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Walk a Day in Their Shoes (Level 9) [CC: FvsV]

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Walk a Day in Their Shoes (Level 9) [CC: FvsV]

Post by Siresh Brozus on Thu Jun 14, 2018 12:29 am

The Mission: Walk a Day in Their Shoes
Level: 9
Employment: Valentine and Free Agent
The Details:
This is a Counter Cooperative job, the most successful takes all. By that, the level up and the rewards belong to the winner but that doesn't mean the loser won't walk away with a little something-something.

Valentines: So we can explain. This guy managed to get away right in the middle of us giving him a nice pair of cement shoes. He was passed out and we were about to throw him in the bay after the shoes dried, but he woke up and he just ran off. I'm sorry, it was negligent on our part but can you help us out with the footwork to catch this guy before we end up sleeping with the fishes? Thanks, man.

Free Agents: What a bad day you're having. You wake up at the end of the pier with your hands bound and your feet submerged in cement, almost dry. Those Valentine goons are having a drink and hardly notice as you narrowly escaped but now you know you're being tracked down by someone more elite at this point. Can you manage to get away with your life?

Required Items: N/A
Required Talents: N/A
Siresh Brozus

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Re: Walk a Day in Their Shoes (Level 9) [CC: FvsV]

Post by Luna on Fri Jun 15, 2018 9:31 pm

Approved. Good luck everyone~

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