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Faction Total Members
TCPD 3 1 4
Valentine 1 3 4
Rossi 3 1 4
Untamed 1 1 2
Free Agent 1 4 5
Civilian 4 3 7
Grand Total 13 13 26

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Faction Members

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Faction Members

Post by Game Master on Wed Oct 18, 2017 9:28 pm

This is a list of the current members and where they place on the list. This will only have Player Characters here. All others, such as Notable NPCs or just random NPCs, won't be displayed.

Twin City Police Department

Character Name -Alias/Nickname -Partner/Team -Job -Picture
Harper Fairfax Fairfax No one TCPD Officer
James Riordan Jim, JP No one TCPD Homicide
Daamodar Bhatia Dom No one TCPD Gangs and Drugs
Kitoroga Shirokami Kito No one TCPD Officer

Valentine Mafia
Character Name -Alias/Nickname -Partner/Team -Job -Picture
Orion Hale Dominic Smith, Quinn Forester, etc No one Valentine man
Lynn Valentine Lynn NoneAssassin
Svala Odra Svingrior SOS, Svala No one Valentine woman
Patience Rose "Valentine" The Raven No one Spy/Information Gatherer

Rossi Mafia

Character Name -Alias/Nickname -Partner/Team -Job -Picture
Arden Ealdwode The Earthquake Aeolus Ealdwode Rossi Man
Aeolus Ealdwode Aeo Arden Ealdwode Rossi Man
Sireissa Sleigh Siri/Issa No one Rossi Woman
Carzeah The Warden No one Rossi? Man


Character Name -Alias/Nickname -Partner/Team -Job -Picture
Biran Everard  Ironside None Leader of Untamed
Saddie XIII None Member of Untamed

Free Agent

Character Name -Alias/Nickname -Partner/Team -Job -Picture
Siresh K. Brozus Bronze Jasmine Hacker
Jasmine Ward Jas/Daniel/Shadow Siresh Inside Man
Julianna Catalina Montegrow Julie/Gem/Cat Solo Hired Thief
Yvoltl Raia Yvoltl None Enjoying Life
Annabel Queen Witch of the Woods None Druid/Witch


Character Name -Alias/Nickname -Partner/Team -Job -Picture
Rune Alba Tyche Naomi No one Brothel Worker
Silky Everflame Silky No one Cook in Brothel
Samuel Bones Salem Bones No one Horror Writer
Alpha 001 Alpha 001  No one Unknown
Arakkscius Racsus, Ara  No one Unknown
Valdrá EinganaDream Weaver No one Just fitting in  

If there is something that is wrong on the list, please send Luna a PM addressing it. Thank you.
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