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Daamodar Bhatia

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Daamodar Bhatia

Post by Daamodar Bhatia on Tue Sep 04, 2018 10:16 pm


Character Name: Daamodar Bhatia
Alias/Nickname: “Dom”
Gender: Male
Race: Human
Age: 25
Faction: Twin City Police Department
Level: 0

Eye color: Brown
Hair color: Black
Appearance: 5’9”, lean, brown-skinned. Wears a standard TCPD police uniform while on-duty. Wears casual dress while off-duty. Tends to stray from brand-name or popular fashion, and is somewhat naive when it comes to popular trends.

Racial Detail: As a human, Dom is highly adaptable to a diverse array of environments. He is a quick problem-solver and capable of a wider range of critical thought.

Personality: Dom is typically easy to get along with, although he wouldn’t exactly be described as a “people-person”. In civilian-mode he tends to be reserved and standoffish, even cold to some, and maintains a somewhat unapproachable air around him until it’s time to return to work. Then at that point, when the badge is on and the shield of authority is given, he’s a lot more open-minded and receptive to others.

Unfortunately, outside of the job Dom has yet to find an easy way to overcome his own shyness around people, and a rigid barrier is quickly put up between he and his colleagues once a case is cracked.

He’s not good with abstract ideas but has a keen eye for the developmental side of things. As a lifelong vegetarian, one of his favorite pastimes is cooking, and most of his culinary knowledge stems from the Hindu perspective on his mother’s side of the family. However, since joining the Twin City Police Department, he has considered widening his pallet to chicken.

Dom is big on spiritual meditation and enjoys dancing and singing a lot. He has a phobia of open water due to an incident in his childhood, and also a slight fear of dogs that can’t be easily explained.

History: Born in the Nellore district of Andhra Pradesh, Daamodar was taken from his mother’s family to live in Punjab with his father at age two. From there he lived until the age of eight, when his father migrated with he and his half-sister, Zankhana Bhatia, to Great Britain.

At the time Zankhana was eleven years old, and although a child herself, she remained his guardian while their father frequented between India and the UK for work and family business. They were good kids and rarely argued; in fact, Dom often looked up to his sister for her kindness and independence. Due to their combined efforts they were able to live well in London for many years. Both siblings excelled at their studies without much pressure, and once a year Hana could even visit her aunts in Pakistan. On the contrary, Daamodar was never able to see his mother again while in school. They could correspond over the post, and occasionally make phone calls when his father permitted, but otherwise Dom was treated quite unfairly when it came to his side of the family.

Then one day Zankhana went missing while on a day trip to Camber Sands. The exact circumstances of her disappearance are unknown, but it’s assumed she was lost at sea while exploring the dunes along the coastline. Her unexpected death caused a mental stunt within Dom that followed him as a small child all the way to a young man. Hana was usually the uplifting one amongst their family, and always made an effort to make Dom feel included even when the rest didn’t. After this incident, he found it hard to get close to others.

Dom impulsively joined the military at age 17. He gladly threw himself into his work, and soon started his career as a surveyor engineer. Most of his work spanned across the United Arab Emirates, as he could act as a translator during certain times. He’s supervised less-noticeable additions to the Al Minhad Air Base and undisclosed federal buildings within Dubai.

After completing six years he was referred to Twin City by an army buddy. Eventually he applied to the police department for a simple desk job, but ended up accepting an officer spot in Gang and narcotics instead.



Weapon/Non-lethal: X26C Standard Stun Gun

Job Items: Badge and ID, Handheld Transceiver/Radio, Streamlight Primary and Secondary flashlights, Handcuffs, Disposable Gloves, Switchblade Tool

Money: $25.00



Athleticism: Boxing
Skill: Cooking
Endurance: Fast Reflexes
Charisma: Trustworthy
Knowledge: Carpentry
Awareness: Foresight
Combat: Hand-To-Hand Combat
Extra Endurance/No Magic: High Alcohol Tolerance



Your Alias: Kilometer
First Account: Daamodar Bhatia
Second Account: N/A
Third Account: N/Ah
Daamodar Bhatia

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Re: Daamodar Bhatia

Post by Luna on Wed Sep 05, 2018 10:53 pm

Approved. Welcome to Twin City. Enjoy your extra $75

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