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Twin City Weekly (November's Edition)

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Twin City Weekly (November's Edition)

Post by Game Master on Wed Oct 25, 2017 10:13 pm

Rhyan And Trever:
Rhyan and Trever were caught kissing in the rainstorm only a few days ago. As most of you know, Rhyan and Trever had a fling a decades ago producing a son named Erik Valentine. While the breakup turned ugly then, does it seem that the two could possibly rekindle their old flame? Trever Valentine was enraged when caught on camera, only provoking this serious of questions. Are they seeing one another? If they are, how long has this affair been going on? Does Willow plan on doing anything about this? And so what? Many and more questions have been risen since this snapshot. Trever continues to avoid the press. Though when cornered, he leaves no comment.

Rhyan Rossi, on the other hand, says "It was only a matter of time before he came back to see me". The entire during her interview, she hinted that something was brewing, though would not state exactly what it was that was going on. When asked directly on the situation at hand, Ms. Rossi just smiled and replied "It's pretty obvious, don't you think?" While that is not exactly a yes or no answer, it puts everyone here on their toes. What could come of this I wonder?

Erik's Homecoming:
Erik Valentine, the love child of Trever and Rhyan, had been seen roaming the streets days after his last adventure out. He had taken a trip to Belgium about six months ago. This sudden reappearance by the child sparks many questions. Does Erik have something to do with this? While we are not able to get to the bottom of this, he has managed to elude our pursuits. However, we had received the text messages exchanged between Erik and his mother. Their conversation heavily implies they are working together to force a divorce between Willow and Trever that has been a few years coming. Only time will tell if this bares fruit or not.
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