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TCPD Important NPCs

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TCPD Important NPCs

Post by Game Master on Sat Jun 03, 2017 11:26 pm

Captain Leonardo "Leo" Prince

Leo is an Angel who has been working with the TCPD for over forty years and had been Police Chief for about twenty now. His biggest enemies are Travis Valentine and Rachel Rossi as he has been trying to get them behind bar for as long as he can remember. He also cannot stand seeing a cat up in a tree. He feels as if it is his honor bound duty to save every cat. Yes, he can hug every cat.

Captain Alyssa Blackwater

When she was younger, she had gotten stuck in a tree and Leo had actually saved her. It was at that point she decided she wanted to go and become a police officer. Little did she know how much of a headache it was going to be to work for Leo. She believes there is a bit more than just Black and White in this world. She also suspects someone is working for The Valentines, but she can't place her finger on it.

Lieutenant JT and Chandler Valentine

JT (Short for Joseph Travis) have moved away from the Mafia family they share names with and have devoted themselves to justices and goodness. JT and Chandler are a married tag team couple who handle many of the Underground and Mafia cases on the soul fact that they know so much. JT's grandfather, Travis Valentine, holds no grudge against him. Many times they have been known to enjoy many outings together. However, there has been some backlash with it. Many in the force feels as if JT is holding information back, keeping Travis out of prison.

Sargent Michael Bastian

Most everyone believes he is a good guy cop. Always getting things for fellow members, always someone you can count on. Little does anyone know, Even Police Chief Prince. Under that go happy facade, Michael is a corrupt being who is working for anyone who gives him coin. His biggest pockets belong to both Rossi and Valentine alike. While Blackwater is suspicious, she has yet to place a name to the face. His goal is to be set up as Police Chief under whoever manages to come out on the underground wars.
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