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Item Creation

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Item Creation

Post by Game Master on Wed Oct 25, 2017 2:18 pm

So we have finally come to this point. You have decided on what you want to get and now it's time to make it. Perfect. So use the format to craft the item in question and submit it for review in its own thread in this section.

Item name: Either object name or the name you wish to call it.
Tier: 1-5 tier. Remember it gets more expensive the higher it is
Description: You may put a picture, but we also need to know exactly what the item in question is made out of. So the dimensions, the materials, and things like that.
Function: Tell me what it does. Does it shoot? Slash? Peirce? Drive? House you? Explain everything it would normally do or what you intend it to do. If it has added bonuses to them, list them here as well.

[u][b]Item name:[/b][/u]
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