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Promotion Party in the Park

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Promotion Party in the Park

Post by Harper Fairfax on Sun Jan 13, 2019 10:00 pm

Harper had been asked to finally decide her career path for a while. She had worked on homicide cases as well as gang related cases. Chief Prince had been pushing her to pick something for a while now and it was only more recently that she finally decided her final career path: SVU. The Special Victims Unit had rung the loudest in her after her encounter with Vadreaam. With victims, they were still alive. Harper could still help out, hear their stories, and help them get closure. With dead people? Well they were dead. Only thing Harper could do at this point was bring the murderer in and book them. But the damage was done and a life was lost. Gangs and Narcotics? Well as much as she liked working with Dom, having the unfair advantage with her family history was not going to turn out well for her. She wanted to move away from her family as much as possible. In the SVU? Well, there weren't going to be many Valentines who would be alive doing something like this.

However....having this big old party out in the park seemed like over kill. She had overhead the 'surprise' party for her a while ago. They all thought that the office was too cramped and in someone's backyard was done and over with. A bar? Well not all of them liked to be at a bar. Bowling was pretty it was the park. And thankfully for them, it was a really nice day for it. Following her instructions, Harper wondered into the park where she was 'surprised' with this big old party. She pretended to be shocked, but everyone knew this was coming. Everyone talked about it and it was hard to not over hear it. Most everyone loved to throw parties. It felt like they had a lot. But Harper didn't mind. It was fun to hang out with everyone from the different departments. They had drinks, alcoholic and not, party games, and free food. How could she complain?

Food was starting up on the grills brought out. The smells were so overwhelmingly good. Oh why did everything have to smell so good? It caused her stomach to growl. But the werewolf girl didn't have time to deal with her rumbly tummy. She had to talk to everyone and thank them for congratulating her. This was her party, even though all she wanted to do was to eat food and enjoy the few people's company that she got along with. With smiles, she watched out for Dom, Abel, and James. As well as her aunt and uncle....though knowing them, they were manning the grills. Aunt Chandler was a master griller.
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