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Faction Members

Post by Game Master on Wed Oct 18, 2017 9:28 pm

This is a list of the current members and where they place on the list. This will only have Player Characters here. All others, such as Notable NPCs or just random NPCs, won't be displayed.

Twin City Police Department

Character Name -Alias/Nickname -Partner/Team -Job -Picture
Harper Fairfax Fairfax No one TCPD Officer

Valentine Mafia
Character Name -Alias/Nickname -Partner/Team -Job -Picture
No one No one No one NoneNone

Rossi Mafia
Character Name -Alias/Nickname -Partner/Team -Job -Picture
No one No one No one NoneNone

Character Name -Alias/Nickname -Partner/Team -Job -Picture
No one No one No one NoneNone

Free Agent

Character Name -Alias/Nickname -Partner/Team -Job -Picture
Siresh K. Brozus Bronze Jasmine Hacker
Jasmine Ward Jas/Daniel/Shadow Siresh Inside Man
Julianna Catalina Montegrow Julie/Gem/Cat Solo Hired Thief

Character Name -Alias/Nickname -Partner/Team -Job -Picture
No one No one No one NoneNone

If there is something that is wrong on the list, please send Luna a PM addressing it. Thank you.
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