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Consumable Items

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Consumable Items

Post by Game Master on Tue Oct 17, 2017 9:15 pm

You might be thinking that there must be some way to keep yourself alive and or do talents that you are not proficient in....look no further because this thread will give you all the juicy items you may buy with that hard earned money of yours!

Consumable Items are as the name suggests: You use them and they vanish. But not to worry, it is not as if we are going to ask you for an arm and a leg (for the cheep stuff anyways).

Med Kits

Tier -# of Usage -Health -Price
As you can see, Med Kits start out cheep but get more and more expensive as they go in healing ability. This is due to the fact you are getting higher up in ranks and have more HP to recover and loose. Using a Tier 5 Med Kit when you only have 30max HP is both a waste of your money and time.

Talent Books

Talent Kit -Category -Price
Lock PickingSkill$250
Damage ToleranceEndurance$250
These are just basic Talents someone can pick up and learn how to do three times per book. Once the Consumable has been used, you are proficient in that Talent for the remainder of that mission thread. If you fail a mission, you do not gain your proficiency in the next attempt nor do you get the attempt back. Once all 3 uses have been attempted (Regardless of passing the mission or not), the book is no longer useful/burns/eats itself/is lost forever magically.

As well, you may only use one book per mission so pick carefully. As in, if you read a book on how to run, you cannot read a book on how to run and read a book on how to jump. It is one or the other people.

Please keep up to date with these otherwise the alternative is they are no longer allowed to be sold.

Repair Kits

Tier -# of Usage -Points Back-Price
Tier -# of Usage -Price
21 $250
31 $1,000
41 $3,500
Tier -# of Usage - Price
11 $125
21 $375
31 $625
41 $875
51 $1,125
-Prices are set at half the base amount on Armor, Cars, and Weapons. These are a lot more extensive than your normal other kits as they are used to quickly fix your item while in a mission.
-You will need to also roll a Talent that can help you fix said items. Such as Mechanic, Seamstress, Sowing, or Armor Repair Knowledge in general. This roll will come from your Knowledge Talent. Keep this in mind. If you do not have said talent, you will be rolling on uproficient and run the risk of wasting your hard earned cash.
*Weapons are very case sensitive. Literally 9 times out of 10, your weapon will be fine. If for whatever reason you roll a Crit Fail on a mission and your Mod deems that your weapon is broken, you may only fix it in mission if you have a kit on you. Your Talent Roll will be your Combat Talent itself. Try not to roll another Crit Failure.
-For people who own cars. These kits come in very useful as they break after so many missions. Or, if you smash your car into a wall while driving. While again these are much more expensive, it is by far much cheaper than buying a new car every so often or spending a long time in a thread just to repair your car so you can attempt the mission again.
**The Dream, while can become totaled due to a Crit Fail, or at least broken, can only be repaired in a recovery thread. There is no easy fix for this car.
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