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Squad Goals (Level 6) [Mission]

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Re: Squad Goals (Level 6) [Mission]

Post by Luna on Sat Sep 08, 2018 9:36 pm

Fuck that bump man. You got a hard head after all. Pfft. Though, you seemed to have slowed down just a bit as you attempt to catch up with the other humvee. Thankfully for you, it is slowing down to a stop. Brozus opened the door and will look to you was you move on it to the area. He's not mad. more like astonished you didn't simply flip the car. Hourson looks a bit unnerved as well as Bardiron. Katzroy? Hey man. It seems as if he wants to go around for round two.

As for everyone in your own humvee, looks like everyone is more or less alright. Though a few look more banged up than others, they are ready to keep on going with whatever Brozus has in mind for this little powwow going on. Once you have made a full and complete stop, everyone will shuffle out of the humvees and look at one another. Brozus will laugh towards you, Biran. "Looks like you made good time from that daredevil stunt there, Everard. Well, this is good as any to get down to business. Shall we?" Brozus will rub his hands together before smirking to Bardiron. "Alright. So why don't we have some fun. a mock fight and see how well our new squad leader here reacts to real time fights. Darling, can you please work your magic and keep the bullets from killing us?"

'Darling', or rather, Lindsey, rolled her eyes and moved to each and every gun and possible weapon that could harm anyone and did some kind of spell. Once she was done, she finally spoke to Biran, telling him what she did. "It's a special spell that I had learned for training here. The bullets are real, but they will hit us like if you went paintballing. A Red dot will show where you hit us, but we'll continue. It would be best to aim for the head." Brozus laughed and looked to the lot of you. "Now it wouldn't be very fair to simply have each squad go after one another. Why? Well all the good healers are on Lindsey's team. A shame. But, I'll let Everard choose. Do we go squad vs squad? Or do you want to do new kids vs old kids? You take Laney, the dog, and Frader, and we'll take Lindsey and the other dog." Day gave Brozus a glare, but Brozus just smiled, not taking back any comment he just said.

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Re: Squad Goals (Level 6) [Mission]

Post by Biran Everard on Sun Sep 16, 2018 2:20 am

Biran parked the bitch and got on out so that this new challenge could be issued. He'll scoff and snake his head at him. "Try to keep up, alright old ladies? The new kids will show you how it's done, eh?" He'll talk a bit of smack since that's apparently what Brozus likes to do. He was perfectly confidant in the ability of everyone here except for Fairfax maybe, so he'd take ownership of them. "What are the limits? Are we just doing an open free for all or are we taking ten to find a position and then going all out guerrilla warfare on a signal?"
Biran Everard

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