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To Catch a Thief

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To Catch a Thief

Post by Jasmine Ward on Mon May 14, 2018 8:53 pm

It had been a while since the Untamed mission that went horribly wrong. While Jasmine had managed to actually steal the gun herself, someone had taken it from her who then managed to not only give it to a Rossi member, but get jipped in the long run herself. It still pissed Jasmine off. She had done everything so carefully, and this pink haired girl simply ruined the perfect heist. Yes, she was still salty about it. However, the girl wasn't the main target. Or rather, they were looking for her in order to get her to help them to find the riffle. The pink haired girl knew who had it, and could easily pick him out in a crowd. Or so she hoped. Otherwise this would be completely useless.

Her gaze shifted to Bronze. His last altercation with this girl, though she wasn't directly the result of it per say, had landed him outside the hideout with Ironside's boot crushing his rib cage. The fact Bronze could stand up and get away at all was enough to applaud him...until Jasmine had to clean up all the blood in the apartment. He refused to go to the hospital so she got to play nurse. He wasn't demanding the first few days. Honestly, it worried her there might have been bigger issues with him. Though, the danger passed when he started returning to his old self. Or at least as much of it as he could in the first few weeks. But now that he was recovered, it was time to find their new friend and start getting to the bottom of this gun situation before the entire town goes to shit.

Today, for ease, Jasmine was under the Daniel persona. Her chest was bound and her clothes that of a man's. Her hair fell around to about her shoulders in a sort of controlled mess. This girl had seen her in an all black outfit as a girl. This time, she was going in as a guy. Not that in the end it made any difference. If she had seen Siresh, this was going to be a big tipper to her and her cover would be blown. Her only hope was that the pink haired girl hadn't seen him when Biran was smashing his iron-foot into Bronze's own iron free side. Nearly dying could do wonders for changing your appearance. Honestly. You looked like two completely people.

"You think she is around here?" Jasmine asked in her gender neutral tone. They had been following rumors that this girl, this Julianna, often times ended up here at this house owned by a demon named Ephairyss Caldimic. From what information Siresh had pulled up on her, she helped anyone who was in need of medical care, regardless of standing and for much more affordable prices than any hospital would ever give. The information said that she had been hanging around here as of late. The rumors were unclear if she had been injured or simply visiting this woman. It didn't matter to the half angel. As long as they caught this girl and got as much information out of her about the location of where the guy was who had the gun at one point, that's all that mattered. Shaking her head, Jasmine walked in.

A bell chimed in the door, letting whoever was inside know that someone had entered. Giving a smile to the demon woman, 'Daniel' spoke. "Excuse me...I was wondering if you had seen a girl by the name of Jullianna here? I have been trying to get into contact with her for a while now. It's urgent business she needs to know about." Hopefully that didn't scare this demon girl too badly. Jasmine was trying to be as friendly as she could without coming off too creepy.
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Re: To Catch a Thief

Post by Julianna C. Montegrow on Mon May 14, 2018 11:39 pm

After the miserable embarrassment of a mission that, unfortunately, was much too successful, Julianna not only had an injured pride, but also an injured right ankle. Bitten by a ferocious canine while attempting to escape the facility, it was torn and bloody; throbbing to her heartbeat after she finished handing over the gun to the Rossi Mafia for free. Even weeks later it was a memory that she was replaying over and over; kicking herself for not being more careful. It was a rookie mistake.

With little money, Julianna returned to her good friend, Ephairyss Caldimic. She was a demon nurse that worked illegally out of her own home for cheap because no one would legally hire her as a demon to work in the medical profession due to the stigma. "I'm surprised you managed to even make it here on this ankle," Ephairyss stated as she did the initial examination. "Well, I didn't really have that many options. Besides, adrenaline kinda helped with the pain for a bit. Now though, it's excruciating." Julianna winced. "I can patch you up and give you a regular dose of pain killers in the meantime, but this is going to require you stay here and off that ankle for a few weeks. You really did a number on yourself this time." Julianna let out an audible groan. "Weeks? I thought I'd be up and out in like four days max!" Julianna protested. "And it looks as though you're developing an infection in the wound," Ephairyss expressed as she took a closer look. "All the more reason you need to stay so I can give you the proper antibiotics to treat this so it doesn't worsen." "Okay, okay. You win. Thanks for the help, really. I mean it.

The recover was slow and, between pain-killers, painful. But over time, the ankle was healing. The weeks passed and despite her ankle being fully healed now, it was recommended Julianna stay off it for an additional two days just for recovery sake when the front door jingled and Ephairyss left Julianna in the back room to greet the two passersby.

"I greet you. So you're here for a Julianna? I'm sorry, I'm not familiar with anyone by that..." Ephairyss, began. "I recognize that voice!" shouted Julianna from the back room. "Oh, that Julianna. Of course. Of course. Right this way." Ephairyss led the two to the back room where Julianna was laying lengthwise on a couch. She had now propped herself up into a sitting position with both arms. "What, did you misplace the cell phone number I handed you after our last exchange? That would've been an easier way to find me. Though, I am impressed you tracked me down. I try not to leave much of a trail if I can help it." Julianna's mood was casual and relaxed although she was definitely antsy; due to the long period of immobility. "So I take it you're ready to get that gun back? Got a plan?" Julianna smirked; ready to regain her dignity and exact her revenge.
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