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Svala Svingrior

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Svala Svingrior

Post by Svala Svingrior on Wed Aug 29, 2018 11:50 pm


Character Name: Svala Odra Svingrior
Alias/Nickname: SOS, or just Svala is fine.
Gender: Female
Race: Wendigo
Age: Undetermined
Faction: Valentine
Level: 0

Eye color: Ice blue
Hair color: Platinum Blonde, sometimes looks white.
Appearance: Standing at about five foot six inches, Svala is rather thin for her height despite eating any and everything. Tattoos cover her arms in tribal looking markings and paint is often on her face while a few piercings litter her body. A navel piercing that changes often as well as gauges in her ears that are often made of bone carved in intricate patterns with a hoop septum in her nose. Her blonde white hair is often done up in dreadlocks which are pulled back from her face with a leather strap and beads decorate her hair. Her clothing is usually adorned with teeth and bones of animals and made out of hide and leather though she does try to wear more modern clothing when needed, though she doesn’t exactly like them. Svala isn’t the most modest of people, though there are times when she can be a bit ashamed of her body, simply because the time and place she was raised, when being a bigger woman meant you were well taken care of and well fed while she is now almost skin and bone.

Racial Detail: The first thing about Svala is that she can consume and digest just about anything. Plants, animals, meat, bone… Even hair and teeth unlike other species. She can eat substance both raw or cooked. She can even take in metal, which her body compresses and gets rid of one way or another. If she eats too much metal, however, it can cause a great deal of damage and will have to be surgically removed or she will die if it builds up in her system too long.

Possessing these traits was how she earned her place as the Valentine’s ‘Garbage Disposal’ of sorts. Unlike most of her kind, she was able to retain her sanity after being transformed into a Wendigo while also gaining an incorporeal form, though it is still difficult for her to hold that form for long periods of time, or even at all if she is too hungry. She also lacks the ability to taste anything, but somehow still manages to cook surprisingly well.

Side note: Due to her past, her body is technically dead. After a pertinent point in her past, she did ‘die’ and was put on ice while her body healed. During this time, her body was possessed by the spirit of a Wendigo, which slowly evolved her body and melded with her soul, making her a one of a kind Wendigo (as far as she knows).

Personality: All in all, Svala is a rather quiet woman who generally keeps to herself. Composed and as cold as the tundra she grew up in, she can often come off as uncaring though that’s not true. Instead of being upfront about her affections, she is rather subtle with them, doing things like making them food or following them or even randomly hunting down creatures and making them hide blankets or pretty rocks and such. It is hard to shake her or irritate her in anyway, though once angered, she becomes a woman of the past, the full rage of a Viking coming at you with the insatiable hunger, speed and cunning of the spirit that possesses her. Love doesn’t belong in her heart anymore and it is hard for her to get close to anyone, though she is usually rather submissive in nature and will listen to pretty much listen to all orders given to her by those she deems higher in status than herself, though don’t put your life in her hands. If it’s a call of her life over yours, she will choose her own every time.  

History: While Svala remembers most of her childhood, growing up in the icy tundra of the land of the frost giants with her mother and father. Her childhood was a happy one for the most part, growing up carefree with no real reason to fear anything, only the gods to bring down the occasional quaking of their world. However, her memory gets fuzzy as she reached adulthood, going entirely blank for her seventeenth birthday onward. Her dreams speak more than anything else, however. The sound of growling and fur, teeth and claws, the scent and taste of blood in her mouth and then nothing. Just a numbing cold for a very long time as she drifted in and out of consciousness.

It wasn’t until much, much later that she woke up from a slumber she didn’t know she’d been in. Snow was melting around her and grass just barely poking through the cold white surface and a hunger in the pit of her stomach that she had slowly started to grow. She needed food and she needed it right that moment, to the point that she stood and moved and before she even knew it, her feet had carried her to a human village. It was only a matter of seconds that screams filled her ears, blood on her skin and meat in her mouth. How many people died that night, there were no bodies left to count, but the entire village was empty when Svala left it to wander the barren snowfields that she vaguely remembered from a past she didn’t know.

She wondered and wondered with no where to go, only the hunger driving her forward, but she quickly learned that eating humans was frowned upon heavily and destroying entire villages was something that was going to get her killed, or worse, caught. Svala needed to figure out a way to sustain herself while also keeping herself out of trouble in this world that she was unfamiliar with. So many new technologies and new sounds and new sights to behold… Unused to the world around her, she took to eating from funeral homes and graveyards to sustain herself until she had a happy coincidental meeting with a feline in a large city who had lead her to the Valentines where she’s been following orders for a little under three months now.



Weapon: Tier 0 Teeth and claws

Job Items: Rope, files, lockpicks, locks, nails, a hammer, a drawknife, pliers, a auger, a gouge, a chisel, knives, pens, a cell phone (though she still doesn’t quite know how to use it aside from reading text messages and taking phone calls), and small squares of wood in various stages of whittling.

Money: $25



Athleticism: Strength
Skill: Bottomless Pit
Endurance: Constitution
Charisma: Intimidation
Knowledge: Cooking
Awareness: Insight
Combat: Teeth and claws
Extra: Tenacity



Your Alias: Saphire
First Account: Lupus Fenrir
Second Account: Rune Tyche
Third Account: Aeolus Ealdwode
Fourth Account: Svala Odra Svingrior
Svala Svingrior

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Re: Svala Svingrior

Post by Luna on Thu Aug 30, 2018 12:05 am


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