mutual relationship from their pairing, it would be different. And with two other Shields beside him, he knew that they did not have his compassion.

The Shields breached into the home by force after there was no answer at the door. No one could be found in the home initially but the three conducted a thorough search. Carzeah was first to the bedroom and noticed a strange knick knack on a dresser with a note attached. "Should something happen to me and I cannot do it myself, as a final request, please give this to my dearest father, Carzeah The Shield. It's a piece of Mom. He's been searching forever for her. Alesseah The No-Longer-Waiting." And that's when his heart sank with realization that it was his daughter they were searching for. She was alive. Many emotions washed over him. Careful with the object in hand now, Carzeah inspected the rock that was claimed to be a piece of Alessandra. He couldn't help but laugh actually, the silly girl was always giving him black rocks and claiming it to be obsidian. It wasn't, and thus is wasn't a part of Alessandra.

Lost in nostalgia for a moment he heard footsteps behind him, to which he reacted to suddenly and slammed the door before the fugitive could escape. Face to face now was father and daughter. She had the small child in her arms, cradling it protectively at first until she realized who was before her. "No...please. Carzeah, I'm sorry. But you can't take him." Her own realization of what it meant that she was before her father, but wishing so desperately it was under different circumstance. "I know I can't. I would refuse. Your job here is done and you must go back home though. So I have to. Resist and you will be exiled. But either way, you cannot take him with you. But you trust me. Yes?" Everything he said was confusing and she thought for awhile before there was a fierce knock at the door. She was out of time to make her decision so he had to make it for her one last time.

He yanked the child away from her and had to one arm wrestle her into binds, as he was trained quite well in doing. The other Shields broke down the door to find Carzeah had made the arrest successfully. He kept the child in his arm  but gave his daughter over to the other authorities. "Nice job leaving all the work to me. Make yourselves useful and take her to the Sanctum so she can be judged." Unsure what to do, that's just what they did while Carzeah kept a hold of his daughter's gift giver. It was in that surreal moment he understood how complicated their circle of life was.

Carzeah managed to keep himself and thus the child hidden long enough for Alesseah's trial. As a Shield, he was allowed out of the gates for brief amounts of time and he met with his defeated and exiled daughter. Upon seeing him she instantly perked up though and ran to him even before she realized he had smuggled the baby out as well. She was in joyous tears and held her guardian for what was likely the last time in their entire infinite lifetimes. "You know the rock you gave me isn't Alessandra right?" He joked to her but then his charge looked up at him with an impatient look she smacked the rock out of his hand and took her son. The rock smashed upon the ground. She seemed to want to go on her way after that. Carzeah was confused but he could see that she was unsettled about something and so he let her pass. "You've been the best...father a daughter like me could ever ask for. I want to do the same for my son. But please...your job in Rolland isn't done. Just please find mom and come back home, ok?" She took that moment to hesitate and plead with him. He wasn't quite sure what she meant by that all either but was mainly distacted by the emotional fact that she referred to him as her father for the first time in their time together. He didn't care what any of it meant and just agreed.

But it was too late. Lord Lumis The Darkness, Ruler of Rolland, had appeared between the two adults and prevented either from leaving. He ripped the child from Alesseah's arms and after a long winded speech of evil he in short gave Carzeah a choice. Her life or the child's. Of course, Carzeah had to make one decision for his daughter. But his choice was one that she would probably hate him for, for all eternity. And as he bloodied his hands himself, he looked to her so that he would never forget her face. Carzeah already regretted a number of things, but this would haunt him forever. Even if the last pieces of Alessandra were in Rolland, he didn't think he'd be able to return with them after shattered look his daughter bestowed upon him. The Darkness left Carzeah to his devices then, but only with words after that he was officially changing his title to Carzeah the Chained. He would not be exiled. He would be imprisoned and lashed for decades until The Darkness felt it would be enough.

All Carzeah was left with then was himself and the shattered rock his daughter threw on the ground. Digging through the pieces, he found another note that was packed away within. "Father, they did it. They...he killed her. Lord Lumis has the remaining pieces of mom. You'll never believe me, but I saw it myself. I'm so sorry. I know you did the best you could. But when I ended up in The Darkness' bed chambers I saw them. He told me everything then. He saw that you would come, that I would come. Leaving the tribe...he was able to slaughter everyone else. Your mom and dad too. Everyone is gone. Gone or scattered like filthy roaches across the endless sands. I never asked you for anything in my life, but please. He's scared of you and your potential. Please kill him and send mom home so we can just all be together again. Even if we don't believe in silly childish words like love... I love you. I know you're capable of anything, father. Your daughter Alesseah." And he wasn't sure if Alesseah still wanted any of that. But he would keep the note forever and complete her wishes to the best of his ability. Until then, it was time to serve his sentence and head back to Rolland.

- 1250 BCE, Rolland -
Carzeah was lashed every day and every night for all these years, chained and bound for his insubordination. But the pain distracted him from the real problems and the pain that was internal and kept him safe from the choices he made. It was the first day the pain ceased. The Lord of the Darkness himself appeared and ordered the traitors release. "You have a new assignment. Wash up and you are to meet me at my throne." The Darkness whispered to him as sweat and blood poured down his face and into his ears, barely even hearing the evil ruler.

Despite being less than loyal to Lord Lumis, Carzeah washed up and reported as ordered. It was an exclusive meeting between just the two men and only them. No creepy clergymen or advisers hanging around so this assignment must of been important, or at least secret to some degree. But why trust a man he sentenced to the harshest of punishments for 75 whole years? Well, it became somewhat clear. Two mortal nations were raging war, the attackers crossing the vast Aegean Sea. Many ships have already ported and left to a city known as Troy. And for whatever reason it was in The Darkness' interest to help the Greeks in seeing the Trojans dead. Simply, Lumis needed an inside man who worth enough to fight but worthless enough to also get lost at sea or perish in a war. But interfering in a war between mortals?

"It isn't our way." Carzeah defied him once. Lumis then showed Carzeah the obsidian pieces his daughter told him about. Alessandra's remains. But if the nomad tribe was no more, where was the rest of her? Lumis was had in that moment and admitted he was going to use that against him for another favor down the line. But if Carzeah were to go and be his one man army against Troy, Lumis now genuinely promised that the rest of Alessandra would be returned to her former glory before his eyes. Carzeah took the offer then and was given proper arms that was of the local Greek fashion. With that, Carzeah journeyed to make the boat and set sail with the Greeks to wage war on Troy.

- 1184 BCE, Troy -
After earning a name and becoming a sung hero of the war, Troy falls and Carzeah sets sail back to the island of Lemnos to report back to his lord. Carzeah mysteriously disappears from the boat when close to port, in order to prevent a display and keep himself under wraps. It would be as if he never even existed and was merely an imagined figure to the Greeks.

- 1180 BCE, Rolland -
Carzeah makes his unsung homecoming back to Rolland and reports directly to Lord Lumis, pleased of his return. They have a private discussion over a hot meal. Lumis is a man of his word but wishes to discuss a number of things, like what Carzeah plans to do now as a free man. What he plans to do upon Alessandra's return to the living. Carzeah can't answer any of this. He couldn't go back to his daughter and look her in the eye again, that was for sure. He wasn't keen on staying in Rolland either. He'd sort of feel it out he supposed, answering his enemy with honesty. It wasn't really the answer he expected to hear, but Lumis placed a piece of obsidian into his adversary's palm. "Talk to her then and come back to me with an answer. There is much for you here if you do not wish to return. If so, I hope we can brush our harsh times under the rug. Whether you return to exile or stay, I will leave you and your odd family alone. You have my word."

And with that Carzeah was escorted to a set of guest chambers where the remaining pieces of Alessandra laid. He placed the last piece of her on the bed and watched as the obsidian shards came together to form her likeness. In a short time her features and color returned to her and she breathed her first breath in years. She didn't recall much other than the man before her's identity but it was enough for a happy reunion of tears. "All I remember was being so scared..." "Me too." was all he could say back into the short embrace. Alessandra and Carzeah both separated and laughed awkwardly. They were never really quite lovers after their initial episodes together, but they at least shared love for the life they created and worked well together. It sort of came out on a whim that they mutually shared an intimate encounter.

Shortly after is when the questions came and Carzeah tried to answer her as truthfully as he could. Where was Alesseah? He didn't know. Where was she all this time? Dead. How did everyone react to that? Everyone...well in short himself and Alesseah had to come to Rolland for a change in scenery. Is she ok? Sure. Alessandra wasn't a fan of the blunt answers but soon realized that whatever happened, it hurt. "We're in Rolland right now." She realized. "Yes. She's on the outside again though. So you should go find her."

"But what about you?"

It was a question he couldn't answer to her, just like when Lumis asked what he would do now. Could he face Alesseah again after what he had done? It wasn't very plausible. The pause unsettled his bedside companion. Carzeah came out clean and told her everything that had happened and how he had betrayed Alesseah the last time he saw her. Alessandra was shocked, but not appalled. "You did the best you could for her. She's alive because of you." "That's a nice way to 'put dead inside because of me.'" But it wasn't wrong and they were both caught at a standstill. "I want you to go be with her. That's what she wanted in the end. So...don't worry about me." Carzeah then gave her the note that he kept all this time. Alessandra was in tears, honored and overwhelmed to be so highly regarded by their creation. "It's been a long time. But she needs you now. I did all I can...and that's ok. We have all eternity to figure it out later." Carzeah was hopeful that they could all be together. But now wasn't the time. So Carzeah saw her off and said goodbye, only to return to Lumis.

"I've learned something from you, Carzeah. But I could stand to learn more. I'll level with you." And for the first time two enemies came to an understanding. Lumis had his own secret and forbidden love of his life and her race was being threatened by the Trojans. Having a single true immortal in a war against them would tip the scales to assure victory, even if it was a natural and slow going one. The Ancients were safe because of his deeds, and so was his love, Kyzah. But only Carzeah could know that, as the entire Hellkin race would be in an uproar if they found out about such a scandal. Carzeah would keep this secret, and with that promise alone he was appointed as Carzeah The Darksworn, the second highest title in their society. The two would rule together for a long time to come.

- 1180-800 BCE, Rolland –
Lord Carzeah the Darksworn invokes many laws and practices over time to aid in spreading compassion and protecting the rights of Rolland citizens and children. Initial reception is poor but grows in popularity over many years. As well, there are multiple unsuccessful attempts of assassination.

- 797 BCE, Rolland -
Lord Lumis the Darkness sires a female child born from Kyzah and covers it with a fake marriage. The child, Scarletta, is left under the watchful protection of the Darksworn to keep safe from harm, as a 'godfather' of sorts.

- 790 BCE, Rolland -
Lord Lumis the Darkness sires another heir, a male named Cornelius. The Darksworn offers the same protection to the son of The Darkness.

- 784 BCE, Rolland -
Lumis comes to Carzeah and tells him that his daughter is of age. Carzeah looks to the young woman, looking about 18 in mortal years at her age, similar to how Alesseah appeared at her age. "She'll be a beautiful companion for a lucky suitor. Who do you have in mind?" "You, of course." Carzeah knew how they ran business here, but was still shocked. The high status types as they were paired older men who already were immortal with young women who had yet to receive their gift and visa versa, rather than pairing two blossoming adults with one another. It was more assured and less about timing that way. "I couldn't, that's not my way." Carzeah denied his order, likely for the first time in their partnership they disagreed. "I'm not going to do this your way. You must. She will be safer this way." Carzeah agreed with one thing he said, and that Scarlet would be safer this way. Of course. He wouldn't hurt her like some careless brute could. But it wasn't his right to. "If I find someone more suitable for her, will you trust me?" Carzeah always tried to bargain this way but it typically tended to work. Lumis sighed and agreed begrudgingly with the condition that they would revisit this if he couldn't come up with someone that was to her taste. He had no more than a year to find someone.

- 783 BCE, Rolland -
Carzeah, Lumis, and Scarletta in that order picked out and approved of a boy named Rodrick, a clergyman's son who had an interest in his studies on the arcane arts and was also proficient with his innate talents as well. Smart and rather athletic as well, the two were matched in the outlander way and took rather nicely to one another. Scarletta would conceive and Rodrick was by her side along the way, which was not typical of any royal match but was looked upon with respect.

- 778 BCE, Rolland -
Scarletta successfully gives birth to a beautiful daughter. The Sanctum proclaims the two mature adults as Scarletta The Heiress and Rodrick The Darksword. Under Carzeah's own request, Rodrick is recruited into an elite combat unit sworn to protect Rolland's royalty. The new adults raise their baby together as a pair.

- 777 BCE, Rolland -
"Cornelius is to become a man soon."
"Did you pick me to get him pregnant too?"
"You're a fool. Just go do the thing."

- 776 BCE, Rolland -
Carzeah does it yet again and matches Cornelius with a young woman. It goes well enough at least, as they're officially expecting months later.

- 771 BCE, Rolland -
The young woman matched with Cornelius dies giving birth to a girl but the offspring is saved, which causes an unforeseen attachment to the baby from the young man and insists to raise the child himself and act as her guardian. The people of in Rolland are in awe and inspired by the royal stories of love, loss, and new life.

- 600 BCE, Rolland -
After long years of loyal service to The Darkness, Carzeah goes to his friend now and begs a request. To leave his service to go on a journey. Carzeah felt he had done the best for Rolland that he could and either Rolland takes his guidance or goes back to its old ways. Lumis doesn't entirely understand Carzeah's wish and is even sad to see his friend go. But what he does understand is that there is probably a lot on the man's mind and he could stand to get out and find out what he needs to see for himself. Lumis gives Carzeah his blessing and allows him to leave Rolland and return when and if ever he likes. Carzeah thankfully sets off on a long journey to no where specific. Just somewhere where he wont feel bored and tired anymore.

- 550-505 BCE, Athens Greece -
Carzeah watches and observes the tyranny in Athens and helps free and bring Democracy to the people of Athens.

- 500-449 BCE, Greece -
Carzeah assists the Greeks during the Greco-Persian Wars

- 449-431 BCE, Greece -
Carzeah oversees progress and growth until the Peloponnesian War breaks out and he essentially gives up on the Greeks and nopes the fuck out of that place

- 425 BCE to 33 CE, Roman Empire -
Chills out in the Roman Empire until they hang up his boy Jesus on the cross, that wasn't a cool time.

- 45 CE, Lemnos and Rolland -
Carzeah returns to the island of Lemnos, his home and wanders the deserts for a time before returning to Rolland. He's met kindly by Lumis and takes him back in so he can enjoy the comforts of home again. Scarletta is among the most excited to see him and insists she show him around after a meal. Carzeah walks with her through the underground city. Things hadn't changed much. In fact, they became worse. Scarletta's excited demeanor shifted entirely from when her father was around. Being alone together finally she confided in him. "You have to fix this. None of this is right without you around." "The damage has been done. It's just Hellkin nature. I did what I could so that I could see for myself if I made any difference." "But you did! You did for years and it kept getting better...then you left..." And a woman's tears were something he never took kindly to seeing. Especially not of women he raised from birth. It took him back to that betrayed look that Alesseah gave him so many years ago.

And Carzeah could not change it. Lumis was irritable and didn't want to hear it. "I know, I know I did bad. I messed up all your work. I was hoping you wouldn't come back for this reason. This is just who we are. You can't change that. Maybe you should just go home. And be with your family." But at this point, Rolland was his family. He didn't know where Alessandra or Alesseah were and even if he found them, it wouldn't be a homecoming he dreamed of. But Carzeah let it go for now and tried to ignore it for many years. Waiting and watching. Scarletta was doing a great job as Lumis' right hand and he watched from the sidelines as he took up the name of Carzeah The Warden, and worked out of a prison to attempt to recondition himself to constantly see anguish, just as a Hellkin's true nature intended.

- 300 CE, Rolland -
Carzeah was approached unexpectedly at the prison by Scarlet. They hadn't spoken personally in years by this point but she came requesting a private audience with him, which he saw to. They caught up but her visit ultimately ended up with a suggestion that they arrange to be married. He couldn't help but laugh and pick fun until he realized she was serious. So he was inclined to ask what this was about. Scarlet was a smart woman so there had to be an explanation other than just because. By this point things had returned to normal in Rolland, first born children being sacrificed and eaten, crimes and trespasses against neighbors for mere sport, and even hunting nomads and enslaving them. Carzeah turned a blind eye to it all and remained in the prison for the most part, to avoid the harsh reality that surrounded them in Rolland. Scarlet's desire was to see it end, and marry the only man she knew could save the integrity of their kind and restore compassion. In time Scarlet would be crowned by The Santum as the the new Darkness, and once she was, Carzeah could be her right hand and work his magic once more. It would take years still, as he did not foresee Lumis stepping down to her any time soon, but he would agree to the arrangement. They would become engaged that night, having to also consummate and conceive in witness to the Sanctum to be able to do so in their culture. After a child was born to them was when they could get married.

- 305 CE, Rolland -
A son was born to Scarlet and Carzeah, Renalt. They were wed shortly after. Lumis was pleased to see his good friend and his daughter together this way.

- 318 CE, Rolland -
Renalt is of age to receive his gift and come of age. He is arranged to pair with the daughter of Rodrick The Darksworn, Scarlet's first partner and good friend to both her and Carzeah. The Sanctum forbids the arrangement though and Lumis stands behind it and suggests an older partner for Renalt, as is the tradition for royalty. With everyone silent, Carzeah speaks for all in attendance. "Then he will not come of age." It was a bluff, but a firm one made to get Lumis to comply with his way. To the surprise of most, Lumis did not cave, "Then he will die." And from there The Darkness took his leave. Scarlet understood the reasoning of such harsh words and forgave Carzeah for them, but she was to be off to arrange a more traditional partner for his son. There would be no learning or growing from this if they did though. So Carzeah forbid her from doing so. It was an argument from there, but he ended up winning it. For no change could be made without sacrifice. Even if that meant their own. Of course, it wasn't either of their choice though and it was left in Renalt's hands to do as he wished, but his father made it clear that he would have no support in making the arrangement. Level headed and understanding like both of his parents, he understood the position they were in and he continued living his life without letting them know his choice, even if asked. They would see for themselves whenever his time was up.

- 332 CE, Rolland -
Renalt passes suddenly, crumbling to dust before his mother's eyes. Needless to say, it was another argument when Carzeah returned home from work. Grief overwhelmed her judgement and though Carzeah was pained over it as well, this wasn't the fault of anyone but Lumis and he tried his best to calmly convey that to her. Scarlet wouldn't forgive either of them, she put plainly. He couldn't blame her though. It was a fair assessment. But this would just be the beginning of an even greater battle.

Lumis approached Carzeah furiously regarding Renalt's death. An argument raged on for hours straight with no end in sight. Both of them were wrong. Carzeah knew that but he would not back down to admit fault until Lumis relented. He would not. They agreed to disagree after a long dispute, but tensions were high, both of them nearly losing their cool and close to maiming one another until Scarlet got between them. It drove Carzeah to further measures and on the way to retreating, he stopped in to see Rodrick. The loyal and sworn knight to the family took the same approach to the situation as Carzeah and followed his lead, even if it meant his own daughter's demise as well, a few years earlier. His wife had divorced him over the ordeal and was having a rough patch in his life. "Will you follow me one more time?" Carzeah asked the grieving Darksworn. Rodrick lifted his head up to meet his eyes. "Any amount of times, my lord. Until death." From there the two spoke of plans to insight a rebellion and coup against Lord Lumis The Darkness.

- 446 CE, Rolland -
It took a long time to find and recruit all the people that believed in their way, while remaining covert and silent about the entire thing and taking care of anyone who decided to speak against them. The only one who overheard of the plans was Scarlet, who demanded Carzeah cease in creating this foolish war against their own. He didn't want an argument with her. It was her father he was organizing to kill after all. With only slight protest, Carzeah obeyed and withdrew his participation in the effort. Rodrick still remained.

- 616 CE, Rolland -
Scarlet and Carzeah had a strained marriage, but it was obvious they struggled only because they cared deeply for one another. It was hard to make the other happy with everything that was going on. Carzeah decided to enter a conversation with her at last, to see where she was at and where she wanted to be. Scarlet confessed to him that she was convinced by Rodrick to get Carzeah to step down from the planning. Rumors were getting too hot and were bound to reach Lumis by the time anything could even be done and the Darksworn wanted to keep him safe. So Scarlet had agreed to convince him to leave and also to take his stead while things died down. She also had convinced her brother, Cornelius to join in the mean time, even if he was less than excited about the idea. But they all supposed that they could rebel and force Lumis to relinquish his title, keeping him alive while getting the point across that they would not tolerate a future without compassion. After the initial surprise wore off, she begged him to come back, as they almost rallied enough people to fight. It would be a harsh time for the people of Rolland, but it was also a time that their side could not come out victorious from without him. Of course, Carzeah agreed and returned to staging the war that was ahead of them.

- 681 CE, Rolland -
The first acts of defiance started and caused a shift and divide between the people of Rolland. The resistance began to express their desires equality, peace among men, and the safety of all.

- 710 CE, Rolland -
As the division became more evident, the numbers of those within the resistance grew. Carzeah prepared each individual for war, as one was surely coming. Rolland's Shields began detaining people for their defiance in vast numbers. Still being a Warden of the prison, Carzeah kept them with the keys readily in hand.

- 718 CE, Rolland -
A fight had broken out between a few trained elite of the movement and a number of loyalists to the norm. When malicious blood was shed, it caused a mass chaos. Loyalists did not know their enemy from their friends and did not care due to their violent nature anyway. The elites slipped out and most of the individuals ended up killing one another and the Shields ordered to suppress the situation. With many of the vicious wildcard Hellkin, loyalists, and authority dead, the resistance launched it's first attack and an official declaration of war was made between Lumis and Carzeah. The Thousand Year War Commenced.

-1665 CE, Rolland -
It was a war that had almost literally lasted one thousand years. The battles themselves were brutal but few and far between. In some cases the battles were so stagnant that either side was able to replenish their numbers from the countless newborns that grew into adults during the time of the war. One of which was a man named Rexas. Foolishly he was an adult, not yet a man because he refused to breed until all Hellkin were free from The Sanctum and it's oppression. Everyone watched with bated breath how this young warrior not only returned from battle but was able to sit and wait out each waiting period between. Rexas was the longest living mortal Hellkin to ever live, now age 57 by this point in the war.

- 1683 CE, Rolland -
The war came to an end with the traditional way having to back down and surrender. Every able bodied man was dead by this point, aside from The Darkness and The Sanctum. Carzeah walked into the palace as an ambassador, in order to find Lumis and request his full surrender and to step down. He found The Darkness in his throne room, and he stated that he would not give it up. Carzeah was left with no choice but to do battle. And it was the intense final battle of the war, which resulted in Carzeah as the victor. Before he could leave to report that the war was over, The Sanctum pronounced him as the new Darkness, leader of the Rolland people. It was a joyous moment to the rebels, but to Scarlet it was quite possibly the biggest betrayal of the war. She stormed up to meet her husband, claiming that it was his plan all along. To make all these ambitious plans and actions, just to kill her father and take the crown for himself. It was a bold accusation. But Carzeah looked down to Lumis' lifeless body. She wouldn't believe him, that Lumis refused to surrender. "Yes. But as you said. Things will be better my way." Scarlet was angry and hurt, but did nothing to argue. The war was over and maybe peace could finally grace their home.

Rexas, alive to see the end of the war, was able to fulfill his promise. He not only bred with his arranged partner, but also was engaged to her simultaneously, being the first Hellkin couple to ever have their first born also be their marriage tie. He was named as a new Darksword upon reaching adulthood. Rodrick was pleased to at least see an end to the war and continued to serve faithfully as the Darksworn, going from faithful knight to advisor to Carzeah. Cornelius disappeared after the war, not pleased with it's outcome just as Scarlet was. Scarlet herself did not divorce Carzeah but began living separately from him.

- 1913 CE, Rolland -
The people of Rolland were happy at long last. There was no suffering and no anguish. No children being torn from mother's arms or people being enslaved or consumed for their birth. However in just these 200+ years alone the Hellkin population in Rolland sky rocketed and it began to lead to an epidemic. The Ordained Master of The Sanctum came to Carzeah's throne room personally one day with news that the Hellkin life force given by the remains of their patron god dragon, Tyranos, was depleting faster than it could be restored. His body was preserved by The Sanctum so that Hellkin could still thrive as the ultimate race. Carzeah was left with a choice by the Ordained Master. To order a mass sacrificial genocide of his own people, to restore Tyranos and cut the population so that more energy from his remains could be spared. Or allow unknown havoc to be unleashed upon the Hellkin people, should Tyranos' remains dry out and be sucked of all the gifts he bestowed upon the race. It was a difficult choice. Carzeah requested to be left alone with this choice. Scarlet was not around to ask for guidance on the matter. Rodrick was there to offer advice but it wasn't truly his place to. Panicked, Rodrick pleaded with his lord. "My lord. What about the Ancients?" Carzeah wasn't sure what he was asking. Rodrick explained that the Ancients were like a sister race of sorts, created by the Eldritch Dragon, a similar god dragon to Tyranos. Carzeah didn't follow the whole religion thing but at least he had a lead now. Carzeah locked himself within his study for a time to dwell on the matter and read into better options.

- 1914 CE, Rolland -
Carzeah ordered a war on the Ancients, who lived on top of the Eldritch dragon. While mortals were distracted in their own war, they were at liberty to win this war by any means necessary. Soldiers were sent off to all corners of the world to search for the Eldritch. Any workers left behind were to construct a large spiraling tower of obsidian above ground.

- 1916 CE, Rolland -
The Obsidian Tower was completed and the Ancients were found and slaughtered. The Eldritch fled but still with Hellkin soldiers holding on. When she flew over Lemnos, Carzeah gave the order for The Sanctum to commence a dark ritual upon the tower. As the dragon flew over the spiral black tower, she was struck with powerful lighting that was conjured by The Sanctum priests as she crash landed upon the tower, impaling her body through it and bestowing the final blow that ended Hellkin people's shortest war. If his study's were correct, the Ancients would resurrect near the body of the dragon so a prison could be built and hidden around her, trapping the Ancients in their land for all eternity. Sacrificing them in his people's stead would reward the same benefit, if not more so that the Tyranos dragon's remains could produce more magical life force for the Hellkin race. The obsidian spire they constructed would also act as a energy conduit of sorts, channeling the power from the Eldritch's body, into the remains of Tyranos, who was laid to rest just below Rolland. The Tower was also built through his remains so that the two would now be ever connected in death.

The reception was very mixed after the war. Rodrick stepped down from service as the Darksworn and Scarlet was nearly never heard from again. The Santum praised Carzeah as the genius and savior of Hellkin kind. With The Sanctum still not being very popular with the Hellkin populous, Carzeah's credibility dropped and they simply wanted him gone for crimes against an entire race. Of course, they were right. But they wouldn't understand the choice he was left with. It was the Ancients or all of them. Carzeah slept soundly knowing he did what was right for his people, even if no one else agreed.

- 1934 CE, Rolland -
Scarlet came to him years after the war at last and told him to step down. The entirety of Rolland had the citadel surrounded and no loyal man stood to support him. Carzeah wasn't a fool like Lumis and complied, standing up and presenting his seat to her. "Sure. You take it, it's all yours." Scarlet was shocked but did not let it stop her from her mission in seeing the traitor of Rolland gone forever. Even if he surrendered, she wanted to kill him. But she holstered her weapons and allowed The Sanctum to name her as the new Darkness of Rolland. He stood by, waiting for her judgement now. Knowing full well she would have to exile or execute him. Why keep him around? It was sort of mocking, watching her as she struggled for a moment to figure out what to do with him. Scarlet decided to have him arrested for the time being. Carzeah didn't fight as Rodrick came to apprehend him. They put him in a cell to await trial. If it ever came.

- 1985 CE, Rolland -
The cell door opened after dark years in a cell. He didn't quite expect the reason why it opened though. He thought his eyes were playing tricks on him, but when his only child, Alesseah spoke, he thought he had died and went to some divine plain. She looked conflicted, almost sad even. But she got him up and out of his restraints, gave him a set of modern clothes and told him to be on his way. But not before a hug that was both a long hello and a sad goodbye. Sincerely she whispered to him that she was sorry it took so long. Carzeah figured it meant for her return. "I knew you'd come back when you wanted to...I'm...sorry too." "You just have to go. Sooner rather than later. The people around here hate you, I can't imagine why." It was sarcasm but also playing with him in the way she always did. "Why are you letting me go?" He just wanted to know that one last thing before he left. She simply answered, "You can thank Rexas. Call it a...mother's favor to her only son's hero. He's sorry too." "He doesn't have to be. Only thing he should be sorry for is not telling me who his damn mom was. She should be ashamed of herself too for not letting her only father know she was in town." Carzeah gave her some sass back after a quick kiss on the forehead. He thanked her and then told her to stay safe. It was time for him to leave Rolland forever and head to other pastures.

- 1989, USA -
Everywhere he went sucked. Greece was poor, Europe was too happy, Russia and other communist nations were too reminiscent of Rolland. It was hard for him to settle on a spot and he wandered aimlessly for what seemed like forever. The jacket and most of the apparel and accessories Alesseah gave him were made in the USA so he tried whatever the hell that place was, especially to figure out what the hell this one sharp silver circle was. Turns out it was a piercing, one he faintly recalled Rexas wearing in some random spot in his ear. The particular spot was called the helix apparently, so Carzeah got his done as well. "My grandson has this exact same one." Of course, it was taken as a joke to the man at the tattoo shop. Sort of was said to be one anyway. But it would stand as a reminder of his true family, and the utter badass kids he gave life to, a constant nod to his times both good and bad. Whatever was to come after, it would all be a fresh start from here.

- Present Day, Twin City -
After running a short while in a biker gang is the US, he decided it was time to go. His life wasn't expiring anytime soon and he was still the most handsome of his gang so he was getting tired of all the lovely American hotties trying to hang off of him. It just wasn't his style. He caught word from a good friend, somewhat similar to him. Or at least, he wasn't human anyway. But his friend told him about a city of just supernatural folk, known as Twin City. Carzeah took his leave from the group and headed to it since it seemed promising. Upon entering, he was asked many questions about himself. Where he came from, how old he was, what his race was. It was a lot of questions but he began with the most simple. He was a Hellkin and was born in what mortal folks call 1371 Before Common Era, or Before Christ if that's what they were into still, since human year names were so funny and switched all the time. He then even went on to explain that Jesus was a cool guy but didn't really deserve to have a whole time lapse centered around him. Hell, he bets Jesus hates it. The people pushing his immigration paperwork were dumbfounded. They routed him straight to their head's office, who asked Carzeah to kindly explain again. He gladly did.

It was a remarkable new discovery. A Hellkin had never stepped foot in the city and it was new to them. With a few more questions and some paperwork, and even an interview to document his racial details, he was allowed to walk free in Twin City streets as a citizen. From there it was all sort of history to him. He was walking down the wrong road, got caught up in a fight between the Valentine's and the Rossi's, picked a side, and helped them kick ass. After that the Rossi's didn't quite take no for an answer and had him recruited. It was all sort of chance he ended up with them. But he was placed with a few imbeciles and they're all actually kind of cool. They're probably out fishing right now or something, but good people.



Weapon: Obsidian Arms, Pyrebokinesis

Job Items: Cigarettes and Alesseah's gift to him

Money: 25



Athleticism: Strength
Skill: Stealth
Endurance: Tenacity
Charisma: Suggestion
Knowledge: History
Awareness: Vibration Sense
Combat: Battle Magic, Natural Weapons



Your Alias: Trever (TxValz)
First Account: Siresh Brozus
Second Account: Biran Everard
Third Account: Jr Valentine

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Re: Carzeah The Warden

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Welcome to Twin City, Carzeah. Enjoy your stay

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