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Artificial Immigration

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Re: Artificial Immigration

Post by Silky Everflame on Mon Oct 15, 2018 7:02 pm

"Oh!.. Uh.." Silky would be a bit confused about alpha's reaction. 'it could.. Get dirty?..' She pondered this for a moment, tilting her head looking curiously at Rune, then back to Alpha. Her face would change from confusion, to a playful innocence. "Alpha is right! Let's go back and buy it before someone else does! I know how you are with your cloths, haha~ I wouldn't want to see you miss out! Then we can take a walk to the pier! After all, if you're new here you need to get the hang of this place... I was really lost when I first got here... Thanks to Runey though I learned really quickly."

The demon would let out her soft signature giggle, waiting for everyone else to decide what the plan was. Meanwhile a voice deep inside of her head would growl at her, causing her honeyed yellow eyes to seemingly glaze over, becoming emotionless. "ThIs tHiNg IsN't HuMaN... iT dOeSn'T hAvE aN aUrA, uSe CaUtIoN cHiLd.
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Re: Artificial Immigration

Post by Rune Tyche on Thu Dec 06, 2018 11:52 pm

Perhaps she should have picked a different thing as an excuse, but she was… Confused at the newcomers' words. Sure, someone else could take it, but… Get it dirty…? ”Hmm… She pondered for a moment before looking up at Alpha once more inquisitively. It wasn’t until Silky spoke up did she look away from him, turning her gaze over to the other woman. The dog smiled and waved her hand dismissively. ”It’s fine, it’s fine. It was overpriced anyway. It isn’t like I need another see-through top, right?” She laughed softly before once more shifting her gaze back to Alpha.

”We should probably head to the pier before all the people there get too drunk, right? Wouldn’t want you thinking that all us ‘humans’ are belligerent.” The dog once more moved toward him to sniff him slightly, the smell of his skin still stuck in her nose, but… She had to be sure. ”Hey, Alpha… May I ask a question while we go?” She asked him as she began to lead the way there. ”You don’t smell human… What are you, exactly? You smell like a sex toy.”
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