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It's the middle of February. I know, late to update. But if you couldn't tell, there is no major event running along the Grand Ball. As well, we are going to start pushing more with the grand event. We don't want to exactly hurry everything along, but we do want action to start happening! Feel free to continue to post and enjoy it. Watch out for the drama that is about to go down~
Grand Ball Event
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A Grand Masquerade Ball Event

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A Grand Masquerade Ball Event Empty A Grand Masquerade Ball Event

Post by Game Master on Thu Nov 01, 2018 5:17 pm

Come one come all to the first official cannon event thread~ Mayor Strider is hosting his annual Holiday party. This year's theme is a Masquerade Ball~ Dress up, put on a mask, mingle with people, and have the time of your life. The event will be hosted in the Valentine Casino on the hotel side. That doesn't mean you can't go over to the casino and gamble if you feel the urge to do so!

So what makes this one so much different than all other events we've had thus far? As stated before, it is the first cannon event. This means this thread will not close until a certain set of events happen. What they are you will not know off the bat. Some groups will be pulled into special locked event chats on the Discord channel. If you aren't invited to one, then you simply did not enter into a group that needs to have a special locked group and you may enjoy your time. There will also be an open channel for talking about the ball itself if you'd like. Ask what's going on, see what others are doing, get in touch with other people. It's just like the general chat but all about the ball.

In this event thread, you are allowed to bring in every single character you have. As many of you are from Gaia, it will feel more like a Gaia thread than anything else. For those of you who don't know Gaia or refrain from joining Gaia, it will be a large thread where everyone may post in. You can interact with whom ever you'd like, progress you own character story, and influence how the site will move on from here. Event that happen in this thread will be carried into site cannon events and history. So remember that! NPCs will also be walking around the ball and you are allowed to interact with them if you wish! Get together with fellow members and start drama, try and steal from people, or just see where the night takes you.


  1. There will be no strict posting order you have to follow. When interacting with fellow people, you will start your own posting order. It won't change unless either A) someone walks into the conversation or B) someone walks out of the conversation.  
  2. Some groups will have special missions they have to do as it is a cannon event. They will get details via discord. If you are not apart of those groups but WANT to do something sneaky with a group, please contact an Admin or Mod and we will see about getting a secure channel where you can tell us your plans and we will mix it into the fold.
  3. NPCs will be going around the ball. These NPCs are allowed to be talked to. There will be some Drama that is scripted, but these NPCs are open for you to interact with as you see fit~ The NPCs running around will be controlled by different Mods and Admins. Some NPCs will come in later, some will be here right off the bat. Please pay attention to which Staff member controls what NPC!
  4. As stated, this one does not exactly have a time limit. But that does not mean this will go on for ever! We are starting today and in 3 months check in on the story plot line. If it has been moving slower than we like, once we hit the end of the three month mark (End of January), we might speed it up. Reason being is that this event will then prompt another site cannon event~
  5. You do not have to join if you don't want to. It is fine if you think your character won't join. But again, keep in mind it is a cannon event and what happens in this thread will have rippling effects for the sight. Meaning if the casino bursts into flames, you are going to hear about it one way or another. There will be a Twin City Weekly that covers this night if you want the recap. As well as a more detailed entry in the Site History.

Remember to have fun and enjoy the 'night'~ Interact with those whom you have not interacted with before! This is a chance to meet characters you have yet to meet. This is a chance to go down in history

The Grand Event Itself (Link)
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