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Post by Abel Malach on Thu Sep 13, 2018 4:05 am

Kitoroga Shirokami Character image link


Character Name: Kitoroga Shirokami
Alias/Nickname: Kito
Gender: Male
Race: Komainu
Age: 399
Faction: TCPD
Level: 1, Dropped Jr Valentine

Eye color: Gold
Hair color: Black
Appearance: When Kito isn’t sitting outside the TCPD as the stone guardian of the city, he can be found sporting the uniform of the standard police officer. His human form stands at a towering 7 feet and 2 inches tall and possesses a strong and muscular build that probably would be more intimidating if his kind face didn’t betray him most of the time.

Racial Detail: As a Komainu, he can pull off a number of things. Kito is a very calming and tranquil presence to be around, and also tends to make others feel good just by being around him. Though this may just be his friendly and beaming personality, this can also be because of his different cleansing and warding auras that tend to keep real and personal demons at bay. This probably makes him the worst good cop, but at least he can sense the evil presences to be able to find them as well. Typically, the Komainu are seen in pairs, one usually representing the beginning of all things and the other representing the end of all things. Being the solitary komainu of his shrine and for long periods of time after, he is very used to maintaining the balance involved in embodying both roles simultaneously, as a defender and destroyer of evil.

Aside from the ability to turn his outer skin to solid stone, Kito is also able to transform into two other forms. A Guardian form that stands on two legs and a Traditional form that is your typically how you see them, on all fours. As a komainu he also has the ability to control the ground and most natural elements found in the earth, manipulating it to suit certain needs in varying situation. In a state of meditation, Kito can heal his wounds and meld cracks in his true form, keeping himself healthy in not only mind, but also body.

Personality:  The biggest of goofballs around, Kitoroga is a lover of life and the pursuit of happiness itself and does his best to extend his findings to others. As pure as he is, a being is not complete without sin, and Kitoroga is hardly an exception. He physically cannot say no to a pretty woman in regards to accompanying them for a night. He'll usually keep his dirty mouth to himself most days unless approached first, or unless the woman is simply too beautiful to let her pass him by without a compliment. Even then, he tries to act like a gentleman. Despite all this, Kito is reserved and tactical all other times when he is by himself or among strangers he is unsure of. His dedication and loyalty to his people is what shines greatest in his personality.


Statues of the mighty Komainu litter Japan as symbols of protection and are believed to be divine servants to the gods, warding off negative spirits from places of worship. Imagine the irony of such beings actually born evil; as demons that are repelled by the forces of celestial magic. A Komainu's life is always his own and is forfeit to no one. They are wild cards, as unpredictable and potentially dangerous like all other demons. These "statues" typically come in pairs, and the shrine of Kitoroga Shirokami's upbringing was no different for a time. His parents were of the same kind, both guardians to a remote shrine atop a hill that overlooked a modest village. By day they were seen by mortals as phenomenal stone statues. In the dead of night they would emerge to defend the holy ground from other, more malicious demons. There were nights without conflict of course, so what were two lovers to do on such a quiet evening? Well, we wont go into biology right now.

Over the night of Kitoroga's birth, the pair of statues had a new addition, displaying a young cub that was guarded under the female's paw. Mortals were in awe of these miraculous stone lions to begin with, but the unexplained appearance of the statues' offspring was clearly a force to be revered. A devout mortal family that tended to the shrine and lived close by were the only mortals to know the secret of their shrine's mysterious residents that made their humble home out of the holy place. It was an unspoken pact between both families that grew a bond of respect and trust between them. The mortal family also had a young child that would play in the field close by. Kito wanted to join him for a time. It looked like a lot more fun than lying dormant and waiting to play at night when the world was dark and scary. It was something his parents would forbid for a short time, but once they talked about it one on one, it was something that they couldn't deny him. As he said, night was a scary place and not a time fit for a growing boy to be playing. His parents agreed that he could get hurt or taken from them. But to leave him alone dormant at night was just as neglectful.

They had no choice but to make a visit to the shrine keeping family. It was quite the unexpected surprise and the guardian family was invited in and offered dinner upon taking human forms. It was the first time the two families would even speak words to one another, let alone break bread together. The two boys had met for the first time and they instantly became friends which warmed the hearts of both couples. That's when the mated komainu pair humbly asked their new friends to watch and care for their son during the day and allow him to lay dormant within the shrine at night so that they could better safeguard him than if he was left at their post outside. It was a hard for such demons to ask, but not at all difficult for the mortals to answer. They welcomed Kito and treated him as if he was another son of their own. For this to work though, his parents made him promise to stay in his human form until he was within the safety of the shrine, so that their important secret could remain between themselves and their mortal friends. Kito happily agreed and so he spent the rest of his growing years with the groundskeepers and their son. The boys would grow up side by side which was a touching sight for both proud sets of parents.

Young Adulthood

One night when Kito laid dormant within the shrine, he would wake up the next day, unable to find his parents situated on their respective pedestals. When he walked to the home of his mortal friends, he stumbled upon them. They were shattered to pieces in the fields close to the shrinekeepers' home. His shock was crippling and he spent the entire morning trying to put them back together. Both his parents fit together like a puzzle, as the finished stone image displayed them nuzzled together in a last embrace in a final attempt to keep the other safe from the conflict's final blow. Even after all their son's efforts, it didn't bring them back. His grief was absolutely overwhelming and he stayed with them the entire day hoping that they would miraculously move and at least let him know they were alright. In denial, Kito stayed with them the entire night to make sure they woke up. They never did. The very next morning, the shrinekeeping family finally ventured out to find Kito. They saw the sight of their guardians' son laying directly next to the pieced together remains of his parents. It was hard to come back from. Kito would remain dormant between his father and mother's posts and would never come out unless necessary to protect the shrine. That time never even came, the mortal father had it covered for the entire duration of this period of grieving.

Within the year, the mortal family had a statue erected in the likeness the guardian pairs' touching position and took their real pieces and placed them in in a sealed box, for their own safety, and were buried under the statue to commemorate them. The memorial and final resting place was placed directly in front of Kito's stone form, so that he would be able to witness it and be protected by his parents forevermore if he wished it that way. Kitoroga was touched and grateful, but could not bring himself to move himself. He feared showing the grief and weakness and bringing his negative energy into their home. So he stayed dormant for years to come even. The whole ordeal puzzled many villagers and outsiders that frequented the shrine, but even still, the secret was kept safe. It was hard, but they spoke not a word of it and continued to claim it as a strange mystery and wonder of the shrine. After a time, Kito was sick of people coming to the shrine and disrespecting the memorial, hearing words of how aesthetically displeasing it was to have that one behind another statue. They were more than just a statue. He was more than just a statue.


One day Kito had enough and showed a villager just how much this statue was tired of ignorant comments. Kitoroga came to life right before him and moved around his parent's memorial and pinned him to the ground, damn near scaring the piss out of the man and making him run back home in tears. Word of the incident spread to the shrinekeepers' son and he went out at night to speak words to Kitoroga for the first time in a couple of years. The mortal man was an adult by now and was getting married to that girl he always confided in Kito about when they were just boys. He even dare said that he missed his companion and hoped to see him on the wedding day. He shared a lot of things that night. Kito listened to everything, even though he made no response. Sure enough, the komainu mustered the strength to come out of his dormant state and showed up to his only friend's wedding. He was seeing him and the whole family for the first time in years. To say the least, all were happy to see him and treated him like a long lost son and a long lost brother. The pain of grief was washed away, even if for that night, due to their compassion and loving understanding. He was able to tell the head of the family that he appreciated the statue and the removal of that ugly looking extra that was behind it. They all got a good laugh from his dry humor, but the real thing of importance was that the komainu statue was gone and the real deal was sitting with them, in the flesh, once more.

The young lion-dog stayed with them for a time more until his best friend was called to war. Kitoroga insisted to go with him, to keep him safe as the groundskeepers kept him and his parents grave safe through the years of his grief. Kito was an odd addition to the warring state's force, but one that was proved in the test of combat time and time again. In these years of finally moving around and seeing battle, he grew larger and stronger, and was finally on par with the size of his mother in mortal form. His growth spurt didn't make much sense to others, and what was even more of a challenging concept was that he grew to an incredible seven feet tall. Kito's friend blamed those years of lying dormant. It didn't give him adequate growing room for the time, but now that he was able to stretch his limbs and fulfill his nature, he could finally strive to his potential. He sharedd with Kito that he remembered the komainu father being ten feet tall and had to duck as he walked through their door for the very first time. It was an exaggeration, as his father's mortal form was likely just short of eight feet tall.

It wasn't long before the armed men he fought beside started calling him a demon. Whether they were just naming him as such to encourage him or if they actually believed it was another story. Kito didn't care, they still treated him as any other man. A beast of a man, but a man still. They won countless battles undefeated with this giant among men by their side. War was when Kito's demonic nature kicked in. He began reveling in the rush of battle and watching men turn tail upon the sight of his massive human form. He started changing, becoming smug, lusting for blood so greatly he went out looking for a fight alone. The shrinekeepers' son saw this change and hardly liked it. Kitoroga needed to go back home and take hold of his senses. But there was no convincing the new warlord, which scared the mortal friend to no end. He had to come up with a plan to get his friend out of the war and lead a life of peace and prosperity, or surely he would become just another supernatural threat that would be targeted and slain. That's when he decided to go to battle and sacrifice himself, letting himself be gravely wounded in battle. So that in his final moments he could make a dying wish to Kitoroga; to go home and take care of his wife. At the very least, only he could tell his family what became of him. The grief reawakened the sentimental touch that made the demon a different breed from the rest. He would carry out that dying wish, as well as his best friends remains and go back to their homeland.


Upon arriving home, he was greeted by the wife of his late friend, who was holding an infant child in her arms. If his best friend dying in his very arms didn't kick him back into his compassionate self, this was it. The man left behind a wife and a beautiful baby girl that he would never get to meet. Kitoroga took the child from her softly so that he could sit her down and tell her the news. The widow's grief was unbearable. So unbearable he had to turn away from her. In these moments he held young Suki closely and looked down at her, silently vowing to never let harm come to her. Of course, Kito tried to help heal the wife the man left behind to the best of his ability as well. He supported them and gave them protection for years to come, as well as protecting the shrine and the resting place of his parents.

The village people finally were let in on the story of the resident komainu that lives to guard the shrine. Kitoroga told them everything upon coming home with the shrine family's son's remains. Told them the story of how much history and pride now resides in this place and that he will live on to preserve it for the rest of his days. His parents, his best friend, the shrine keeping family's ability to keep the secret for all these years. The villagers never spoke ill about the shrine grounds again after all these words were spoken. They paid their respects at every moment appropriate. Above that, they began to look to Kitoroga as a hero, a guardian, even a god among men. Kitoroga was humbled by them each day and never thought to return to his dark time when he reveled in praise and glory from mortals.

Kitoroga was revered for years to come, but no human’s praise was worth more than Suki’s as years went by. The girl he helped to raise was a woman right before his eyes, and a strong devout shrine maiden to the sacred place he called home. She was more powerful than him, he’d dare to say, as a mortal’s trained spirit was indomitable. Suki was a woman who knew and wore her worth well, never faltering in her dedication to her purpose and even in her humble servitude to the shrine. She looked up to Kito to protect it, as he always had, but knew her ability well enough to be able to assist him if trouble was to arise. He was only one komainu, after all, which left unchecked for years on end could lead to internal imbalance and instability, something she had realized that perhaps could have saved her father’s life, if he had known sooner. Not that she knew the reason her father was dead was because of the komainu’s lost spirit at the time. But Suki made sure he kept his spirit appeased and balanced, even if that meant giving into old habits from his wartime: Lust.

For all intents and purposes, as the maiden to the shrine she was essentially bound and married to the spirit that dwelled there, which would be Kitoroga himself. She loved him and hated to love him because it meant watching him sleep around with beautiful virgins that the townspeople offered to him. Sadly, it was her that gave the idea to such a strange and uncivilized means of offering, but it was the only thing she could think to bolster the darkness in his balance without bringing worse harm to anyone. Kitoroga grew to become used to these offerings and perhaps let it go to his head often, which put his shrine keeping partner at an unease. Of course, Kitoroga was concerned. He still cared deeply about Suki and would never forget the promises he made to her father. He’d defend her to his dying day if it had to be. It was the least he could do to pay that man back for his true and unyielding friendship.

One day Suki’s mother had snapped. Her declining mental state had let negative energies into the home, energies that Kito did not pick up on because Suki kept it hidden from his senses in order to keep him from butting into her business. The mother, overwhelmed with denial and grief finally broke and tolk Suki the truth, that Kito had killed her husband, Suki’s father and even showed her proof in the form of his last letter written that told her his plans to bring the shrine’s guardian home safely and that he was sorry it meant his time had come. Suki was beyond betrayed, even if it was all said and done before she could remember, she formed a strong resentment toward the komainu, already growing to the same level of hatred as her mother’s. This negative energy had attracted a rather large demon to their home and the village, one that was very powerful and unlike anything Kito or Suki had seen in their time at the shrine. They could not face the demon alone, but Suki refused the help of Kitoroga. Of course, the large male was hurt by this, but he would not let it stop him from keeping his promise. Everytime Suki was down and out, he was right there to cushion the blows and pick her back up, to which she attacked him for and then mustered the strength to continue on her own.

But this fight wasn’t giving and the evil being was too powerful to hope to defeat by means of direct attack. Kito tried to think about it rationally during a break in the action. It was then Suki’s ward on the home subsided, and the komainu sensed the strong presence of negative energy residing in the home. While Suki had the battle covered, he rushed to the shrine keeping family’s home and barged in to find what was feeding this demon and drawing it her. It was then he realized Suki’s mother lay motionless on the ground, a conduit of pure emotion fed straight to the demon. Kito looked around for any source of grief or anguish and deduced that there was nothing he could do. She had been overtaken by this demon and her body would continue feeding him until she ceased breathing, as it was the only human function that remained of her. Kito was sure, and he had to make the tough decision between his promise of keeping the widow safe or keeping Suki safe. Knowing Suki’s mother was beyond repair and perhaps could find peace in the afterlife, he made the executive decision to bestow death upon her. With Suki’s will to protect outweighing her resentment at that moment, the foe went without a source to feed on and was majorly weekend, enough for Suki to land the final blows in order to banish it.

The fight was over. Suki returned to find her mother had been slain and Kitoroga instantly took the fall for it, that she was feeding into the demon’s power and was beyond help. Of course, the priestess hardly wished to hear this, especially from a man that had already been the cause of her father’s death and the real source of all this anguish to begin with. She grieved and would not accept help from him, and snapped to the point where she told him he murdered both her parents. Kito didn’t know how to respond and also didn’t know what he was responsible for until Suki pushed the letter into his chest and stormed off. Reading the final letter of his best friend, and learning of his sacrifice made the stone giant’s heart heavy. He wished he could take all this suffering away and wished his life could become forfeit in order to have the family back. But what was done was done. He debated lying dormant forever, but that would not solve Suki’s problem and he could not sit by and let her be consumed with hate and grief like her mother had been.

Kitoroga went to her side, whether she wished it or not, and he held her. He resisted all of her attempts to release herself from him but he did not relent, and even cast himself in stone so that he could remaining unmoving and fastened to her, keeping her from getting away or harming him. She was angry, kicking and biting and screaming to release him. When the struggle proved itself for naught, she had no choice but to cave into him and cried silently in his grasp until she was too tired to even feel at a point. Kitoroga allowed himself to become flesh before she drifted to sleep and they talked it out for a tender moment, telling her he didn’t know, he wish he knew, that he could take the pain from her. But it was just them now and they had to stick together or the shrine would be in danger. Her spirit could not be dominated and given up to suffering, it was not an option. He would perish too if she did, for his life would be for no other reason but the village and without a partner he was not sure how long any of them would last. He admitted that he was no guardian of the people, not worth their time or praise. He hardly deserved them or Suki, or her father. But she could not give up and let it all be in vain. It was sound logic that Suki composed herself to so that they could continue with their lives. In her own moment of weakness she admitted feelings of love and adoration for him. She was as dedicated to him as he was to her and she did not think she could live another day without letting him know that their celestial bond formed an intimate link between them, and she could not bear to see him with anyone else but her anymore. It was a sudden and odd piece of news, but he couldn’t say he hadn’t felt the same way for a time, as the only woman he truly sought attention from was her.

In a few years to come there was a real wedding between the two, one so big that the entire village was in attendance and would not miss it for the world. The guardian of the shrine and the priestess seemed like a match made in heaven. If only they knew how true that was in a way. There was harmony and bliss for a long time, everyone’s blessed spirits gave the village true peace from evil for a solid year, which lead to a decent amount of staycation honeymooning between the newlyweds. The two welcomed many children in their lifetime together and were truly valued each and every day together. Their partnership was so vastly famed and known throughout the countryside that most spirits walking about humanity would not dare enter their domain, friend or foe, in fear that they would be instantaneously defeated by this power couple of sorts.

Suki’s time on this earth was vastly extended due to her celestial tie to his immortal spirit but even her time came to an end by the time the last Samurai were defeated and a new regime came to place. It was sad to watch his beloved become old and frail but he loved her and protected her until her dying day, as he promised her when they married. He begged her to fix this, as he knew there was magic she still had up her sleeve that would give them more time. She gently consoled him. Her time was long expired and she was happy to of been able to spend such a long time beside him. She had to say goodbye for now, but she was rather convinced that they would meet again. Of course, it was a matter of how. Kito already knew that meant she had a fail safe to cheat death and he begged for the answers. She explained that it was just how mortal life is, and one day she’d be born as something or someone else and perhaps she would be drawn to him again. She allowed him to know that he could locate her soul within the body of her next life simply by interacting with her. He’d know the signs when he saw them. Furthermore when he did locate her, he could bring memories of this life back to her with a few mere items arranged in the proper way in the presence of the burning of sandalwood incense. Of course Kitoroga frantically committed that to memory and begged more questions as their time was drawing shorter together. Knowing she had no more time left to give and told him everything he needed, she requested for him to hold her one last time. Teary eyed, he obliged and remained strong for her during their last embrace, letting her know that he would love her and miss her until they met again. Suki’s parting words were that she loved him enough to let him be free, so he can live for when she returns. And even if he didn’t want her in the next life, she’d be at peace and none the wiser. Regardless of his choices she loved him too.

Kitoroga and Suki left behind a family that could stand by to take care of the shrine and the village and he left it in their care so that he could lie dormant to protect Suki’s burial grounds, which overlooked the shrine and the statue of his parents. He’d be an ever present watch over the land, but he needed a much needed vacation from the pain life had brought to him.

Kito was disturbed and summoned by one of his descendants one fateful day, to oversee an evolution that would change the course of their family history. People of the modern era were donating and moving the shrine and memorial to a unknown and foreign place. It didn’t make much sense, but Kitoroga fearlessly went to follow his home, even if it meant leaving Suki’s burial behind. He wished her farewell and with fortune, now was the time that they would meet again as he journeyed to stranger places and slowly but surely adjusted to the modern way. Kitoroga wound up in the rather early days of Twin City, where his shrine and his parents’ memorial were laid in a public park as a gift from Japan. Kitoroga was a little peeved at first but in time saw how many visitors it brought and how many banished immortals could gain comfort from a familiar sight from home. It gave Kito peace as he could look at it as not only his comfort and piece of home, but all of the peaceful beings that hailed from Japan as well. Kitoroga requested and was hired for a position as a security for the shrine, as he had always been for years.

Years went by at the park and nothing interesting went on. An entire war was fought more or less before his eyes and the city was built back up again. No one messed with his shrine in all that time and amidst all the chaos he was idly sitting by, Kito longed to be of more use and help the people of his new home. Kitoroga requested to be transferred to the Twin City Police Department to better serve the city he now called home. The new Mayor even had a special place for him so that he could oversee the city, and built Kitoroga a pedestal in front of the precinct steps so that he could have a good view of the main downtown drag. To this day he remains one of the city’s 7 wonders so to speak, since the komainu statue in front of the police department happens to disappear and reappears at random parts in the day.



Weapon: Tier 0 Kanabo (Large Studded Club), Tier 0 Katana

Job Items: Handcuffs, police badge, ID, mace spray, sandalwood incense, incense burner, matches, gloves, condoms, motel room key

Money: 520



Athleticism: Strength
Skill: Woodworking
Endurance: Tenacity, Running
Charisma: Charm
Knowledge: Spiritualism
Awareness: Listening
Combat: Clubs
Extra: Katanas



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Welcome to Twin City, Kitoroga. Enjoy your stay.

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He has gone. It was nice knowing you

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