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Stop! Thief! (Level 4)

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Stop! Thief! (Level 4)

Post by Harper Fairfax on Sun Jun 10, 2018 4:17 pm

The Mission: Stop! Thief!
Level: 4
Employment: TCPD
The Details: Someone help! Some shady people broke into my house just moments ago and stole the cash I had hidden under my mattress. I was hiding in the closet when this was going on. No I didn't try and confront them. They had guns! It was two people in black skimasks. One was about 6 feet tall with a lion tail. Really skinny. Nothing to him. The other was much broader. Looked like he could have played American Football! He also stood about six and a half feet tall and had a tattoo on his neck that said "Bitches"...or was it "Glitches?" I'm not sure honestly. It was dark. Anyways they took all $1,000 and a few priceless jewellery from my mother. No she doesn't live with me nor I her...she just visits for long periods of time. Anyways I need you to go get it!
Required Items: Optional.
Required Talents: Optional.
Harper Fairfax

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Re: Stop! Thief! (Level 4)

Post by TxValz on Sun Jun 10, 2018 7:38 pm


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