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Fenrir (Fenrir Hróðvitnir) Empty Fenrir (Fenrir Hróðvitnir)

Post by Fenrir on Wed Aug 29, 2018 3:15 pm

Fenrir (Fenrir Hróðvitnir) BCJ5bJi


Character Name: Fenrir
Alias/Nickname: Fenrisúlfr, Hróðvitnir, or Vánagandr. He also goes by Fen by some people, though he prefers Fenrir
Gender: Male
Race: Demi-god/Fenrir
Age: Undetermined
Faction: Free Agent
Level: 1

Eye color: Yellow and reflective, but usually kept hidden behind a pair of dark sunglasses
Hair color: Black
Appearance: As wild as he is, Fenrir usually keeps a rather professional look to him. His obsidian colored hair is usually kept well maintained and his clothing is hardly even wrinkled or stained unless he just got done with a brawl. His golden eyes are often his one give away that he is some kind of animal as they reflect light in semi-dark situations. To avoid such a thing, he almost always spots his black sunglasses to hide them from almost everyone. Standing at 6 foot 4 inches, he’s a rather intimidating man, though he isn’t always the tallest person in the room. Weighing about two hundred and fifty pounds of muscle, he takes great care of his appearance, but don’t be fooled. He isn’t afraid of ruining an expensive outfit in order to fuck anyone up that looks at him wrong.

Racial Detail: Everyone knows the legend of Fenrir, the towering wolf of myths who was sealed away due to a prophecy told about his causing of Ragnarok, and the true Fenrir lives up to those legends. More wolf than human at times, his strength far surpasses most beings with the speed, sight, hearing and sense of smell of his animal form. He can transform to his wolf form at any point in time. Depending on his mood, he can shift into just about any sized wolf, but his most common size is six feet tall at the shoulder with thick black and dark gray fur. Due to his heritage, he can grow unfettered, meaning that, in theory, he can grow to the size of legend, though even he won’t test that theory until his victory against Odin is ensured. The largest form he has taken was standing at fifteen feet tall at the point of his ears.

Personality: As one might suspect of a wolf that was tricked and chained down, driven into madness by isolation, pain and rage, Fenrir hates just about everything and lives only for revenge against Odin and the gods that rule in Asgard, to fulfill the prophecy that wouldn’t have been had they not done so in the first place. Though he has calmed down after a long rampage on earth, he is still rather volatile toward most people, but still strives to show how he is the best of the best. The strongest, the smartest, the most cunning. There is hardly ever a challenge that he is unable to take unless he deems it underneath him. There are very few people he can get along with and even fewer people that he will get close to. There are hardly any people left that know the perks of getting Fenrir on your side. He does have a few almost hidden sides to him, such as the fact that he loves to read any and all books and enjoys sunbathing, swimming, hiking and all around being outside. There are a few other quirks that no one really knows or remembers, but that’s alright. He doesn’t need anyone anyway.

History: Try if you will, Fenrir won’t talk about the past. You can look it up and read about the legends. Nor will he fix anything that might be wrong with those legends. All he will tell you is the now. About twenty years ago, he started school to become a surgeon and it didn’t take him long to perfect the art with a scalpel. He has made his living on this until he was too close to being caught by those after his hide for his couple centuries of madness in which he destroyed many villages and killed thousands of people in his wake. Leaving everything behind, the wolf moved on without any ties to anyone, deciding to move to the ever famous Twin Cities.

The Myth and Legend

When Fenrir was a pup, he wasn't the beast that is known today. He dearly loved his family and lived with a heart full of life and the drive to prove to everyone that despite everything, he could live up to the expectations of the gods. He had a fire in his heart that was unrivaled and a vibrancy that put him apart from others. However, a prophecy ruined it all. It foretold of him spreading chaos and causing the destruction of the Nine Worlds and at the time, he didn't fight the prophecy, sure that he would become strong enough to take down all of the gods if given the time. And he had always known that the gods saw him as an enemy despite them trying to act friendly at first.

The gods began trying to create chains to restrain him, but all of their attempts were in vain, as he was able to break each and every one of them until the fateful day when they came bearing a silken looking ribbon. Instantly, he knew they were trying to trick him and put forth a challenge of his own. If one of the gods were to put their hand in his mouth to ensure that he would be free once more, he would not back down from the challenge. No one volunteered, besides one... One that he was sure would never betray him as he saw him as almost a friend. The one god aside from his father that had held no fear toward him... Tyr offered and Fenrir was sure that of all the gods, Tyr wouldn't betray him and agreed to allow them to shackle him, but oh how wrong he had been...

He pulled and panicked, doing everything in his power to break free, but in the end, he was unable to destroy the ribbons that bound him. With a sorrowful howl, he bit Tyr's hand off as the gods finished binding him to a boulder. That was not their last wrong, either. They shoved a sword in his mouth to keep him from howling before they fled the island, leaving the wolf alone and in pain for centuries.

The wolf sat there for who knows how many years before a woman found him in his prison. She removed the sword from his mouth and they slowly began to talk. This woman would be his freedom, his redemption and his revenge and she didn't even know it yet. The wolf began to speak of things he had once believed so purely in, whispers of love and a family with a forever of happiness and joy. It took the woman a long time, lots of wooing and convincing that his heart belonged to her and only to her, the woman that had delivered him from despair and insanity. And as most women want to, she began to believe him until that inevitable day when she was foolish enough to fall for him and undid the ribbons that bound him.

In an instant, the woman that trusted him as he had trust Tyr was dead, her flesh gnashed between his jaws and her body lying dismembered on the ground at his feet before he turned his attention to Asgard with a thunderous howl. It was not to be, however... The woman's mother intervened, finding her daughter's body in the scattered remains he'd left of her. Her mother cursed the wolf, sealed away his full form and banished him to Midgard until he could love as purely as her daughter had loved him and only then would he be able to achieve his revenge on the Aesir that had locked him away.

Try as he might, Fenrir knew that this curse was a forever curse. No one could be trusted and his heart had long lost its ability to love as it once did. He spent a large portion of three hundred years destroying everything and killing everyone he came across in his rage and delirium. During this time, he found out that he sired a son from a woman that had narrowly escaped death. Lupus was destined for a life of rage and revenge, much like his father before him. The older wolf killed his son's mother but left him to die or to survive if he was able, and somehow, Lupus did survive, but his life was not to be spared further destruction from the demi-god. As he made another loop, Fenrir found and killed his son's adoptive parents, making the child forever hate him as he hated the gods that had bound him to this life of torment.

As years passed by, Fenrir has yet to get close to anyone, though he has come across a few people he can tolerate and even a few that he actually gets along with, though he has yet to truly trust any of these people.



Weapon: Tier 0 Improvised weapon
Job Items: Lap top, two cell phones, rope, change of clothes, stethoscope, lock picks, Leatherman tool, scalpels, loose AA batteries, headphones, pens, prescription pad, and a book or two.

Money: $255



Athleticism: Strength
Skill: Mechanic
Endurance: Running
Charisma: Intimidation
Knowledge: Survival, Medical Training
Awareness: Sight
Combat: Improvised Weapons (Anything handy)
Magic/Extra: Surgeon



Your Alias: Saph
First Account: Lupus Fenrir
Second Account: Rune Tyche
Third Account: Aeolus Ealdwode
Fourth Account: Svala Svingrior

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Fenrir (Fenrir Hróðvitnir) Empty Re: Fenrir (Fenrir Hróðvitnir)

Post by TxValz on Wed Aug 29, 2018 6:17 pm

Fenrir (Fenrir Hróðvitnir) Dreamstime_xl_35852909

Ah, another edgy black haired wolf savage. Welcome to Twin City, you'll fit right in!

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Fenrir (Fenrir Hróðvitnir) Empty Re: Fenrir (Fenrir Hróðvitnir)

Post by Luna on Tue Mar 19, 2019 6:00 pm

You had some good potential. Until next time

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Fenrir (Fenrir Hróðvitnir) Empty Re: Fenrir (Fenrir Hróðvitnir)

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