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Biran Rune Everard

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Biran Rune Everard

Post by Biran Everard on Wed Nov 01, 2017 2:22 pm


Character Name: Biran Rune Everard
Alias/Nickname: Ironside
Gender: Male
Race: Monstrosity, formerly Demon
Age: 27
Faction: Untamed
Level: Hold my beer

Eye color: Amber
Hair color: Depends how you look at it. It's green until it gets to a certain length, then goes white. Yes, that's natural. They say I have the blood of dragons. Yes, if you shaved my head it'd grow in green. Don't you fucking dare test the theory. The curtains are white, the drapes are white, so they match so long as you put the razor down. Can you stop asking me these dumb questions?
Appearance: Look at me, I'm gorgeous. Tall, dark, and Handsome as they say. Standing at a staggering 6 feet 5 inches, I am that fine line between lean and pure muscle. While my hair is a shocking white with green tips, it stands out against my darker complexion. I have white tribal tattoos I had gained after my coming of age in the wilds of Australia and love to sport them off as often as I can. In fact, I would rather run around stark naked 24/7 if I could....but since that's illegal in most countries, I have to wear clothing. Though while the weather is warm, I wear as little as I can legally get away with. Winter? Might as well be a marshmallow.

Racial Detail: Biran is a Monstrosity in his current state, but it wasn't always that way. He was born as the strongest of all demons; a Balor. Travis Valentine, a distant relative and fellow Balor, came to Biran in his younger and more destructive years. Biran's wild nature was his own undoing, as the meeting resulted in being him cursed by Travis. The young demon was stripped of his original power and transformed into a monster that was more fit for his reckless and selfish behavior. He became something that was more evil than even being a demon. Something that lacked control. Biran has been a Chimera ever since, considered by Travis as a "Fallen Demon," if such an ironic being could exist. If Biran was going to act like a danger to humanity, Travis was going to give him a form appropriate for his actions. The older and wiser man wasn't going to let a young soul soil his race's good reputation. Travis seemed to have absorbed Biran's power, so naturally Biran believes that he can defeat Travis in order to get it back.

Being stuck as a monstrous chimera, something seen as lesser by other demons, has been unpleasant and shameful for Biran. As a chimera of his type, he may take the base form of a lion that is adorned with two large horns. His tail is an actual snake that can act on it's own. His size is comparable to that of a large pickup truck, standing roughly the size of a man in height when on all fours, and easily doubling that height when standing on hind legs. Biran does not have many active abilities from his race besides changing his shape. However, he possesses unmatched strength and a presence that commands fear and respect.

Personality: A man of talent and strength, he knows he has all he needs to be god's gift to women and he's not afraid to show it. A pretty face or certain 'assets' never go unnoticed with this man who values strength almost as much as beauty in a bed partner. On the outside, he's arrogant, instinct driven and even a bit rude. However beneath that rough exerior, Biran is a loyal and true friend who lives by the code of never leaving a man behind when it comes to life or death. Even though he's a bit reckless at times, Biran is almost surprisingly strategical and knowledgeable. He is certainly not a man to be taken lightly by any means.

History: Most stories of people would start at their birth, but Biran is a little more complicated a tale. A rebellious rogue son of Trever Valentine, Rune, was filled with wanderlust and lusts of his own due to his nature as an Incubus. Rune had himself outcast from the family when he wanted to screw around with another Incubus family member, his half brother Jamie. Rune and Jamie produced a son, that was raised by the wilds lands of Australia. Partially abandoned, their son Ulf grew up as a survivalist. Wild as the terrain he lived in, he survived and conquered the wilderness of down under and essentially became a world wonder there. Biran Rune Everard is the son of Ulf, birthed by a matriarch of a drow society that resides secretly down under the down under. Down under-seption.

Reaching adulthood, Biran ended up rejecting his father and leaving his mother, headed for the United States. He caused a lot of trouble when he got there. Like a wild beast out of a cage, Biran ravaged the coastline of California. Being an orphaned minor at the time, the judicial system had to keep releasing him into the custody of various establishments, foster care, and youth programs that swore they could handle him. They could handle him, until he'd slip out and get into trouble all over again. Eventually he was claimed by the Valentine family, Travis Valentine personally visited the region to meet the long lost son of his son's son (Great great grandfather to Biran). In this meeting, Travis gave Biran a choice. Come with him to Twin City where he could be taken care of or stay here in America and continue to rot himself to the core with his acting out. Biran's choice was obvious. Why change or go with some old as dirt demon to a place where he would be watched constantly and where everyone would be just as powerful as him. The human world was much easier to conquer.

In refusing to go with Travis to Twin City, the choice was made. Travis then told Biran that he would not sit by and let the young man take advantage of humanity while he shared likeness to a Balor, demons known ironically for order rather than chaos. Again, Biran was presented the choice one last time. Biran refused to go to Twin City, and even had the audacity to say that he would continue to do as he pleases, regardless. What Biran did not know about this choice was that Travis would cast a strange magic that would seal Biran's demonic power and change it into a different energy. Through Travis' dark magic, Biran was transformed into a Monstrosity and could no longer utilize the innate demon abilities he was born with. From a Balor to a Chimera. They were beasts known for their destructive behaviors and unpredictable nature. Travis thought the new skin suited Biran much better. Travis would then leave the young man to his devices from there and return to Twin City alone.

Biran was devastated. He could have seen it as a gift, as he could kill and destroy with so much ease. But Biran realized it wasn't his destructive vices were not what he took pleasure in. Being so bored and alone, all Biran truly wanted was a sense of adventure and purpose. Even if his purpose was being chased around by the cops and reading about himself in newspapers, it was more of a life than living at a desk day in and day out and being merely an existence. All he wanted was to belong. The answer wouldn't present itself immediately. It took Travis' son, Trever, coming through and talking to him. Trever was a much softer and relatable creature than Travis. Even if Trever had come before Travis though, Biran knew he would not have listened to either, so it was a blessing and a curse that it had to be this way. Trever was real with Biran, told him everything about where he came from which helped a lot to cope and understand the position Travis was in. To this day, Biran does not hold any Valentine to fault of his condition, contrary to popular belief that Biran hates Travis more than anything. In fact, Biran respected Travis and the way it was handled after taking so much time to reflect on his life, his actions, and how it affected others.

Now that Biran understood and could cope with his choice, it still left his emptiness and lack of fulfillment in life. Trever told his own story, about how destructive he was when he was younger. When he had kids on the way and two wives, he needed to straighten himself out quick. Trever joined the United States Navy to become a Navy SEAL while his family lived in the states prior to moving to Twin City. It gave footing for Trever to suggest any of the armed services in the United States, where Biran was currently situated anyway. After all, America was a land of opportunity, even for supernaturals. Biran would probably have to clear his name of most of his offenses, but at this point the state of California would have probably signed any waiver if that meant getting rid of Biran and his trouble for good. And Biran did just that, signing on to join the U.S. Marine Corps under his own name; Biran Everard. In his time there, he would thrive and accomplish things he would have never believed possible. Met incredible people. Suffered loss. Felt what he had been missing for all these years. He was honorably discharged after eight years of service and came to Twin City as he began to get older without showing signs of aging among mortals. He had no real choice, even if US policy on supernaturals were a little laxer than in other parts of the world. He didn't come alone though. With him, he brought his most cherished comrades to the city with hopes of continuing to have an exciting life and fulfilling life.

Military service was all he knew besides causing trouble, and he wasn't about to start causing trouble in Travis' city. That man took his own race from him, who knew what he'd be willing to take next. But no standing military was established in Twin City. It wasn't exactly necessary to have but he tried proposing the idea to the council and the Mayor. It wasn't a horrible idea, but Twin City has lived in peace for many years aside from it's interior struggles, which it would be better to remain without a military so that civil war can happen as it is meant to and when it is needed. The idea was shot down in public but an offer was made in private, between the Mayor and Biran. The Mayor would personally endorse and finance the building of a facility dedicated to arming, training, and housing a privatized military group, ready and waiting in case the need should arise so that Twin City would have it's teeth ready in case of foreign attacks. Or whoever was the highest bidder when a war did come around. And Biran knew exactly he could buy out this whole town, and that was Travis. It was corrupt, but Biran didn't oppose the idea entirely. In his eyes, Travis was a good and just man that wanted safety for the people before his own gain. Rossi's or the other scum around here? Who could be really sure what they wanted. So Biran agreed.

In the last two years alone, Biran supervised the construction of the facility, trained the recruits, provided every resource that would ever be needed, and oversaw all jobs and outings that came through for his personnel. It was obvious he would be the leader of Untamed from there.



Weapon: Sniper Rifle

Job Items: Military ID, binoculars, paracord, zipties, lighter, lock picks, AXE body spray, boot polish, radio headset, sarong, sketch book, pencils, duct tape, sewing kit, flashlight, fleshlight, signal flares, tactical rappelling gear, utility knife, mess kit, spray paint, alarm clock, condoms

Money: $25



Athleticism: Lifting
Skill: Stealth
Endurance: Running
Charisma: Intimidation
Knowledge: Survival
Awareness: Sight
Combat: Sharpshooting
Magic/Extra: Skill: Tracking



Your Alias: Trever
First Account: TxValz
Second Account: Siresh Brozus
Third Account: Biran Everard
Biran Everard
Biran Everard

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Re: Biran Rune Everard

Post by Luna on Wed Nov 01, 2017 2:48 pm

Welcome to Twin City, Biran. Don't make a mess out of it.

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