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Jasmine Ward

Post by Jasmine Ward on Sun Oct 15, 2017 9:24 pm


Character Name: Jasmine Ward
Alias/Nickname: Jas, Shadow, Daniel
Gender: Born Female, looks male most of the time
Race: Half Angel
Age: 27
Faction: Free Agent
Level: 0

Eye color: Blue
Hair color: Blonde
Appearance: Starting from her head, Jasmine is a blonde haired, blue eyed woman who stands roughly 5ft 9 inches tall. Her skin is fair, thanks to the region where she was born and raised from, though if given the chance, tans evenly without burning. Her hair reaches to her shoulders, though when she dresses like a girl, Jasmine tends to keep it up and out of her face as much as she can. As a man, she styles it so it flares out off her shoulders. Her chest while is not completely flat, are nothing to boast about. All her life she has had nothing but B cups. Though, to be fair, she is not complaining. Anything more and it would get annoying to have to bind them in order to play the role of a man. As a whole, Her body structure suggests she could be a slender man. Try as she might, Jasmine would never get that sculpted figure with the great biceps and triceps. Her choice of clothing style is laid back or male oriented. While she does posses dresses, they are hardly ever worn. You would be lucky to see her in a dress once in a great blue moon. Woman clothing are fitting to her curves and tight all around. While a man's clothes are looser and, above all else, much cheaper. While there are small cuts and bullet wounds along her body, the deepest scar is the one that can be found on her left hand. It stretches from one side of her palm to the other. Her ears are also pierced but she is never seen with wearing earrings casually. Even when she has to play the role of a dressed up Barbie, she would rather not wear earrings. (Click for Male Form)

Personality: The best way to put Jasmine is she is not amused. She takes things very serious almost all the time. She is the realist and perfectionist, to a point at least. Jasmine knows the strengths and weaknesses of her body and if she feels if she cannot do something, she simply won't. Her perfectionist behavior comes from a long line of thievery that had started at a young age. If you got caught, you were doing it wrong. While on a job, Jasmine likes to have things under control at all times. Even when the situation has been compromised due to outside interference or issues that happened because of her or her 'partner', Jasmine stays calm and collective in order to get through the situation. Unfortunately, lately she has found out she a very short fuse when it comes to idiots and people who push her buttons in order to get a rise out of here.

While not on missions, Jasmine tends to focus her efforts into honing her skills out there on the field as she is a hopeless house maid. No matter how hard she tries, she cannot cook to save her life. She burns water. The last time she had attempted anything other than a microwavable dinner, there was a lid in the ceiling of her home. Laundry tends to get washed, then thrown into the 'clean' basket, worn, then thrown into the 'dirty' basket. It is almost as if she is a man after all. As she would tell you, she was never brought up learning to really clean well.

Her realist point of view is the very core of her personality. At a young age, she had seen the bowels of the underbelly of life. Disney Princes do not exist. If you need saving, you better learn how to do it yourself. It is due to this she comes off cold and sharp half the time. She believes that dreams are childish and unnecessary. Goals are what she strives to attain. While she has realist ones set for herself, there are a few out there that are out of her hands that she is working on making a reality.

"Mine uskyldige år"

Jasmine Ward was born a twin to Daniel Ward to two lovely parents: One an Angel named Henry Ward and a Norwegian woman named Kristine Olsen. Their union was blissful for a few years even after the learning of Henry's secret. From what Jasmine could remember of her early childhood, it was a pleasant time. She could vaguely remember both her parents smiling and everyone laughing. It is a time in her life that, though she does not talk about it very often, something she yearns for again with all her heart. A time when everything is right with the world. But that part of her life was over before it ever started. Her clearest early memory of her childhood starts with her father throwing a lamp at the wall and yelling at her mother. Both she and her brother Daniel had retreated to their rooms, cowering under a bed, hoping that this would end. But it wouldn't. Not until the tender age of fourteen.

"Våre liv var i fare. Så løp vi"

It was a plan they had thought through together. They were leaving and they had taken every step they could as carefully as they dared. The house had gotten dangerous and the air was thick. The twins knew something was going down, yet neither knew exactly what it was until it was upon them. It was a winter night in Norway. The two had stayed out as late as they dared and ventured home. Upon opening up the door, a wave of a metal scent had wafted into their noses. They had been staring at the scene for about a full minute before they realized exactly what it was they were staring at: Their father had shot their mother. He was still standing over her body when they walked in on him. Their fight or flight kicked in with both running for the hills. All they had was whatever was on their person at the time. They had laid low, not wanting to be caught by police who would give them to the country's justice system nor did they want to be given back to their father if he managed to evade jail time for this crime. Every so often, they had seen wanted posters as the city and state were looking for the children of Henry Ward and were trying to figure out if they were alive or dead.

Years passed like this and the two had mastered the art of stealing and deceiving people. The two would dress alike and go into a store to steal something. If a store owner had seen one of them trying to lift something, the other would play interference on the store owner and make him feel like an idiot. Since the one running interference didn't have any of the goods the other hand. Life like this continued until they had reached the age of sixteen. They had stolen from the wrong person, and they had gotten caught red handed in the act.

"Undersiden av menneskeheten er et mørkt og ekkelt sted"

They had been taken in to a dark home and thrown into cages. They had been picked up by human traffickers and transferred to a large area somewhere. It was always dark in the place they had been sent. It smelled and quickly they found out way. When people came by, i was either to give them food, or to beat them down and break their spirits. After a week of living there, her left ear had been pierced and a tag was hanging there. Her number was 696 and her brother's was 967. They had now become merchandise for any bidder. After a month there, she had learned that it was easier to comply to these humans than to fight them. Her spirit had been broken, just as they knew it would. Her days clouded over with one another and she yearned for freedom. Anything was better than this hell hole. At one point, she had learned that many people here were also of other races. There were so many that she had thought were only in myth. But, it didn't matter. Nothing mattered anymore. All she wanted was to fade away into this darkness.

But that would never happen. Someone had come looking at them, as people often do, and had decided they liked Daniel more than her. She didn't catch all of what he said, but he spoke in Norwegian and said something along the lines of him making an excellent addition to his flock.  It was then her only ray of sunshine she had ever owned had been taken from her. Her pillar of strength was forcibly removed from her grasp.

"Mitt liv var verdt mer enn å rote i det helvetehullet"

A fire started burning deep inside of her. She didn't care if she died trying, but she was getting out. The next time someone had entered her cage, Jasmine went on the attack. Without hesitation, she killed the man and stole his clothes and equipment and fled. When she finally got to the outside world, it turned out it had been four full years since she had seen daylight again. She had checked into a hotel, learning she had been living in Russia for the past four years. In that hotel room, she took out the pocket knife she swiped from the man she had killed and sliced her palm open. As the blood oozed out, she made a vow that she would find her brother no matter how hopeless it was; even if it turned out he was dead before she could get to him. If that was the case, then she would make sure he was placed to rest in a tranquil place.

But the only clue she had was the hazy mental picture of the man she saw buy him and the man in question was from Norway. Her life mission was far from becoming easy. But that was not going to stop her from doing it. Within a year, she had eared enough money to move back to Norway and live comfortably in Oslo. Her only other clue to this man was that he was rich if he was able to learn of an underground human trafficking ring and then pay for a human. Oslo was her best bet for that. And while she was staying there, she managed to get a job to support her. It was nothing special. Just a coffee shop. It was there she had met a man that changed her life if only for a moment.

"Jeg hadde lært av kjærlighet. Men det varer ikke lenge"

It was there that she had met a man named Samuel York. He was an American visiting for the summer. It was his last summer before he had to finally figure out what it was he wanted to do with his life. He would come in every day and order the same thing. One of her coworkers had said that he came in looking for her everyday and seemed to pout when he didn't see her working there. She brushed it off until he had finally asked her out. She was flabbergasted, but she agreed to a night out to a small restaurant down the road.  The two had hit it off well, but as the summer started to come to an end, the two of them knew that it was not going to last. Jasmine and York, as he liked to be called, had ended on good terms. He said if she ever found herself in America, to look him up. She took his number and while they tried to stay connected as best as they could, eventually the relationship turned into a sort of friendship that either or would check up on one another every so often.

"Jeg skjønte snart nøyaktig hvem jeg var oppe imot"

It pained her, but it took her four years since since coming back to her home land to figure out who she was dealing with. The man in questions was named Dimitri Reyes. He had dealings with a remote Military base owned by a bunch of Americans in a far part of her homeland. It was the lead she had been looking for since her escape. While she knew that rushing in was going to be stupid, she felt the urgency to find the man so she could finally find her brother again. Quickly, she had gained access to the base and began her job under the name of Daniel Olsen. While she had through her plan was fool proof, an American she would later learn to be named Siresh had found out about her. He had confronted her at a coffee shop near her home and the two had struck a partnership that would test her. Though, with his help, she had found out a lot of information about this man named  Dimitri Reyes. As it turned out, the man was a vampire. Slowly they had gained information that would eventually lead them to a hidden city named Twin City.

"Stien hadde endelig ledet meg til hans skjulested: Twin City"

The two had entered the city not long ago. Though the two had entered for separate reasons, they still continued to work and help one another in fulfilling one another's goals. If you had asked either of them, they would say that their dependence upon one another was minimal. But after spending so much time with one another, it is easy to see the two had gotten so far because of one another. As much as Jasmine loathes to admit it, she more than likely would not have come as far as she has without his help. Her sights are set on finding her older twin brother here. After finding out this man was a vampire living in a supernatural town, her hopes in catching him seemed slimmer and slimmer. Yet, she dares not give up hope on this. The scar on her left palm serves as a remainder of her vow she had made years ago to finding him. Though, part of her wonders if he even wants to be found anymore. A deep dark part inside of her feels like if he was alive still, he would have found her long ago.



Weapon: Hand gun

Job Items: Lock Picks, zip ties, cell phone, throwaway phone, ear piece (communicator), disguise kit, gloves, hair ties, Male ID (Daniel Olsen), Female ID (Jasmine Ward), binder, bandages, pocket mirror, Fake ID kit, gum, pocket knife.

Money: $25



Athleticism: Acrobatics
Skill: Lock Picking
Endurance: Running
Charisma: Acting
Knowledge: Thievery
Awareness: Heighten Sight
Combat: Small Guns
Magic/Extra: Skill: Slight of Hand



Your Alias: Luna
First Account: Luna
Second Account: Jasmine Ward
Third Account: N/A
Jasmine Ward
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Re: Jasmine Ward

Post by TxValz on Sun Oct 15, 2017 9:38 pm

Welcome to Twin City, Jasmine! Make yourself at home.

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