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Gola Jaci "s Character

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Gola Jaci "s  Character Empty Gola Jaci "s Character

Post by GolaJaci on Thu Mar 07, 2019 9:15 am

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Character Name: Gola Jaci ( Winter Moon )

Alias/Nickname: Winter

Gender: Female

Race: Ice/Poison Dragon

Age: 300

Faction: Civilian  

Level: 0


Eye color:  Violet  

Hair color: Pure white

Appearance:  In dragon form she is pure white with spikes along her back and tail , her form is small and slim . In halfling form she had dark skin with white scales in random areas  , she is small but curvy build and tends to wear silk clothing  but prefers to be barefoot.  Her human form has white blonde hair and has the same build as her halfling form but the skin is lighter more tanned.


Racial Detail: Being a dragon She can shift between her primal form which is a white dragon , or half shift into her halfling form which has dragon like features , scales in random areas , dragon like eyes , claws sharp teeth . Or she can be human just having rare violet eyes and almost white blonde hair. Being a hyrbrid breed of dragon she can use both her natural poisons through her tail spikes as a defense and  her ability to control and make ice.  


Personality:  She is fierce , she will never back down from a fight but will watch who she fights for weakness as she used her agility  to avoid being hit. She is loving to her mate and can be sweet and caring . She is playful and curious with new places and new people.  She has a temper around males . She shows protectiveness around females and


History: Gola or as some called Winter was born a Ice dragon like her mother but like her Father she was also a poison dragon, she took on the ability to consume poisons and use them as a defense with her tail spikes when she felt in danger. Gola was raised up in a high mountain range that human’s could not reach easily  because the tempters grew way below the freezing level. From a young age she learned her kind were a rare mix of breeds that is. She was bullied allot by other ice dragons for being able to also use poison.  What they didn’t know was one day she would use her poison to protect her home land from other dragons looking to take over the ice dragon’s mountains . The oup were a bunch of male black dragons that thought they could take out the more calm race of dragon. This in turn caused her to let her true natural come out  and had fought off the males with the help of her father using her poison ability called Ga where different poisons are mixed . She soon found out also why she had a temper it from from her father’s side, poison dragons being a more aggressive breed.   She ended up becoming a mix of the two calm and caring around most but aggressive and fierce around others.   She would leave the mountain to learn more about herself and to get away from the other ice dragons that now looked at her as just their protector. She wanted to be more.  


After a while of exploring and finding out the world outside her mountains were dangerous she would learn to stay mostly hidden in her human form to avoid being hunted.  One day Gola was visiting a small town that seemed to be run by a gang of fire dragons, She was in a bar where her now mate Sho first caught sight of her . He had tired to right away get her to accept him as her mate but having issues with males already she kept telling him no.  The next day as she was planning to move on to the next town she was stopped by the leader of the fire dragons. He wanted to force her to come with him and be his but she wanted nothing to do with a male like him and right away got into a fight with him to try to get away from him , her more aggressive side coming out. She ended up hurting him and poisoning him but being mostly a ice dragon she was losing against him . Sho came out of no where and saved her taking down the male fire dragon and scaring him off. She saw him as not like other males and finally said yes to him and they became mates that same night after she healed her wounds from the fight. She also found out she was immune to lightening  which is what type of dragon her mate is.    


After sometime they heard word about Twin City and headed there to make a live in the city hoping to find a place they were accepted as they were.  





Weapon: Claws and Teeth.


Job Items: n/a  


Money: $25.  






Athleticism: Gymnastics

Skill: Singing

Endurance: Constitution  

Charisma: Persuasion

Knowledge: Supernatural Beings  

Awareness: Heightened sense of smelling

Combat:  Brawling  

Extra:  Stealth  






Your Alias: Winter

First Account: Gola Jaci ( Winter Moon )

Second Account:  N/A

Third Account: N/A

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Gola Jaci "s  Character Empty Re: Gola Jaci "s Character

Post by Luna on Thu Mar 07, 2019 11:48 am

Approved. Welcome to Twin City

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