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It's Coffee Time (Mission: Level 1) [Finished]

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Re: It's Coffee Time (Mission: Level 1) [Finished]

Post by Guest on Tue Sep 04, 2018 1:16 am

You make it up the stairs in time and hand off the coffee. The woman that wanted it gives you a smile. "Wow~ You're very diligent." She takes a sip to make sure it's correct and then downs half the thing in one gulp. "My change?" She asks politely, holding out her hand.


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Re: It's Coffee Time (Mission: Level 1) [Finished]

Post by Alpha 001 on Tue Sep 04, 2018 1:22 am

“Your change?” Alpha asked, looking at the woman’s open hand. After a couple of moments, it was able to deduce the meaning. It remembered a person talking about ‘change’ at an establishment before. “Ah, you refer to the difference of the money I was given and the cost of the beverage I was sent to retrieve. Of course, here is your ‘change’” That would be a word it would store, as it seemed rather important for everyday human life. The android would give the woman her exact change without hesitation.
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Re: It's Coffee Time (Mission: Level 1) [Finished]

Post by Guest on Tue Sep 04, 2018 1:26 am

The woman took it happily before going to her purse and pulling out your reward before moving back to you and handing it off. "Here you are~ Don't be a stranger, alright? I might just need another coffee run in the future~" And just like that, despite everything, your first mission is a success.

You gain +1 level, +10HP, +1 talent, +$100.



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Re: It's Coffee Time (Mission: Level 1) [Finished]

Post by Sponsored content

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