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Something wicked this way comes.

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Something wicked this way comes.

Post by Annabel Queen on Tue Sep 04, 2018 3:18 pm

"Faster..." The soft pounding of her heart would drown out her heavy footsteps as she sprinted through the woods. Under four paws the earth under her feet was soft, the smell of rotten leaves filled her senses. Around her the sounds of the night sang to her soul. As she got closer to her destination, she would seem to dig her claws deeper into the soil, kicking up sticks and mud as she made her way up a hill. Once she got to the top she would halt her hurried pace. "Beautiful..." Now she stood on top of a treeless hill, above her, the sky mother hung in the sky, her beautiful silver light blessing the creature. Pulling her head back she would close her eyes, "Aaaaaaoooooouuuuuuuu~" Her tone was gentle, less of a warning and more of a song.

Slowly opening her eyes again, she would take a moment to marvel at herself under the moon's light. A large coal black wolf. Some might mistake her for a lycanthrope, and those would be wrong. With a gentle giggle to herself she would allow her body to relax, the black mist that had been swirling around her would slowly leave her body. Standing tall would be a pale skinned woman, she was naked, the light from the moon would bless her frame. Taking in a deep breath she would smile. This was her world, this forest was her home. The moon was her mother, the sun her father. Each star was a brother or sister. How many other of her kind was staring up at the same sky? How many felt blessed under the light? The thought both excited and saddened her.

Annabel's kind seemed to be a dying race. Modern medicine, and technology was beginning to take the jobs from those who could heal with old magic. What a pity it was, business was slowing, and bill collectors were starting to show up on Nana's doorstep. Annabel knew she would need to start venturing into the city in order to make the currency this country ran on. A strange thought. Even from here she could see the lights from the city, it disgusted her. There was no nature, no life. Just waste from their vehicles, and trash from those who didn't respect their home. Alas, she would have to figure out that awful place.

Letting out a sigh, the young woman would raise her arms to the sky. In just a few seconds a screech would escape her. Her body had shrunk, covered in a swirling black mist. Around her skin black feathers would cover her, her feet talons, her mouth a sharp beak. Her eyes were now sharp. She could hear a rat shuffling in the debris. Taking off into the night her wing beats were soft, her new destination was her alter.

As she grew closer to her place of worship, she could see her meadow's clearing coming into view. From above her meadow was perfectly circular. The outer ring was surrounded by mushrooms of all types. Some poisonous, some not. In the middle was a large stone rectangle, big enough for an average sized human to lay on. It was draped in animal pelts, in the middle a bear's skull. As she grew closer she would slowly spiral her way down to it, landing in front of it. As soon as she landed she would lose her animal form. Her hands would slowly, and lovingly run across the furs. A gentle whimper escaped her lips, she could feel the magic drifting from this stone structure. How wonderful it was to feel the power drifting from this.

Moving her hand from the fur, she would slowly run it against her breast. As her finger tips touched her skin, a soft green glow would spark from her fingers. Pulling both hands up she would carefully take the bear's skull in them. Holding it up to the sky she would whisper gently, "Tonight I offer my body to the alter, watch over me mother, for tonight I bleed for your children." Turning her on her hip, she would look as if she was handing the skull away to an unseen presence. With a blink, thorned vine would shoot from the ground wrapping around the skull and carefully pulling it down to the soil.

Her heart would be pounding in her chest. Could she die tonight? Would she? It was terrible to think that her life could end tonight, but she had lived a long life already, far longer then an average humans. No matter what, she couldn't let fear stop her. Sometimes magic needed sacrifice. And if it chose her tonight, then she would go.

Moving from her spot next to the alter, she would place her hands on the fur. Almost like an unheard song drifted through her she would slowly start to sway her hips. Next she would lift her right knee. Under her left foot thorny vines would push against her left foot, both cutting her skin open, and helping her up. Already her blood dripped to the ground. Each drop that touched the earth would emit a green spark like glow. Now that she had one knee on the alter she let her left knee meet the same fate. Pulling her hands up from the furs, she would stretch her arms into the air slowly swaying herself back and forth. Pulling her upper body down against the alter, she let out a breath feeling her breasts touch the furs. In a graceful, and slow movement she would roll her body over, so she rested on her back. Another gentle breath escaped the firer haired maiden.

Annabel would close her eyes relaxing herself. Her arms outstretched to the sides of the alter, her legs slightly gaping. As she relaxed more vines would slowly creep up the alter, wrapping around her wrists and up her ankles, stretching to her thighs. They pulled tight at her, pulling her down against the fur covered stone. Each slow tug would cause the thorns to dig into her soft skin. Blood dripped from her, flowing down the vines.

Her breathing slowed, 'was this death?' a gentle smile would creep across her lips. She wasn't afraid. Death could take her if he wanted. With his gentle kiss she would ride home with him on a white stallion. Her breathing seemed to slow even more, it was getting harder to keep her eyes open, to stay awake. "I am at peace..." Her voice was just a whisper, and then blackness.

The sound of birds singing a morning song woke her, the sun greeted her face. Her pale nude body was now blanketed in furs. The very ones she had been laying on. Who had covered her? Sitting up slowly she would wince, her arms and legs were covered in small scabs. The earth had taken it's blood sacrifice, but spared her life. It would seem that it wasn't ready to take her back to the stone. "Thank you." She whispered it gently closing her Heterochormia eyes, then slowly opening them. Her right eye was a soft blue, while the left was green. 'I need to get home.. I'm sure Nana is wondering where I am.'

With that last thought Annabel would pull herself from the alter, stepping her feet onto the ground. It stung, and bad. This pain though, it reminded her that she was chosen to live. Before she left she would straighten the furs on the alter, and set the skull back on it. Whispering another soft blessing to the stone, she turned and started on her walk home.

As each foot touched the earth she thought about changing shape. However, that wouldn't help here. Her body was drained, and tired. Even if she could shift forms, she could only hold it for a little bit. And it would be just as painful.

After what had felt like a few hours of slowly staggering home, she could see the small house that she called home. It wasn't much, just a two bedroom, one bath. It had a kitchen, a dining room, and a living room. Running water, as well as power. Thanks to Nana being a respected elder, the city couldn't legally shut her power off. Walking closer to the house she could see Nana, who was sitting in her wheel chair, on the front porch, sipping a cup of coffee. Pulling the cup from her lips she greeted her granddaughter with a gentle smile. Nana's voice was soft, it seemed to be able to soothe even the meanest of beasts.

"Ahhh... Annabel... I am thankful you have returned. I feared you had returned to the stone, your skin looks sore. I've already prepared you a salve.. It's sitting on the dining room table. As well as breakfast, although it may be cold by now. Jasec was here this morning~ You know-"

Before the old woman could finish her sentence Annabel would cut her off, "Nana, No. I'm not allowing a child of Cernunnos to take me. We've had this conversation. He's a nice guy, but..."

Nana would giggle, and raise a brow, "But?"

Annabel would laugh softly, "But, the dude is like half goat! AND he plays a pan flute. Like seriously, Nana. What kind of a nerd plays a pan flute?! His accent is cute... But I think I'll pass." With that Annabel would stagger into the house, going to the dining room. Grabbing a slice of cold bacon stuffing it in her mouth, she moved to a small brown hand made pouch sitting next to it. Inside was an ointment like substance, it smelled pretty bad but she knew it would take the sting out of her wounds.

Walking to her room with the bag in hand she opened her door. Her room looked like any other young woman's room. She had a few shelves that were decorated with random stones, skulls, and trinkets. Turning to look at her bed she would flinch. On her bed was a bouquet of wild flowers, tied together with a hand braided rope, spun from reeds. 'Ugh...' she let out a gentle huff, picking up the flowers and tossing them onto her desk which housed her laptop. 'weirdo.' She knew exactly where the flowers came from, but didn't want to think about it.

Sitting down o her bed she would dip the pointer and middle finger of her right hand into the bag, getting a good amount of the goop on her fingers. With a soft sigh of relief she began to rub the substance all over her body where the thorns had dug in deep. It was strange, Nana's magic was known far and wide by the creatures they helped. She was a healer, and a good one at that. The salve had already started to work, in fact it worked even better then anticipated. Before long the smaller holes closed completely, wile the deeper ones were nothing more then very small pricks. 'ahhh.. Thanks Nana...'

Letting out a giggle Annabel would move to her closet, pulling out a white dress. It was held up by thin spaghetti straps, low cut to expose her cleavage. It hung loose around her body, the bottom was cut up in random squares. A handkerchief dress, not too fancy, but enough to be elegant on her frame. She didn't bother with a bra, and the only reason she pulled on underwear was to be somewhat civil. Walking out barefoot she passed the dining room once more, grabbing her plate of food. Heading back outside to Nana, she would inhale a deep breath. Outside was beautiful, then again, any witch would think so. Especially one who practiced druidism.

Slowly Annabel would eat her cold breakfast, standing on the front porch, she waited to see what the day would bring her.
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