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Post by Julianna C. Montegrow on Tue Oct 17, 2017 12:18 am


Julianna's Attire


Character Name: Julianna Catalina Montegrow
Alias/Nickname: Julie, Gem, and Cat (Most often called Julianna, though.)
Race: Shadow Reaper
Age: 27 years old
Faction: Free Agent
Level: 0

Eye color: Green eyes
Hair color: Red hair
Appearance: She most often wears an entirely black attire that helps her blend into the night and stealth through the shadows. It most often consists of a shirt, short-shorts, and a hooded cloak with a split in the back. Fingerless gloves that wrap through the middle and ring fingers. Leggings with full-length black tights underneath and black high-heel shoes. (The heels are more for style than practicality and while she can be quite impressive in heels, she often swaps them during a mission for a black pair of running shoes.)

Underneath her hood, she has red hair that flows down two inches beyond her shoulders, green eyes, and an intricate design “tattooed” over her left eye. It is actually the scarring from the Shadow Magic that pumps through her veins.

Personality: Just like the shadows, Julianna is a mystery to many. Besides disappearing just as fast as she appears, she rarely likes to talk about her feelings. She doesn’t open up much about her past. It’s clear there are a lot of things that have troubled her that she wishes to try to ignore and not discuss.

She isn’t thrilled that she’s a Shadow Reaper; mainly because of how other people view her because of it. She has never been given a fair chance. She’s always had to prove herself trust-worthy, honest, and loyal. If it wasn’t for how people acted toward her because of her race, she would have no problem with who she was. She had come to terms with it. When she was younger she didn’t like the scar over her eye as all the girls who didn’t have them were called “beautiful” and no one wanted to even be her friend. However, she had come to embrace her uniqueness, even if she still felt self-conscious of how others viewed her physical attractiveness because of it.

As people always found it hard to trust her, she found it hard to trust others back. People would claim they liked her just to try to sleep with her. They’d claim to want to be her friend just to turn around and stab her in the back when she was the most vulnerable. She had come to learn that the world is an unforgiving place where you must always be on guard because your best friend is more likely your worst enemy in disguise.

She has always favored sitting in the dark. She found comfort in it. A place out of sight where she could be alone. A place she could cry, if needed. Somewhere no one else could find her or could hurt her.

Ironically, it was people she was afraid of. She became afraid of getting too close to anyone as she always had to question their motives. She was afraid of being rejected by a romantic interest, friend, or a group; whether for a mission or social circle. She wanted to be accepted and was always shocked when she received a nice gesture that she felt she didn’t deserve at this point, but constant rejection has made her close up.

How people had treated her has formed an outwardly cold, sarcastic sense of humor; more confident in appearance than she ever really feels. However, inside, she’s soft, compassionate, caring, loyal, and brutally honest.

Julianna doesn't like to fight if she can avoid it. She likes to get in and get out, preferably, before anyone even knows she was there. However, when she does end up in a fight, she uses her uncanny flexibility and acrobatics to evade attacks. And while she's not terribly skilled, she'll punch back if necessary.

Her goal is to eventually prove herself different from the Shadow Reaper stereotype enough to be able to be hired by the police department and help people through enforcing the law. She never wanted to make a living in crime and the second she can shift into a more legal avenue and make money at it, she’ll jump at the opportunity.

She has a short patience for anyone who is rude to her or her friends and it is known that if she promises something, she never stops until it’s done; never.


Born of Shadows

It is said there is no worse hand to be dealt than a birth from the shadows. You’re spit upon like trash by even the lowest of the low of all other races. Everyone’s natural assumption is that you’re either a thief, assassin, criminal, or mercenary for hire. These stereotypes, they’re actually true though. At least, they’re true ninety percent of the time. That’s mainly because, with a history like ours, nobody lets a Shadow Reaper get a job in any other field. Just wait till they need a job done on the illegal side of the tracks though, then they come knocking. Due to our ancestors, though, people who need a hitman, for example, the first race they think to come to for a job well-done while not leaving a trace would be, you guessed it, the Shadow Reapers.

Fitting In

There is one thing going for us. However, it doesn’t improve things much. We look identical to Humans. Problem being, at least in Twin City, Humans are only one step above Shadow Reapers on the list of discriminated races. So pretending to be a Human doesn’t do much except keeps the hate-group attacks to a minimum. Even still, there are ways to tell a Shadow Reaper from a Human. Shadow Reaper’s magic is unmistakable except for that of maybe a Demon. Great! That’s another race that would be good to be confused for; not. And all Shadow Reapers have a ‘scar.’ We’re scarred by the shadows within us. For me, and many others, this takes the form of a black intricate scar on the skin that looks similar to a tattoo. This tattoo is a mark since birth and I’m just lucky enough to have mine plastered over my left eye. Not suspicious at all. For other, some say, more lucky Shadow Reapers, they have no scar upon their skin. Instead is their eyes which are scarred. This scar manifests differently, however. It is only when they use their shadow magic that their eyes turn black as darkness. This type of Shadow Reaver has the easiest time of hiding their true identity. Eh, who wants to fit in anyway...


This is a term that seems a bit foreign to us. Yes, we have children. It’s how we reproduce. As we have such hard lives typically, however, we tend to have too much on our plate to raise a child till the full age of eighteen as a Human family might. Instead, it is very common that children between the ages of six to sixteen are pushed out onto the streets to find their own way. Housing a child as a Shadow Reaver though is pretty rare once they age beyond twelve years old, though.
I don’t remember but bits and pieces of my mom and dad. For me, I was out on the streets at seven; mid-winter. I still wonder if perhaps they hoped I would freeze to death that winter; thinking maybe it’s a less cruel fate than for me to grow up as a Shadow Reaper. I really can’t speak to what they were thinking though. Nor can I say I really hold much of a grudge. Afterall, that’s the life we live, right? It’s hard to focus on family and friends when you’re always watching your back and fighting for your life.

The Law

I had my first run-in with the law when I was twelve. After much resistance, my petite frame gave me little option but to turn to theft for my undying starvation. It was not something I found acceptable but something in your brain just kicks in to keep a person from dying. By twelve I had turned to regular theft to survive on the streets. That was when an Orc, Darkaknock Varcnaltic, of the TCPD caught me in the act. He placed me in his cop car and started taking me “downtown” when he glanced into the back through his rear-view mirror. I’m not sure what changed his mind, but he turned the police car around and dropped me off with a spare key to his apartment right outside the complex. I was so confused that I didn’t enter until he got off shift five hours later.
He shook his head at me as he approached. “Come on, inside,” He directed. As he went first, I followed timidly. This was the first act of kindness I had ever received; at least since my parents left me on the streets. I was shivering. He tossed a thick hide blanket over me for warmth as I sat by a lit fireplace and he brought me some soup. “Ahh, I’m a shame to Orcish pride. So be it.” He shrugged. “Sure, you were stealing. It’s a crime. But you’re twelve. And looking in the rear-view mirror, I saw you don’t have an evil bone in that body. Plus, I could snap you like a twig... eat up.” I had yet to say a word to this man. Not even a sound. I couldn’t find a voice. No one treats a street dwelling thief like this. And an Orc? What world was this? Clearly, I was hallucinating from hyperthermia and dehydration still laying on the cold, hard pavement all alone. But no, I wasn’t. This was the day I made my first friend.
He’s fourteen years older than I. He was twenty-six at the time. Now, he’s forty-one years old and we have a very strong connection; like he’s my older brother. I’ve been living with him ever since. He’s always trying to keep me safe from harm and find me odd jobs that don’t require illegal activity whenever possible. He frowns upon me taking jobs that have questionable legality, but so long as no one is hurt, he turns a blind eye and will do minor things to help me not get caught; nothing too extreme to ever get himself in trouble for helping me break the law though. He has no current plans on risking his police career in order to save my butt. And I don’t intend to put him in a position to consider it.

Helping Hand

Darkaknock and I were driving to the store five years later when he got a call from the job. All cops on shift were busy trying to calm a gang fight on the other side of town when they got word that a hate crime was being committed and it was only a few blocks from Darkaknock’s place of residence; could he go investigate immediately? Taking his own car, unmarked and dressed in everyday attire, Darkaknock turned to help. When we got a block away, he stopped the car, got out at the side of the road, and told me to stay put. Ha! I counted off the seconds for a minute and then followed at a distance.
A group of four darkly dressed Animalians, the extremists of the race, were torching a Human’s home; resentment remaining from when the Humans started a war against all non-Humans. Darkaknock drew his gun as he approached. “Freeze!” The Animalians shifted their attention. A couple seemed to want to flee on sight, but remained until the word was given. Meanwhile, one stood firm. “You won't shoot. Imagine how the press will spin it. Enraged, out of control, Orc at the TCPD shoots Animalian dead escaping from a burning building.” Before Darkaknock could reply, there was a shriek from inside the building. “You set the building aflame with a Human inside?!” Darkaknock stated in disbelief and disgust. He seemed conflicted a moment between saving the woman inside and preventing these cruel Animalians from escaping to do this again to someone else. “I’m on it!” I ran up behind Darkaknock and smirked at him. He face-palmed. “You’re going to get yourself killed.” “Good, a Shadow Reaper to add to our fire. That’s a day’s good work, lads,” the leader chimed in; smug. “Am not!” I replied, heading for the front door. Moments later, the door blew off its hinges and a ball of flames shot out into the air just before me causing me to be pushed back from the blast. Thankfully, I was not aflame. “Are too.” Darkaknock turned his attention to the four Animalians now cackling at me. “I don’t intend to have to shoot any of you. Therefore, I do hope you’ll come with cooperation instead of by force.”
By now, I had proceeded inside now that the flames had cleared from the entrance. I’d never been so close to a raging fire before. It was warm, hot, like an oven; baking. The ceiling of the lower flower was beginning to crack; losing support from being weakened by the fire. It would cave in, it was only a matter of time. I took in my surroundings and proceeded up the stairs. Just afterward, the roof, over the stairwell, collapsed completely. Moments later, I would’ve ended up in the wreckage. My heart skipped a beat as beads of sweat ran down my face.
It was then that I spotted her, passed out on the floor of a bedroom just down the hall. The smoke was thick. I fell to my hands and knees to breathe. It was then that I realized why she had stayed in the bedroom, aside from the stairwell that was just about to collapse, there was no escape. There was a bedroom window, it had even broken from quick, dramatic, change of temperature, but she was probably fearful of the drop. And there was no way of tossing an unconscious girl out the window expecting her to be okay afterward. Think, Julianna, think. I could use my shadow magic.
And that’s when I started to become the daredevil that I am today. I lifted her body in my arms. It was a challenge and it might have simply been possible because of adrenaline at the time. I ran toward the broken window and jumped out with her. Mid-air I used my magic to transform her into a dense cloud of shadows. I hit the ground, right shoulder first, then the rest of me. It was painful, to say the least. However, she was able to glide down and come to a gentle rest on the ground nearby. The short spell wore off and she became herself again; unharmed, still unconscious.
My vision blurred as pain seared in my shoulder. It was dislocated. Considering, I was very lucky. The pain, however, was telling me otherwise. Tears formed in my eyes as the building burned behind me. I finally was able to glance around to notice the last Animalian being cuffed and pulled into one of two additional cop cars that had arrived on the scene to help. There was no doubt in my mind though, this girl would have certainly died before the help would have gotten to her. Or, if Darkaknock saved her, the Animalians would have escaped. I smiled through my pain. I had helped.
I wasn’t the only one that recognized it either. Later I would be approached by the chief of police, himself, to thank me for a job well-done and for contributing to make the city a better place. I explained I was a Free Agent, mainly because of my lack of opportunities in life. He told me that there was a lot of skepticism about Shadow Reapers being good in any form of the word. However, he was now convinced there are those among us that can be; thanks to my display of self-sacrifice for the greater good. He couldn’t, at the time, promise me a job with the TCPD, but he would definitely consider calling on me from time to time should a mission arise and he was short-handed or needed my knowledge or expertise for. I was honored; speechless. But I did manage to thank him.
I’m getting ahead of myself though...


Darkaknock rushed over to me as the two cop cars drove the Anamalians down-town. “You okay?” He seemed genuinely concerned. The girl awoke at this time. “Okay so, I didn’t get myself killed, but I did get injured. So we were both right.” I winced from the pain in the middle of a smile. “Nice work with the criminals, by the way.” “We need to take you to the hospital, her too.” He gestured over to the girl who was now just opening her eyes. A girl I’d later know by the name of Ashley Telston. “Hospital? I can’t. I could never pay those bills. I have a friend, she helps me medically and I’m sure could help you too.” She looked over to me as she stood; weakly. “I owe you my life. Thank you!” I was not accustomed to all this praise. I grew quiet. ”You needed help. And, I might just take you up on seeing your doctor. I don’t have all that much money either.” I admitted. “Ah, fine. Well, let me at least give you both a ride there.”
Fifteen minutes later, we had arrived at the place. Darkaknock continued back to the station after dropping us off; figuring I was in good hands and he was on the clock still. They appeared to work out of their own home, likely without proper licensing; I figured. Darkaknock probably assumed this too and was another reason he left immediately. If someone was helping people, but it was in an illegal way, he had a tendency to turn the other way whenever the opportunity allowed. He didn’t become a cop to stop people from helping others; even if it was against the law.
It was a female demon, Ephairyss Caldimic, who answered the door. “Hello! Why, you seem quite hurt! Here, let me help you.” She seemed timid, quiet, and shy. She explained as she cleaned my wounds that she would have gone into the profession of nurse at a local hospital if it wasn’t for the fact that they were hesitant to hire a demon for that position. Instead, she works illegally for much cheaper. At least this way she can still help people in the way she knows best; even if it means barely making a living. She moved to bandage my wounds; very careful, caring, and tenderly. She certainly didn’t match the demon stereotypes I’d grown up knowing.
After spending the night and most of the next day there to recover, I was able to weakly walk again. The demon thanked me for saving her friend’s life with a grateful smile and assured me that should I ever be in medical need, she’d be right there to help; just give her a call. I took her business card.

So What’cha Think?

Well, there you have it. That’s been my life. I’m always being hunted by someone while trying to do as much good in the world as the public allows a Shadow Reaper. I make money at it, sure. I need to survive somehow. Not like I can go out and work in an office building. Besides, what fun is that? Good thing I’m always up to a challenge. If you could see me, I’m winking right now.
Right so, after you’ve read up on my background, hopefully, you’ll see I’m not quite the Shadow Reaper stereotype. Maybe you’ll give me a chance? Got a job for me? Call me up. I don’t bite... (I leave that to the Vampires.)


Weapon: Evasive Maneuvers (Dodging) - Julianna prefers to evade attacks if at all possible and is very quick on her feet. She'll return punches only if necessary and is not really skilled at it, but it works.

Job Items: On a mission - Backpack, Cell-Phone, Laptop, Signet Ring of a rose and Blue and Green Ink-pads (when a job is done, whether it is an assassination, theft, etc. she always leaves her ‘mark’), Hairspray, Lighter, Pepper Spray, Lock-Picks, a pen and paper, a Coil of Fishing Line, and a few rocks.

Blue Rose Signet Ring

Money: $25



Athleticism: Acrobatics
Skill: Hacking (Digital and Mechanical)
Endurance: Long-Distance Running
Charisma: Acting
Knowledge: Hotwiring Cars
Awareness: Spot (Vision)
Combat: Evasive Maneuvers (Dodging)
Magic/Extra: Shadow Magic



Your Alias: Julianna
First Account: Julianna C. Montegrow
Second Account: N/A
Third Account: N/A
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Welcome to Twin City, Julianna! Make yourself at home.

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