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Superstitious Situation

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Superstitious Situation

Post by Patience Rose on Tue Oct 23, 2018 12:02 am


Home Base is the Casino. (Shock and awe....) Travis refrains from having people walk into his own home unless he trusts you or you're family. This way he can deny knowing there was a possible gang at his casino. Okay less sketchy than his home.

Anyways so the Casino/Hotel is huge. Like a Vegas style Casino huge (we have one in mind actually). You can walk in no problem. There is a cute girl who runs the information booth. Flash a business pass and you are allowed into the business end of the casino without question. Through a secret door in the business end you can find the HQ. The button to get in is finger print activated. So unless you are in the system, with someone in the system, or have someone's finger print who is in the systems, you can't get in. The button is under a golden owl statue. The HQ room styled in Red (dark red), Black, and Gold. It's facny AF. You have pleanty of seating, drinks, snacks, and the like. There is even a meeting room further in. Business will be conducted there. Travis some times is too busy to show up himself so Christina fills in from time to time or you'll have video calls on a large screen.

It's big enough to hold 50 people comfortably with snacks and drinks that accommodates most tastes but not all. Elena does not know about this place. She is clueless about most things and you keep it that way.

Yes. You can gamble at the casino. You are free to walk through the casino part as you wish. Very open door policy. Mingle with whoever you like but the back is reserved for members


She was known to be a silent warning to those who spotted her. An ill omen, a possible warning of death. To the untrained or unknowing, she would appear as nothing more then a slender short-haired, black stray cat. Seemingly innocent in her pursuit of food or shelter, however. Those who knew her true purpose would feel their hair stand up on the back of their neck. In Norse mythology, Huginn (from Old Norse "thought") and Muninn (Old Norse "memory" or "mind") are a pair of ravens that fly all over the world, Midgard, and bring information to the god Odin. Such is Patience to Travis Valentine. Those who fear her presence have nicknamed her, "The Raven." For she works as a quiet set of eyes on the street for her boss.

Patience slipped through a back alleyway somewhere, making her way to one of the main 'business rooms.' Inside she could hear her boss, his voice was calm, yet powerful. Each carefully chosen word seemed to harbor both a common goal, and a warning. She wouldn't bother shifting her shape. The form of the cat worked just fine. Slipping in through a cracked door (perhaps opened by a gullible guard) she made her way silently past multiple sets of legs under a table. Each set she sniffed, marking each one in her memory. Some of the scents she knew, other's she would get to know and categorize in her brain. Without being too much of an annoyance the cat would find the set of legs she was looking for. Sometimes she would jump up onto his lap, sometimes she sat on the table staying within arm's reach, but not today. Today's meeting seemed very important, the smell of some higher powers where gathered around today. She didn't bother making a soft trumpet sound at him, no gentle purr, no mew. Instead she would gently bump her head against one of his shins. This wasn't purely a sign of affection, in fact she wasn't the affectionate type. No, she was telling her boss she was here and ready when he needed her. Rubbing her body against his shin, her signal she was leaving, she headed back out the door which was still cracked for just her size. Behind the door clicked shut and she would be on her way.

Walking from the business VIP area she would allow her body to shape shift to her more human form. Her clothing had shifted with her. A pair of tight black skinny jeans, white tank top, leather jacket, and black combat boots. Her hair hung wild and loose, obsidian black and down to her ass. Her large black ears bounced with each sturdy, but silent step. Her hips would sway with one foot in front of the other. Behind her her long black cat tail would swish from side to side with each stride. A rather cocky grin was spread across her face, her sharp yellow eyes would dilate as she made contact with the bright lights of the casino causing her pupils to dilate and grow into slits. She was on the prowl, it was time to play.
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