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The Black Cat Empty The Black Cat

Post by Patience Rose on Mon Sep 03, 2018 8:02 pm

The Black Cat IMjCKZ0


Character Name: Patience Rose "Valentine"
Alias/Nickname: The Raven.
Gender: Female
Race: Animalian, Black house cat.
Age: 124, looks to be in her early 20's
Faction: Valentine
Level: 0

Eye color: Golden yellow.
Hair color: Jet black
Appearance: Out of her cat form Patience stands about 5 foot 8 inches, with a sleek build. Her breasts and hips are about average size. She keeps her hair long and clean, it's length hanging down to her mid back. Two large black cat ears poke out of her head, as well as a long black silky fured cat tail (Which looks like a pipe cleaner if she gets angry, or spooked). Her skin is pale and flawless, and she only wears enough make up to outline her eyes. Patience's outfit tends to change depending on where she's at. While out on the street she tends to dress in leather, or more rebel styles. While at the mansion she tends to be more subtle, in respect for her 'owners' and their family, meaning she keeps herself dressed a bit classy.

While in cat form she is about 13 pounds, her body is sleek, her fur jet-black and mid length, very soft. She doesn't have any markings that might make her stand out. At first glace she just looks like a normal black cat. It's when she looks at you with her golden yellow eyes, that you can see the intelligence in her face.

Racial Detail: Patience has the ability to change between her cat form, and her more human-like form at will. She also ages slower then a human. And due to her being a cat she is a lot more agile, and graceful then normal people.

Patience is very fearless, some may even use the words Femme fatal to describe her. Sometimes she uses her looks to seduce people around her long enough to get what she wants, then easily slips away before they can snap out of her trap. She can also be playful at times, this could also be a trap.

If she did have a fear, it would probably be becoming tamed. The idea of becoming someone's sun dressed wife, cooking dinner, and raising kids bothers her. She loves living life as a wild stray, doing what she wants to.

As far as her likes go, she likes shiny things. Jewels, silver, and gold. Money gets her these things, therefore she likes money. There are two people she loves and would do anything for, the two she calls her owners, Travis and Elena Valentine.
Patience deals with anger the same way a cat would. Piss her off, and you might end up with barf in your shoe. Or a knife in your back.


Patience doesn't remember ever having a father in the picture, just various men her mother had brought home. She was told to stay in her small room with the door locked, and turn the radio on loud. She had broken toys to keep her busy while she sat alone. Sometimes she could hear their voices over the music as they walked past her room. Never the faces, but always voices. And once they had past her room, a few hours later they would pass by again and leave.

After they had left, her mother would do their secret knock on her door, bam-bam bam-bam-bam. Opening the door Patience would be greeted by the most beautiful woman she had ever saw. Her mother's hair was the color of very burnt toast (black), her eyes the color of fresh green bananas. Her features were delicate, her voice soft, she smelled like roses. Poor Patience didn't know what her mother did for work, nor would she understand until later in life.

It was late when she felt her mother come into her room, the smell of roses clouded her nose, she could feel herself fighting sleep feeling her mother close by. The woman crawled onto the mattress which sat on the floor, pulling her arms around the small sleeping kitten. Patience remembered feeling her mother's chest against her face, it seemed to jump slightly as her mother seemed to be taking sharp breaths. The feeling of warm liquid dripped down the kitten's face. Patience didn't understand, nor was she able to stay awake.

The next morning she woke up in a bed that wasn't her own. It was much softer, and didn't smell like hers. The blankets were made from some sort of scratchy felt. Uncomfortable. Opening her yellow eyes, then closing them once more she would rub a small hand against them, clearing the sleep from them.
A loud voice would screech at her from the other end of the room, causing the kitten to sit up in her bed. "Ghet up, ya' lot. Time ta earn ya' keep." Her slited eyes would focus on the voice, seeing a rather ugly woman. Her gray hair was greasy, and she was missing teeth. Her skin was wrinkled. Later in life she would know this woman to be named Helga, or as the kids called her, Helga the horrible. And horrible she was. For the children under her care, here at the Orange blossom orphanage were used to steal and earn her money.

The orphanage had some pretty simple and easy to live by rules, she learned them well and very quickly thanks to her fellow adopted brothers and sisters.

You will steal from strangers, and bring it home to Helga to earn your bed and food. Those who bring home nothing, get nothing. And those who get caught get the wooden spoon. This rule was number one in everyone's head. It didn't matter who you stole from, or what you brought home. As long as it was worth something it would earn you a luke warm meal, and a clean bed. Getting caught however was more of a threat, then bringing home nothing. Once Patience had seen a child get brought home by the police. The child had got caught pick pocketing a rich man. Of coarse Helga was able to play off the charge with fake tears, and a 'woe is me' act. It was the child who suffered the worse fate. His arse had been whapped with the spoon until blistered, Patience remembered her older brothers and sisters telling him to bite his pillow as they carefully plucked wood slivers from his swollen purple rump.

Second rule to remember, you come home every night, before the sun sets. If you fail to get home before, you get to sleep outside. She had felt this rule in full effect a few times. Once the sun set, and the streets darkened the front door would be locked. And no amount of crying or banging on the door would open it. The worse part of this rule was no one would sneak down stairs and open the door, in fear of the wooden spoon.

Third rule, if a visitor comes to looking to adopt, you always act as if you LOVE living with Helga until they leave. Or you will be whipped, and unfed for the night. Not that it matters, she always tells them that the child they are trying to adopt is already being adopted. A usual lie. There was no hope in the orphanage. No one was here to adopt you, nor would Helga ever let it happen. You belonged to her, you were her property.

Patience grew up tough by this, she knew not to trust anyone. Even her brothers and sisters could throw her under the bus for an extra piece of toasted bread. And her mother. That bitch had gave her away, and stuck her in this terrible place.

Years went by, and Patience found herself growing taller, stronger. She would be considered a pre-teenager by now, and soon she would be booted onto the streets permanently by Helga. Not that she returned home often anyway.

Little did she know this day of scrounging and stealing would change her life forever. Patience would have been strolling around the food markets, looking for an easy meal. Mice no longer filled her belly, she wanted actual human food. Something had caught her nose, a street vender who was selling hot fresh sausages on a stick. While going to hand one to a paying customer, Patience had went to quickly swipe it from his hands. Unfortunately for her the vender had been eyeing her for a while, knowing she was making a plan. Before she knew it, the vender had her by the wrist, screaming in her face and threatening to call the cops.

From the corner of her eye a woman approached them, her soft expression somehow put the kitten at ease. Before Patience could scream back at the vender to let her go, the woman had paid double for the sausage, and told him that her name was Elena Valentine. This seemed to shut the man up quicker then the actual extra cash did. And thanks to this her, he quickly let the kitten go. Before the young girl could scuttle away into the streets again, Elena had offered the girl the sausage. Her gentle voice put the girl at ease, offering her a place to come and take a bath and warm up from the cold of the streets.

The walk to the taxi was a strange one, the woman's voice remained gentle and even after they got to the mansion she kept the same volume. She had led the kitten to a private bathroom, and helped her run a bath. Every 20 minutes or so she had checked to make sure the kitten, or rather the child was ok. Even though Patience didn't like water, the warm bath soothed her, and helped remove the clumps of mud and filth from her hair and body. After her bath the woman helped show her how to drain the tub, then dressed her in a rather nice dress. It was a little big on her, but it was better then the torn up stained shirt and pants she had been wearing.

Soon after this, Elena would take the girl to her husband, Travis. At first he seemed skeptical of bringing in a street urchin, but after a few months Patience found her way into his heart.

Travis learned rather quickly that their new adopted 'friend' had many talents that could prove useful in his line of business. Even as a child, Patience was VERY good at getting into places she wasn't supposed to be in. As well as she was VERY good at getting back out again. Patience was very good at stealing rather sensitive materials (Such as  evidence) from the right people. All it took was a gentle whisper, and anyone could be a target to the cat's talents. No one would expect a child to be such a criminal.

Now as an adult, Patience can be found curled up on the lap of one of the City's biggest mafia boss, purring away. When she isn't acting like a royal pet, she walk the streets as a stray cat. Learning information and keeping an eye on those who are deemed an interest. The cat's out of the bag. Twin City's got one hell of a cat burglar on it's hands.



Weapon: Butterfly Knife

Job Items: Fake ID, Lock pick kit, Rope (Enough to help her climb, if needed), small smoke bombs (5), lighter, small belt pouch, Rope clip, Throwing knives (3)

Money: 25



Athleticism: Climbing
Skill: Lock picking
Endurance: Running
Charisma: Persuasion
Knowledge: Burglary
Awareness: Observance
Combat: Small bladed weapons
Extra: Enhanced hearing



Your Alias: Moody
First Account: Silky Everflame
Second Account: Arden Ealdwode
Third Account: Annabel Queen
Patience Rose
Patience Rose

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The Black Cat Empty Re: The Black Cat

Post by Luna on Mon Sep 03, 2018 8:47 pm

Approved. Welcome to Twin City

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The Black Cat Empty Re: The Black Cat

Post by Luna on Sun Feb 17, 2019 9:56 pm

Can confirm. Many people will miss this black cat.

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The Black Cat Empty Re: The Black Cat

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