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Harper Fairfax

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Harper Fairfax

Post by Harper Fairfax on Sun Oct 22, 2017 9:13 pm


Character Name: Harper Fairfax
Alias/Nickname: Harp to her close friends. Fairfax for her coworkers
Gender: Female
Race: Werewolf but looks human
Age: 22
Faction: TCPD
Level: 0

Eye color: Brown
Hair color: Brown
Appearance: Harper looks almost identical to both her mother and her grandmother. If you place a picture of the three of them in their young adult years, you would only be able to tell the difference between them by their facial expressions. Just like all the women in her family, Harper was born with beautiful brown hair and light brown almost golden eye to match. Her skin is fair and soft. Her chest is ample, resting in a nice C cup and her hair reaches to the middle of her back. Harper stands at a height of 5 feet and 7 inches with a medium build frame that is closer to a more slender one. When not in uniform as a TCPD member, she enjoys having comfortable clothes yet girly clothes. Summer dresses, skirts, worn jeans, a hoodie, anything that is quick and easy to slip on she's all over. It was only more recently, in her high school days, she got into more girly clothing choices in order to stand out a bit. Though, having two older brothers leering down at any boy did not help her case.

Her dire wolf form is that of a medium brown coat with a darker brown muzzle and striking blue eyes.  Her and her mother share the same pattern, save for their eyes are of different color. Even with her wolfwoman, her brown coat and blue eyes stay constant. In fact, you know when you have ticked her off is when you see those ice blue eyes.

Personality: Harper is that type of girl who wants to help everyone. It was no wonder she joined the TCPD after graduating High School at Twin City Prep. It had been her dream ever since she was a little girl, though mostly after the first time she threw a kid over her shoulder in defense of another kid. In all honesty, she hates the idea of the bad guys getting away with what they do, but being raised in the Valentine house (Though it is extended), Harper has a clearer sense of good vs evil that is beyond the black and white of breaking the law or abiding by it. Some of the "bad guys" that have been taken to jail have had injustice done to them that resulted in their actions. In fact, taking note of history, the Werewolf Rebellion her great grandfather started was an act of treason that was honestly one of the more just things that have happened in this city in her opinion. Though many would think otherwise. It is her strong sense of justice that tends to get her into the most trouble. While she knows she is not the best person on the force, that does not stop her from going all out in order to get done what it is she needs to get done. This is but not limited to jumping out of a moving vehicle, jumping from roof to roof, jumping off a roof and into a dumpster, taking a dive into ice water, or taking a bullet for someone else.

This is both her best and worst quality. Harper tends to go head first into any situation regardless of how dangerous the situation might be. She figures someone has to do it, so why not her? It has also lead her to avoid saying just how hurt she really is. While she is adapt and Healing Magic, it does not cure everything. Many times she has gone to the hospital with broken bones and ribs. Though she laughs it off and is ready to go at it again, many times she has to be held down and almost handcuffed to her bed in order to stay put. Another strange habit she has, though she does not mean to do it, is her ability to not talk about herself or her anything. Friends she has known for years have failed to even know she was a werewolf until they had witnessed her eyes change from brown to icy blue. It is not that she refuses to talk about herself or avoids it, she just doesn't think it necessary to talk about herself when she wants to know so much about you or the things going on around her. Truth be told, it has helped her out so far in the TCPD. Half or more of the staff do not know that Harper is JT and Chandler Valentine's niece.

Her temper is odd for a werewolf. Normally it is easy to set one off if you rub them the wrong way. With Harper, you really have to get under her skin to snap at you, or press the right kind of buttons.  While normally she is a very forgiving girl, if you do acts of violence to her family or friends, you might as well sign your name to her shit list yourself. However, if her anger does spark, you can quickly tell by her eyes. Normally, her eye color is that of light brown. But when her anger comes through, her wolf comes out and her eyes change drastically to ice blue.

History: Her family is that of a long and big line. Her Great Grandfather, otherwise known as Fafa, is Travis Valentine who had entered the city with his six children 50 years ago. Trever, already a father to two had married a woman by the name of Haley 50 years ago who, in turn, gave birth to Harper's mother Shaylyn. Shaylyn was a bright young child being raised in Twin City after moving there at the age of six. She had met her husband to be be at that age as well and the two had became fast friends. His name was James Fairfax, a human boy from Norway who's father had been killed in the line of duty during a police raid in a Rossi raid when James and Shaylyn were twelve. Later on, when the two had become fourteen, Shaylyn and James had ventured off into the forest and had been attacked by something or someone. It had almost coast James his life. Shaylyn, had quickly shifted into her wolf form and bit him, not only saving him but turning him into a werewolf himself. His mother accepted the turning, as well as James, and stood by her son's new life style.

After high school, Shaylyn and James had gone into different fields of study. Shay was a lawyer, just like her mother. James worked at town hall, working for Mayor Strider as the man was family friends with Shay's grandfather (Fafa) Travis Valentine. Strings were pulled and The Mayor took him in without hesitation. James flourished under him, becoming an important City Council Member himself. Shaylyn and James did not get together again until after Shaylyn's toxic relationship with a Djinn named Divante Jinn. Divante was later found to only be using Shaylyn in order to get at her younger brother's wife Chandler, but that is another story all together. After Shaylyn's kidnapping by her husband, and her miscarriage, Shaylyn was devastated. James had come and comforted her and eventually the two had come to realize that they were both idiots and got married, bringing forth three young werewolf children.

Harper was born the youngest of three. Which meant she had two older brothers. Westly and Kaleb were the two brothers no man would ever want to deal with. Westly was known for his ruthless anger up until the age of 23 when he left and became a member of a military force that later became to be known as Untamed when they came back to the city. While he was sweet as pie to Harper, he was always making sure nothing happened to both her and Kaleb. Kaleb on the other hand was a weird child. Though he had just as much of a hot button as his older brother, he was not as violent as him. The two would go on to teach Harper to stand up for herself and look after anyone who could not defend herself. It came to no surprise that she later went to the TCPD Academy to become an officer of the law.

Though, it was difficult. While her mother did her best to allow her children to do whatever they wanted with their lives, it did not stop life from reminding them they were still related to The Valentines. Both Westly and Kaleb had worked for their Fafa, though Kaleb was the only one who stayed working for him. Westly, on the other hand, had ventured off and started working with Biran Everard in Untamed. And Harper? Well she strived to be a cop no matter what. But with both her brothers playing in roles that hinder rather than helped, it seemed like an uphill climb. Her only saving grace came from her Uncle Joseph Travis and her Aunt Chandler. With their help, the three of them got her to become a full fledged member of the TCPD.

It is here that she hopes to do the most good. While she understands that her family is apart of the Valentine Mafia, Harper feels as if that Mafia is not as bad as everyone likes to think they are. While she has managed to keep her life out of work as much as possible, there are still those who know her secret: She is of  Valentine blood. She has seen the backlash her aunt and uncle get from it, and it seems as if they do their best to keep her out of it, but rumors are going around she might just be a plant for the Valentines. While those accusations are untrue, there is no way to prove it untrue. However, this is her fight, and it is a fight she is willing to take on. After all, she knew that coming into the career choice. She is not giving up without a fight. Same goes for her fight to keep the streets clean and safe. While she believes her family Mafia is a necessary evil, she whole heartily believes the Rossis are toxic and need to be brought down.



Weapon: Handgun

Job Items: Badge, handcuffs (2 pairs), Pens, Paper, Radio, flashlight, wallet, Driver's License, Mace, Extra Magazines, Wet wipes, Ducktape, A jar of Vicks Vap-O-Rub, sealable plastic bags, an energy bar, a book, shoelaces, extra batteries, utility knife.

Money: $25



Athleticism: Jumping
Skill: Baking
Endurance: Running
Charisma: Persuasion
Knowledge: Law enforcement
Awareness: Enhanced Sight
Combat: Small Firearms
Magic/Extra: Healing



Your Alias: Luna
First Account: Luna
Second Account: Jasmine Ward
Third Account: Harper Fairfax
Harper Fairfax
Harper Fairfax

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Re: Harper Fairfax

Post by TxValz on Mon Oct 23, 2017 2:54 pm

They grow up so fast. Go fuck em up, kiddo!

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