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Post by Game Master on Mon Oct 23, 2017 10:05 pm

As some of you have noticed, the missions have been placed in Tiers the mission board area. While the missions go by levels, they have been grouped into different tiers by how difficult they are. And this thread will explain just how difficult those missions are so you can gauge just how much trouble you are going to be getting into.

Levels 1-4      
These are your easy missions. If there is a fight, it shouldn't be that hard to deal with as long as your rolls are good. The Mods should be playing more to your skills and not asking you to do something you might not already have. But that won't stop them from asking you to jump off a building even if you can't jump proficiently if you get yourself into a situation where it calls for it.

Most of these missions are just odd jobs for your faction. You really are not big and bad yet. Just a noob or rookie at it. Someone they can't fully trust yet. Do missions for them and they will start looking at you in a better light. Might actually let you point the gun at someone important.

Levels 5-8      
These are your more upper level missions. This is where your actually fighting starts. The Mods will start getting more creative with what they are going to throw at you. You have acquired 4+ new talents to help you on your missions, and the mods have taken notice. They will start pushing your characters to more limits of what they can do. These missions are now fail-able. Not that the others weren't, but you could end up having to patch yourself up after a failed mission because you just couldn't unlock that door fast enough.

At this point with you faction, they are trusting you to do things. You are known in the faction, but you aren't anything big yet. While you aren't going around doing stupid things, they feel like you can honestly do some kind of mission that has a bit of dangerous work to it...though they might still have someone babysit you. For now.

Levels 9-12      
You have hit that middle ground where things are kind of in between. You aren't weak, but you aren't super strong. You have obtained 8 talents since the start of your character. You have a good idea of what you can do and what you can't. With these missions, you can do bigger and badder things and ready to break out of your shell. You are starting to specialize in something. Be it different combats, skills, knowledges, endurances, athletics, charismas, or awarenesses, or you have been keeping them pretty leveled and have been branching out your character to be able to do just about everything. Regardless, your mods will now start pushing your character to limits that they can and cannot do. They will start actively trying to see if they can't make your character fail a mission.  Play time is over. This is the real world now.

Your factions can trust you now. You are one of them and can do the everyday normal stuff anyone else they trust can now do. You are a known name in the faction ad other factions are starting to take notice that you might become a threat. However, you haven't become that problematic just yet. These levels are here to show everyone what you can do.

Levels 13-16      
You have now gained talents that have rounded out your character. You can look back at the old missions you did and laugh at them. You faced danger, and you could do those old jobs blindfolded. Nothing can touch you. Or at least, pretty much no one. You have gained the levels that allow you to do just about anything. The Mods now are making it harder for you to pass. They are doing their best to not only make you fail, but you have another serious problem: You might start loosing body pieces. But higher risks come with higher reward, no? No pain no gain.

You are not only a senior member in the factions, but other factions known your name. You either command fear, power, or respect. You are that person handing out missions to others, sneaking into different factions, and over all bad ass. The city is almost yours, and there isn't very many out there that can stop you now.

Levels 17-20      
This is it. The final levels. The hardest and most covenant of all. I'm not going to try and pump this one up because you should know how hard you worked to get here. This tier will more than likely kill you. But if you managed to make it to level 20, might as well call yourself a god or start your own faction and rule the city. Hell. You could rule the world if you tried hard enough! And as long as no other level 20s try and kill you.

At this point, you are trusted enough to not only be in that inner circle of the faction you are in, but your actions reflect the faction. Whatever you do you do in your faction's name. People will know your face in the crowd. They will either praise you or run from you. Hell, you could even end up next in line to take over the faction you are in.


So, there you go. we hope that you won't be as confused as to what you should expect in each level. I hope to see you all make it to Level 20 and rule this town. Or...the world!
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